The art of minimalist living: from clothing to the home

Less is more – with these three words you have described minimalism quite well. Minimalism is one of the biggest trends of the last few years and has become an integral part of almost all areas, be it fashion, interior, art or lifestyle. Minimalism stands for doing without the unnecessary things and concentrating instead on the essentials. There is no magic formula how to achieve this state, but a few tips and tricks how to make your whole life easier and more minimalistic.

Minimalism – definition & background

Getting rid of everything unnecessary and concentrating on the essentials, that is minimalism. That can be superfluous objects, but also rusty friendships. Everything that gives pleasure may remain. According to clean-up and minimalism expert Marie Kondo: “Does it spark joy?” Minimalism has little to do with renunciation. Because everything that brings you joy is allowed, but only these things.

Minimalism made easy: Instructions for a minimalist life

In order to live minimalism to the fullest, one must reduce all one’s possessions, activities and also social relationships until only the significant remains. Things that do not give pleasure and only take up space are sorted out. Activities that we only have as a sideline.

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Minimalism for beginners: mucking out the wardrobe á la Marie Kondo

Minimalism also works in the wardrobe. And it’s not really that difficult. The Japanese artist Marie Kondo in particular has demonstrated this. You only have to look at the garment and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does this object make me happy?
  2. Is it useful to me?
  3. If it were lost, would it affect me or would I not even notice it?
  4. How often do I use it?
  5. Do I keep it just because it was a gift or expensive?

Minimalist style of furnishing for the home: the art of omission

Again, everything that I do not need and that does not give me pleasure is completely sorted out. So you can make your own life easier and free. Minimalist living is all about a functional, usually simple design. If you want to benefit from this feeling of freedom and lightness, you can transform your home – whether bedroom, kitchen, living room or bathroom – into a minimalist oasis of well-being with a few simple tips.
The best minimalist ideas at a glance can be found in the video!

Capsule Wardrobe: Minimalist wardrobe for the modern cosmopolitan

The Capsule Wardrobe is a trend that promises to solve all your fashion problems. The goal is to have only essential pieces in your wardrobe that can be combined with each other. Especially classic pieces with timeless cuts in neutral colours are essential. But also some extravagant pieces should not be missing. The Capsule Wardrobe is promising:

  • You don’t spend your life in front of a closet to find something to wear
  • You have more space and the wardrobe stays neat and tidy
  • You save money by avoiding mispurchases
  • You only wear the looks you love and feel comfortable in
  • You improve your own fashion style

Minimalistic cooking & eating: How you redesign your diet

People who live minimalistically also consume and shop differently. This is also noticeable in cooking. Healthy and balanced eating is the keyword here. That means, for example, fresh, seasonal and regional shopping. But don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds! You can get tips and tricks in the video.

Tips for everyday routines: Less is more

How can I best integrate minimalism into my life? People are creatures of habit. So the easiest way to establish a new style is to incorporate it into your routines. After all, minimalism is ultimately also a whole lifestyle that is reflected in all aspects of our lives. In the video you will find some good examples of how you can easily establish a minimalist lifestyle.