Armchair: hanging armchair, relax armchair or wing chair – choose your classic or use the eye-catcher for living room & co.

Armchair – This piece of furniture first sounds very simple and unspectacular, but this is deceptive. Armchairs can be purchased in many different colors, shapes, sizes or designs and, for example, the living room furnishings come up. There are many types under which you can choose the ideal for your living room. Choose the classic wing chair or lounge chair to bring coziness and history to your decor. Or opt for the classic TV armchair with relax function and unwind after a long day at work. If you’re into something a little more unusual, you can opt for a hanging chair or massage chair. You are offered many different pieces of furniture to suit your interior or to serve as an eye-catcher. Are you interested in furniture and interior design? Then take a look at our comprehensive guide to interior styles or interior brands XXL!

Armchairs: choices – massage armchair, lounge armchair, wing chair & co.

If you are planning to buy an armchair, you should consider more things than you might think at first. An armchair should be functional on the one hand and look good on the other. It is the piece of furniture on which you rest after a hard day and perhaps read a book by the fireplace. Therefore, it should be comfortable above all. Despite this, the armchair must match your interior and complement it ideally. Therefore, you must also plan and consider this. So decide what you want to use the armchair for, choose the right model and see where it can stand.

Classics: wing chairs, club chairs, massage chairs & Co.

Over the past centuries, many different armchairs have been designed in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Nevertheless, there are some models that have managed to establish themselves and are therefore true armchair classics. For example, there is the wing chair, which originally had no ears and was found in front of British fireplaces. The club chair was also designed in England at the beginning of the 1930s and was found in English gentlemen’s clubs. After that, several successors were created, such as the cocktail chair. The last classic is the relax armchair. This is the most comfortable of the armchair types and is in most cases equipped with a rocking mechanism and an additional stool.

Function of your armchair: to relax, as decoration or both?

You should also clarify what you want to use your chair for and what purpose it should serve. For example, do you want to complement a sofa corner or should it rather serve as a decorative item in the dressing room? Depending on the use, you can decide on the appropriate form. If you prefer a TV armchair, an additional stool could be an advantage to put your feet up. A cocktail chair, for example, would be ideal as a decorative item.

Selection: What does your armchair need to go with? Choose the ideal chair for your interior

In most cases, armchairs are bought as part of a sofa group or as an addition to the existing interior design. Therefore, you should consider in advance how it should look and what it should match. Do you want to buy it to match existing furniture in the same style? Or do you dare to mix styles? Often this mix is an interesting eye-catcher in your living room. As soon as you have clarified this question for yourself, you should start your search. Ask yourself where the armchair should stand, how big it should be and measure the space in advance. Also make sure that it has a nice backrest, if it should stand freely in the room.

Wing chair: The classic with a lot of history

Wing chairs are something very special and have an interesting history behind them. Originally, this type of armchair was found in front of the English fireplaces and then the form has evolved somewhat. The “ears” of wing chairs provide peace, relaxation and, above all, a feeling of security. They should protect against draughty rooms, so that one can sit down relaxed in front of the fireplace in the living room. Meanwhile there are many different models of this classic armchair. From classic to modern to massive. You have a lot of choice. Here you can learn everything about the history of this special armchair and which designs are available today.

Origin: protection from the cold and security by the fireplace

As you have already learned, the wing chair was designed in England to give people protection from drafts and high heat from the fire. However, only the wealthier society had the financial means to buy such a beautiful and useful piece of furniture, which is why the wing chair was not yet known worldwide. This changed when the famous “Chesterfield” model was designed by a Scottish architect for the lord of the same name around 1770. This model managed to become unique and famous due to its thick and robust upholstery, high-quality leather and button stitching.

Designs: Chesterfield, Egg Chair, Toa & Co.

In the meantime, there is a wide range of wing chair models. Of course, the “Chesterfield” is and remains the classic, but nowadays you are offered a wide selection. For example, there is the “Egg Chair”, which was designed in 1958 and is now also considered a living classic. The chair is shaped like an egg and combines modern elements with a lot of cosiness. Another variation is the “Toa” wing chair. This model comes from France and resembles an oversized cushion. It looks newer and more modern than the classic versions and is therefore very popular. Last but not least is the retro model “Archi”. It was first designed in the 50’s, but in 2009 it was renewed and remade. The upholstery of this model is inspired by the automotive industry.

Materials: covers of the wing chair – leather, fur, cotton or velvet?

The classic cover of a wing chair is leather, as this material is very robust and has many advantages. Especially in everyday life, the insensitive fabric is an advantage. A tipped glass, wine or coffee stains can not harm leather. Wipe it once and the stain is gone. And if you do find a major blemish, it’s not a bad thing, but rather tells a story and gives your piece of furniture character. If you are not a fan of leather and prefer a different type of fabric, you will also find what you are looking for. Meanwhile, you are offered a wide range of fabric covers such as velvet or lambskin.

Club armchairs: Lounge chairs from English stately homes for the living room

In the past, the club chair was only found in English gentlemen’s clubs. With its high-quality leather, high armrests and voluminous upholstery, it fitted perfectly into the premises and was perfect for gentlemen’s clubs. Fortunately, it has also graced ordinary living rooms since the early 1930s and has become a true classic over the years. The club chair is as well known as it has ever been. It is suitable for almost any interior and is versatile. That is why this model is so popular.

Designs: From the Gentleman’s Club into the Living Room

In the earlier gentleman’s clubs, the club armchair was an important part of the high-quality furniture. The leather-covered and comfortable armchair with the clear forms served especially for long conversations at the fireplace and was known for it. With time it served not only the gentlemen but was also found in hotel lobbies and elegant waiting areas. After a few years it became known all over Europe and was used more and more in France. With the industrial furniture production, the club chair lost the charm of its original model in the course of the 50’s and resembled more and more the slimmer cocktail chair. Nowadays, however, the club chair is making a comeback and can be found more and more often in its classic form.

Material & cover of the club chair: Classic leather with a lot of character

The classic cover of a club chair is undyed and untreated leather from cattle or sheep. The advantage of this is that it is only colour-matched when the chair is ready and gains more and more character over the years. Small damages like cracks or stains tell a story on the high quality leather, which makes the club chair so unique. It is very durable and usually only needs to be refurbished after a few decades. The classic colour variations are cognac tones, dark baron or even black. In the middle of the 30’s a fur as a cover has also established itself. Nowadays, however, you can also find the club chair with fabric covers. However, leather remains the classic.

Club chair furnishings: elegant surroundings or mix with modern elements

The club armchair is ideal for elegant surroundings and furnishings. Fine woods and stylish tables are a perfect partner for this type of armchair. It is also recommended to place a light source next to the piece of furniture, so that you can spend relaxing evenings with the appropriate reading. Likewise, the house bar should not be too far away. This would perfectly reflect the gentlemen’s club charm and thus reminds us of the history of this classic armchair. Nowadays, the club chair can be found more and more often in rooms with modern furnishings. It provides a pleasant place in exciting interiors and has a harmonious effect on the mood.

Unusual armchairs: massage armchair, hanging armchair or futuristic?

Besides the classic armchair models that you have already seen, there are many other types that you may like. In the armchair industry, it is becoming more and more modern, fancy and comfortable. However, besides these aspects, aesthetics plays a big role. Often, armchairs are more of a decorative piece in home furnishings. Here we present you three newer variants of armchairs. Maybe you will like one of them and soon you will find it in your four walls.

Relax armchair: relax with massage functions

The Relax armchair is, as the name suggests, an armchair for relaxing. When you come home in the evening from a long day, this model is ideal to put your feet up. In many cases, you can lean back in the recliner and thus change the angle of inclination of the model. You can now put your feet up on the additional stool. If you want even more relaxation, you can also invest in a recliner with a massage function. This usually has massage balls built into the neck, back and often also the calves, which can be adjusted by remote control. So make yourself comfortable and relax a little.

Hanging chair: The rocking chair for indoors and outdoors

The hanging chair is a very special model. It is usually suspended on a rope or in a frame and the seat has no contact with the ground. Due to the gentle swinging and rocking movements, this model is ideal for relaxing and unwinding. The material of the body is in most cases rattan, loom or a robust plastic mesh. Therefore, the hanging chair is suitable not only for indoors, but also for outdoors on the terrace or in the garden. It is immune to sun rays and rain and is easy to clean. Spend either relaxing afternoons in the sun or quiet evenings reading in your hanging chair.

Futuristic armchairs: finger, shoe or throne armchair – Use the eye-catcher

In addition to the relax chair and the hanging chair, there are also some even more unusual and crazy armchairs, which stand out mainly by their shape and design. Whether finger chair, shoe chair, throne chair, retro chair or one made of gold or silver. The selection of futuristic furniture is extremely large and you can choose your dream chair. Invest in an eye-catcher in your living space and make it special. There’s plenty of choice when it comes to crazy designs, and if a classic wingback or club chair is too basic for you, you’ll find the perfect piece of furniture for you here.

Armchairs from the luxury brands: Edra Interior, Wittmann and Rolf Benz

Are you a fan of luxury brands and their furniture collections? You love the elegance, extravagance and uniqueness of these brands? Then you’re sure to find the right furniture for your living space in our guide to furnishings , brands and designers. Let yourself be inspired by the extravagance and invest in your designer furniture. We present you here a few chair collections of the brands, which might fit ideally into your room.

Edra Interior: unusual design with high quality

Edra Interior stands for fancy and unusual designs, which are an eye-catcher in every room. Also with the armchairs this intention has not stopped. One of the most famous models of this luxury brand is the “Ester” armchair. It is made of high quality acrylic and drawn from polycarbonate cables. The armchair is of high quality and promises a lot of stability due to the special technology. You can combine it with modern or antique furniture.

Wittmann’s Spanish collection: Vuelta

The armchair collection from Wittmann is particularly versatile and you have a wide choice. The collection name is Vuelta, which means twist or turn and is derived from the Spanish. The designs are mostly created from round shapes and are reminiscent of twists and turns. The classic armchair at Wittmann is the “Aura”. It fits perfectly with the Wittmann brand and was designed accordingly.

Rolf Benz: Cult armchair “594” – perfect minimalism in your living room

The pieces of furniture by Rolf Benz are particularly comfortable and offer an extraordinary design. This company is particularly focused on minimalism, so that the armchairs can be ideally integrated into your room design. The cult armchair is the “Rolf Benz 594”. Only high-quality materials such as fabric and leather are used and you have the choice between many different color and pattern techniques.

  • Rolf Benz 594 in fabric: from 1.738,- Euro
  • Rolf Benz 594 in leather: from 2.200,- Euro