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Famous metropolises fascinate with their different buildings. Some admire their monumental bridges built several decades ago, others their skyscrapers towering into the sky, still others old medieval buildings or 19th century town houses. The buildings are very different from each other, just like our posters, which depict the most famous cities. Are decorations with city motifs for beautifying rooms even a good idea? A housing expert from Myloview provides the answer to this question. With a city poster you can refresh the styling of an apartment in no time at all. Another advantage: an infinite number of motifs. It is also important that such a poster can be integrated into the existing arrangement easily and without great expenditure of time. It is sufficient to simply provide the decoration with a frameless picture holder and hang it on the wall. This is faster than wallpapering or painting walls. But is the end effect just as stunning?

Wall poster: Accessories for the wall

It depends on which representation you have chosen. A poster with a city motif is suitable for both city lovers and people who feel a special connection to their hometown, place of birth or residence. If you choose an expressive motif, it gives a completely different character to an ambience. But which pattern is best to choose? An artistic black and white photograph, a shot showing an object from an unusual perspective or a colourful modern graphic – these are just some of the many decorative motifs. Another interesting solution is a diptych. These are two thematically related posters that are placed next to each other. A triptych takes up a lot of space on the wall, whereas a diptych is even suitable for small rooms.

The A&O of original styling are unique accessories. We start with a somewhat unusual solution – a city map poster depicting world-famous metropolises. What is the originality of such a decoration? It is that these photographs depict certain cities many years ago. They are very impressive posters. A good example of this are city maps of New York from the time when there were no skyscrapers. A graphic in black and white or in light faded colors reminds you of old city maps and fits perfectly into a living room or study furnished in a vintage style. Something completely different is recommended for lovers of modern interiors. This solution is perfect for minimalist arrangements. Rather than resorting to a conventional city map motif, we chose a city map poster that shows a bird’s eye view of a metropolis without superfluous details. The bird’s eye view of the city’s districts and streets forms an abstract composition and is reminiscent of a modern painting.

Wall decoration: Black & White Photos

Monochromatic photographs radiate a special flair. They are very expressive and discreet at the same time. They appear subtle and are never boring. The simple colouring does not distract from the actual photograph and the portrayed person. The contrasts bring out details that are easily overlooked in a colour picture. A black-and-white city poster suits any interior, from industrial to romantic. What should you pay attention to in order to choose the best poster? The housing expert from Myloview explains: The most important thing is to choose a suitable representation. There are world-famous metropolises with impressive skyscrapers and also those with ancient listed buildings. It’s the motif alone that determines the ambience in which it fits best. By designing an atmospheric bedroom, one can use a poster with Venice, with swinging gondolas and picturesque houses. If you are looking for a decoration for the office, it is worth using a panorama of New York or Dubai with its countless skyscrapers. A picture of London with a red detail that gives the interior a certain dynamism fits in with a minimalist room. For example, a picture of the parliament with a red bus driving past it is recommendable.

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In the search for original motifs, we concentrated on the particularly colourful ones. Contrary to popular belief, posters with city motifs reminiscent of drawings are not only suitable for teenagers’ rooms. Such depictions do not necessarily have to appear childish. On the contrary: they bring new life into a modern and minimalist living room. We have decided on two motifs. The first motif is reminiscent of a painting and shows a colourful panorama of a city with its most important buildings and architecture against a white background. Such a representation appears light, expressive and is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher. It looks great over a sofa in the living room, over a bed in the bedroom or over a desk in the teenager’s room.

Tips & Tricks: Interior design

Another tip: posters that emulate digital graphics in flat design style. These are two-dimensional images in simple colours without depth effect. The building objects thus depicted function as interesting decorations. Metropolises fascinate people for different reasons. Everyone finds an aspect that deserves special attention. City posters are available in a wide variety of designs. In the extensive range of motifs, everyone can find a decoration to suit their own taste, which can also be ideally integrated into the existing arrangement. A motif in black and white or a colourful one? Or would you prefer a diptych? The decision is up to you!