Esther Perbrandt X Fashion Week Berlin 2019

Esther Perbandt, born and raised in Berlin, hardened in Moscow and polished in Paris, stands behind the label “esther perbandt”, which has been successful for 15 years. Esther Perbandt is a designer, visionary, performer and master of ceremonies. She sees her fashion as a (post-)feminist gender-independent act: personality, autonomy and individuality are her stylistic focus. In her collections, the androgynous silhouette is consistently deconstructed and picked up again by traditional waistline leanings. Esther Perbandt lives interdisciplinarity. In countless artistic film, music and theatre projects and cooperations with Rammstein, Till Lindemann, the photographer Sven Marquardt, the composer Sven Helbig, the directors Nicholas Mockridge and Zoran Bihac as well as the choreographer Sasha Walz and the conductor Theodor Currentzis she proves her claim to bordering disintegrating and connecting creative moments in the context of the most demanding community projects.

Esther Perbandt X Fashion Week 2019

Showroom for esther perbandt. Your collection presents you in the middle of the room. With an open interview, she describes the process of developing her collection and her intentions. The Oufits are presented on white dolls. A strong contrast to her strong and black looks. At every corner there are glass boxes with individual pieces of jewellery and her perfume Feminista. In her speech she fascinates our team with her strong statements.

“Always with your head against the wall” “Door to I want in”

Her quotes give every visitor in the room a sense of strength and the will to explore. In the course of the speech she explains that as a child she liked to play with identities and that it now works in fashion as well.

Esther Perbandt X Feminista

The interdisciplinary fashion icon Esther Perbandt is presented with Feminista, the first political perfume, at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin and with an installation of her new collection “To The Moon”. Together they celebrate their limited partnership with Feminista. Feminista, the perfume creation by Geza Schoen, is the first political perfume in the world to rise to the challenge of improving the controversial and often misunderstood reputation of feminism. A fragrance that stands for equal rights for all people, regardless of gender, sexual preference or origin. Feminista is both a perfume and a platform, providing funds to promote the visibility of projects that are close to our vision. With Feminista, contrasting notes of violets and leather, pink pepper and cedar wood, juniper and styrax open up emotional spaces that find their history through their own character.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV


Geza Schoen has earned a reputation as a rebel in the world of perfume design. Disillusioned by the increasing commercialisation of the industry, he quit his job at H & R in Paris in 2001 and moved to London. There he worked for several years with the designers Brian Kirkby and Zowie Broach from Boudicca. Together they developed the sophisticated individual fragrance Wode. In 2006 he founded Escentric Molecules in London, often called the ‘anti fragrance fragrance brand’. In the course of his career, Schoen has worked on many project concepts, such as Paper Passion, a fragrance for Steidl, Wallpaper* and Karl Lagerfeld. He also worked with artists such as Wolfgang Georgsdorf and created 64 fragrances for him – for an old organ on which aromatic landscapes can be played. Geza says about Feminista: “It’s been years since anyone could come up with a really new concept in the industry. All the perfumes that come onto the market year after year bore me. Feminista’s idea was both promising and challenging, because never before has a perfume been created as a strong political statement to become a change agent with a good story and a clear mission.” Each Feminista ingredient has a reference to the history of feminism with a modern accent, and thus has a polarizing and calming effect.