Casting Agency for Models and Influencers – Interview with STIL Casting

Casting agency – Who wants to occupy its next advertising campaign with Models, it must find over a classical Model Casting. Only very few companies do this themselves, most of them rely on the service of a casting agency for their search! In Germany there are many agencies from Berlin to Munich like Fameonme, Mattmüller, Wondercast or also elbfänger in Hamburg. Completely new is STIL Casting! The young agency specialized nearly completely in model Castings for exclusive customers and wants to convince thereby new Brands from the modelling world of itself. We had a short conversation with the agency owner about casting agencies – exactly 3 questions!

The casting agency: “STIL stands for love of detail”

FIV – Why did you found the casting agency?

For our customers it has always been important to get everything from one source for advertising campaigns, video shoots or even fashion shows, ideally. The fewer agreements between the individual team members of a production or fashion show are necessary, the more time we waste. The few advertising or event agencies want to lose time for their customers. That’s why you rely on intermediaries and partners. Especially in media agencies, advertising and marketing managers naturally give absolute priority to working efficiently. They give their all to save as much time as possible in their projects. When it comes to digital know-how, we are of course the perfect contact. Since we have been working in the industry for a long time and bring along our technical skills, we wanted to dedicate ourselves to an intelligent system with a new concept, STIL Casting. We are managers from the heart, we like to go to work and love to create new concepts with our customers! Therefore STIL, it stands for attention to detail.

Casting, Knowhow, Network – Everything from one source

Here we go. Good management, strong media, a lot of reach and a personal casting network. All from a hand and from an agency! That is see efficient and time-saving. Thus also each large advertising agency has for their photo Shooting only one partner, if it concerns a Casting to organize and organize. Every project manager knows exactly who his contact person is. Whether it’s for an advertising campaign or a client’s fashion show at Berlin Fashion Week.

More than talent – Good looks, special skills and smart appearance

Although we specialize in models, talents often overlap. That’s why we also communicate with presenters, actors and influencers. We can also offer our clients a larger casting pool of talent as an agency! This increases the chances of finding the perfect candidate for yourself. Often in normal commercials, models with special talents are needed, as well as martial arts or dance. Very often it happens that an acting performance is demanded by the client. With the higher number of models (sometimes also moderators and actors) we can cover the individual needs and demands of our customers even better and more individually.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

FIV – Who books you, for whom makes a casting agency sense?

Our clients come mainly from the agency sector. Of course, there are different players here, as well as advertising agencies, marketing and PR agencies, but also social media agencies are coming. While in the past classical photo shootings were booked more often for campaigns, nowadays campaigns for social media such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are more frequent. The reach of social networks is enormous, which is why we as an agency also cast bloggers and influencers.

Influencers and bloggers are part of marketing for companies

Influencers in particular are becoming increasingly important for our customers. As bloggers or almost public figures, influencers ensure that their own campaign gains even more reach than it achieves through the company’s classic advertising channels. That’s why companies are increasingly looking for you to market their products. In addition, influencers give our customers the absolute advantage that their wastage is minimized. Due to the blogger’s community, the target group is not widely scattered but very fine. If a blogger then wears the new fashion collection of XY several times or uses the new smartphone for the photos, it arrives directly at their followers. So companies can address pretty much exactly the person who follows the blogger, model, influencer. Always an ingenious concept.

In addition, of course, our customers are also classic companies who want to save themselves the entire workflow of the mediation. We can quickly and easily organize castings in all major cities and with our network we have absolutely reliable and renowned partners when it comes to model castings. Also by our own expert’s assessment and media work for many years, we know on which individual conditions with the planning in the apron arrives, if one is on actor search. To organize a casting and I work properly!

FIV – Before you have these interesting talents in your pool, what does such a casting look like, how do you find models and presenters for you and your clients?

At the beginning of a placement phase, it is particularly important for us as casting managers to know the client’s individual requirements. Only when we understand exactly which goals the company wants to achieve for its own brand or its awareness can we understand whom we want to cast for the agency or the company. We don’t just talk about outward characteristics, but, as mentioned before, about various factors such as facial expressions, gestures, attitudes and much more. Of course, there are also various sporting and musical talents. From this we then create a first catalogue of requirements.

With our finished concept, we then go specifically to our partners in the casting network. We write to the various agencies and bookers whom we know personally and whose work we always trust. We have various partners throughout Germany, Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, but also throughout Europe in Milan, London, Paris and Barcelona. We can also provide the right talents worldwide. For example in Los Angeles and New York! So when our customers are looking, we collect all the information they need and use it to get out into our network.

Our partners then send us the best suggestions and options that might be suitable for our clients. We as a casting agency then make an initial pre-selection for our client and give the first options to the agencies, so that the models are definitely available in case of booking. We guarantee this security for our clients with every single booking.

The client makes the decision through setcards, e-casting or live model casting

Then the customer decides! Either on the basis of a simple setcard. In it are mostly only photos of the model, sometimes also Polaroids. Or the customer decides to do an E-Casting. At an e-casting, models or presenters and actresses send in a digital video. This can be quite simple, with a simple performance, so that you can see and hear the people live, up to the spoken script and played scenes, for example for a commercial or for a new series.

What most people know from the television of Germanys Next Topmodel are the live castings. Live Castings are however mostly only held in the large metropolises, since the organizational expenditure is very high not only for the team, but also for the different Models. For larger Castings and/or often booked, well-known Models, must be taken over in addition still still failure wages and travel expenses. Live casting is only worthwhile in the metropolises, this is where most creative and media professionals are at home anyway! You can also stop by for a casting in the next quarter.

Castings are usually live for larger commercials or for fashion companies. If, for example, a piece of clothing has to be tried on here, for the fashion show, for the Fashion Week. The same applies to high-quality commercials in which the models have to act or roles to play, or the customer actually only wants to make his own impression of the actor.

Our office is staffed from Monday to Friday for our customers, but of course you can also reach us via e-mail at any time during the weekend. With this special service, we offer customers worldwide, from Hamburg via Paris to New York and Los Angeles a perfect all-round service. We offer the entire casting process from a single source and thus save our customers valuable time when searching for the right actor, for the next advertising campaign or the first commercial!

Thanks for the insights! Who wants to experience more over the agency, finds it on the fire-new Website of the Casting agency .