Hermès bags: Kelly Bag, Birkin Bag and Co. luxury bags from France

Pure luxury in bag form – Hermès creates bags not only for a season, but for a lifetime. Anyone who has the pleasure of owning an Hermès handbag has found a loyal companion for life. The cult bags of the French fashion house shine with their quality, their timeless design and their attention to detail. Want to know the stories behind the label’s iconic bags? Are you interested in the price range of Hermès bags? This and much more will be revealed to you in the following paragraphs – welcome to bag heaven!

Hermès: luxury in the form of a bag

Hermès bags are luxury handbags, which are handmade by an independent French family business. The career of the fashion house started in 1837. Almost 200 years later Hermès inspires especially with its timeless bag creations in over 300 boutiques worldwide. Hermès bags always find themselves in your dreams? Find out more about the most famous creations and how to become a happy owner of an Hermès bag!

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Kelly Bag: Trapezoidal leather luxury

The “Kelly Bag” – the epitome of luxury in the fashion world. Everyone knows it, everyone loves it, only a few can have it. Hollywood star Grace Kelly is spotted in the 30s with bag in front of her belly. This is how she conceals the first curves of her pregnancy. This mysterious bag is the famous “Kelly Bag”. With this appearance, the handbag has gained international fame and received its current name – “Kelly Bag”. The bag shines with its trapezoidal shape, geometric details, two straps and a handle.

Robert Dumas designed the iconic women’s handbag with strap as early as the 1930s. The creation of this cult bag propelled the “Hermès” fashion house into the era of bold modernism.

Today, different variants are offered in the assortment, which remind of the Kelly Bag in the original:

  • Wallet Kelly Pocket Compact ( €1,030)
  • Briefcase Kelly Dépêches 36 (€7,000)
  • Small bag Kelly Dépêches 25 (€5,250)

Don’t want to consume a 21st century reissue? The cult bag is not sold in the online shop. You have to visit one of the twelve boutiques and, for the most part, get yourself on a waiting list before you can call yourself the lucky owner of a Kelly bag. Luckily, luxury vintage designer platforms have also integrated into all of our lives. So, with a little luck and patience, you can buy original pieces online. However, this also comes at a price – Hermès Kelly Bags start at around €9,000 – with no upper limit!

Video: “When Kelly came to town!”

The “Kelly Bag” makes her debut as a protagonist in a western film. A finder’s fee is offered for a missing Kelly. A dramatic production of the “Kelly Bag”. See for yourself!

Birkin Bag: Most expensive bag in the fashion world

1984 – the birth of a cult bag in the fashion world. Jean-Louis Dumas, the managing director of Hermès, meets the English acting icon Jane Birkin by chance on a flight from Paris to London. The young mother complains that there is no bag that meets all the needs of a young mother. Thanks to Dumas’ creativity and spontaneity, minutes later Jane Birkin was holding a sketch of a rectangular, spacious bag in her hands. The first design of the legendary Birkin Bag – a bag made of soft leather with polished edges and saddle stitching. What many don’t know is that the design even includes an extra compartment for a baby bottle.

As spectacular as the genesis of this cult bag is, as spectacular turns out to be the purchase of those nowadays. Who wants to call a Birkin Bag his own property, must bring a lot of patience and money. On a waiting list or with luck and patience on luxury vintage online shops you can buy the classic from a price of 6,000€. Those who want it in the crocodile leather version start at a price of €16,500. At a Christie’s auction in 2018, a ten-year-old model sold for €244,000 – making it the most expensive handbag ever sold at auction in Europe – luxury in another dimension!

Interview: Jane Birkin and her bag

You are fascinated by the story of the “Birkin Bag” and want to know more about it? In the following interview, Jane Birkin humorously tells the story of the classic bag that bears her name:

Hermès Cinhetic Bag: Goatskin, Chain Strap & Hermès Buckle

Hermès in the 21st century. This bag is part of a bag collection that has found inspiration in the film world. This handbag inspires with its minimalist design, its clean silhouette and its almost square shape in reference to make-up cases from the past. Featuring two internal patch pockets to the back, silver chain straps and the classic Hermès logo buckle, this goat leather bag has established itself in the fashion world.

This piece of jewellery can be worn either in the hand thanks to an elegant, simple handle or over the shoulder with the chain strap. Have you been dreaming of a little splash of colour in your wardrobe for a long time? Then this bag is the perfect investment for you. You can buy it for €6,350 in the following gorgeous colors: Rose Extrême, Rose Pourpre, Bleu Électrique, Mykonos and Rouge de Coeur.

360Degrees View Hermès Cinhetic Bag – Video

You want to know what this piece of jewellery looks like exactly? Wondering how the inner workings are constructed? The following video offers you a 360-degree view of the Hermès bag: