Jonas Maier: Influencer & male model – fashion, lifestyle, fitness & travel

No matter if Youtube, Instagram, Tik Tok or other social media channels – everyone has secretly one or more influencers to follow and be inspired. Women often report about fashion & beauty, women’s problems, facts, tips and trends of the women’s world. What happens to the male world?  Young men like Jonas Maier are the male bloggers. He covers just about every area that interests a man. Starting with men’s fashion & trends, to model jobs and trips where he takes his followers with him. We got to know Jonas and asked him how it works in his social world.

FIV: You are an influencer in men’s fashion and actively post different outfits. How did it come about that you discovered the area of fashion & lifestyle for you and can appear stylish every time. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

JONAS: Already in my teenage years I was very interested in men’s fashion. I noticed this especially in my account balance, which looked a bit thin at the end of the month, because I already invested a lot of money in new outfits. For years I have been following various bloggers interested in men’s fashion. 2.5 years ago I finally decided to share my passion and my daily outfits on the platform Instagram. In the beginning it was just a hobby, but in the meantime it has become an integral part of my life and also my profession. Besides men’s fashion my content consists of lifestyle, fitness and travel content, which I share daily with my community and I work with many brands in this area. Currently I have a community of 213,000 followers.

Instagram: Jonas Maier
website: Blog Jonas Maier

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outfits & location for shootings

FIV: Do you get more feedback on your content from women or men? And what inspires you to choose your looks and locations?

JONAS: Since my content is mainly focused on men’s fashion, my community is mainly made up of men. Accordingly, most of the feedback comes from men. Instagram is not only a social media platform where I share my own looks, but also where I get inspired for new looks. Because photos are quickly taken and edited, you can always see the latest trends if you follow the corresponding accounts. When it comes to choosing the location I usually prefer relatively simple backgrounds, so that the outfit and not the location is in the foreground. I also like to choose locations that provide a colour contrast and emphasize the looks accordingly (e.g. dark background, light clothes). I also like to choose locations that support the outfit thematically, i.e. urban background for street style, classic stone architecture for more elegant looks etc.

Menswear: Trends & Tips for the winter

FIV: Autumn is coming to an end and designers are bringing out their latest winter / spring collections. What is your Must Have 2019/2020? What should every man have in his wardrobe?

JONAS: For the cold season I can highly recommend Shearling jackets, which are definitely back in fashion, just like last year. Besides, these are also very comfortable and keep warm.

FIV: Our readers often complain about too much time spent on stylish looks in everyday life – what do you think about that? Do you need long mornings to style yourself? And do you have tips on how men can get ready faster?

JONAS: Especially more elegant looks with suit, blazer, etc. Definitely take more time to combine than simple street style looks. To minimize the time needed I can definitely recommend to combine as few colors as possible, e.g. to wear All Black. This style does not only look elegant, but also prevents long pondering in front of the wardrobe whether this color combination really together. I can also recommend to wear different looks more often if you know in advance that they will look good. This is also how I proceed most of the time. Usually I don’t need long in the morning to get ready, because I don’t need more than 5-10min for my hair and usually I already have a rough idea what I will wear.

FIV: Young girls and women are already very good at social media and selfies & image material. Men sometimes still seem to have difficulties with it. What points should you keep in mind when taking pictures? How should you pose to bring in diversity?

JONAS: In my opinion, light plays the most important role in photography. Good lighting is reflected in the aesthetics of the image and “you simply look better”. In my opinion bright daylight is ideal, i.e. cloudy and bright but not sunny. Contrary to the expectations of many, bright sunlight creates too strong shadows, among others in the eye area, so that one has extremely bright and dark areas in the image. Of course, this can also be applied aesthetically, but you should be relatively advanced in the field of photography. The advantage in bright but not sunny daylight is that all areas of the picture are equally illuminated and therefore you get better results. Selfies look best in front of the window, as the face is illuminated from the front in an ideal and almost shadowless way. For posing I can only recommend to use as natural poses as possible e.g. in
go. Too much posing just looks cramped.

fluencer & male model
FIV: We read that you work as a model for international brands. What is it like to work as a model and still study at the same time? What do you experience as a model? Do you travel around a lot?

JONAS: Since my work on social media and modeling has become increasingly popular, I have temporarily interrupted my master studies. Because my job requires a lot of travelling and takes up a lot of time, it was not possible anymore. It might sound crazy for many people, but I think the time for social media and so on. Is now and the potential is immense. But if all else fails I will continue with my Master. This year I have travelled more than ever before to Paris, Bali, Mexico etc. for Joop and Peugeot. I am really extremely grateful and happy about these opportunities that have opened up for me and I am very happy to share these experiences with my community.

body care & fitness for men

FIV: In addition to good styling, fitness and body care play an important role. How do you train when you are travelling? And in any case, what is always in your suitcase in the care section?

JONAS: As there are gyms all over the world, I try to train 5 times a week despite travelling. Usually I inform myself about fitness studios in the area before I start my trip, but if I am pressed for time I also like to do the hotel gym. But it is difficult with the nutrition, as I usually don’t cook while travelling. Nevertheless I always try to eat as healthy as possible. In the area of care I only use the essentials, but the hair wax (costs only 3€), which I have been using for years, should not be missing.