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Boho Chic: Furnish your apartment and room in the trend of hippie bohemian style

Boho Chic Furnishings – Are you looking to redecorate your home, living room or bedroom, and looking for trends and new home styles to inspire you? Then the Boho Chic interior style could be just the thing for you! Besides summer, sun sea and party you also associate the typical boho/hippie style with Ibiza. Crochet […]

Buying Sapphire: Value, Price Color & Popular Cuts – Investment Gemstone

Buy Sapphire – the pure white diamond, the red ruby, the green emerald and the blue sapphire complete the quartet of the most valuable and popular gemstones in the world. No gemstones are as sought after as these four beautiful jewels. A sapphire is the name given to all non-red varieties of the mineral corundum. […]

Single-family home: build, buy or rent? Modern ideas for your own home

Single-family home – The traditional single-family home has not been so traditional for a long time. Quite the opposite. The single-family house is rightly the most popular type of house in Germany and is becoming increasingly modern, although it continues to compete with other types of house such as the villa, the solid house or […]

Terrace apartment: advantages and disadvantages, definition and importance for tenants, buyers and interested parties.

Terrace apartment – New city, new job or just in the mood for a change? There are countless reasons why a change of scenery can be on your doorstep. You dream of an apartment that is within your budget, meets your needs and provides quality of life and a feeling of “home”? You can’t quite […]

Apartment: meaning, renting, buying and advantages & disadvantages at a glance

Apartment – Just who wants to buy or rent an apartment, and therefore is looking for an apartment with several rooms and bathrooms, meets again and again the form of the floor apartment. But what is the difference between a flat on one floor and, for example, a flat with a gallery, an attic flat, […]

Off-White: Videos and Runway Highlights – Trendy High Fashion, grungy Streetwear & Virgil Abohl

Off-White videos from the runway – printed shirts and statement accessories. Virgil Abohl and his fashion giant Off-White have managed to do what many have tried to do in the past – successfully combine haute couture with street cool. You can tell how popular the brand is just by looking at the list of stars […]

High Fashion – How clothing became haute couture – Versace, Dior & Co.

High Fashion – In 1857/8 the founder of Haute Couture Charles Frederick Worth opened the first fashion house. The English fashion designer was born in 1825 in Bourne, Lincolnshire and was first seen as an artist rather than a craftsman. The Englishman only wanted to sell his best pieces to the highest echelons of the […]