To model! Q & A about becoming a model: you have to know that!

Becoming a Model – We are always back at the Fashion Week, meet models and influencers and also get some questions in the editorial. We wanted to collect some for you now and answer here. For models who are looking for a model agency, a great opportunity to answer the most important questions in advance.

Tip! Interview with model agency owner Stephan Czaja (CM Models): Become a model

Key questions

  • Annual costs for a modeling agency?
  • Can I become a model with 164cm?
  • Am I old enough to model at the age of 14?
  • Is Instagram worthwhile as an older model?
  • How much can you earn as a model and influencer on Instagram?
  • How many followers do you need to be an influencer?
  • Is it easier than a male or female blogger?
  • At what age is it best to start with Instagram?
  • Next: Scouting via Instagram hashtags, it’s worth it?

Annual costs for a modeling agency?

Question: I was posted on Instagram last week by a modeling agency that wants to take me to the agency. Now she has sent me a contract and it states that every year I have to pay 500 € membership. Now I wanted to ask you once, do you think that this is a serious offer? I really do not know about that and would like to model and make jobs as a model.

Hello! Reputable and big modeling agencies do not want to have any money from you. Good agencies want to earn money with you! They invest in you, your career and in your modeling portfolio with photographers’ test shootings from their network. First, you should always check the seriousness of the model agency, z.b. on the website. Here you can see which models the agency represents or how professional they are. But you can also look in the blog which customers the model agency serves or which jobs it has currently made. As a result, you can at least look at a few criteria that show whether the agency works well. Of course you can also see a lot from Instagram, you can buy likes, but you can see if many people are interacting with the pictures or videos.

I would always invite a reputable agency for an interview, so she can see you live and take your measurements, of course, so that she can get to know you personally. So before you commit to an agency, be sure to look it up so you know what you’re getting into. I hope we have been able to help you a bit and wish you a lot of success on your way to becoming a model!

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Can I become a model with 164cm?

Question: Hello dear FIV team. You hear everywhere that you have to be pretty tall as a model, unfortunately I’m only 165cm tall, can I become a model or am I too small? Other models like Kate Moss have made it though they do not have the ideal size and minimum size! I would very much appreciate an honest answer from you!

Basically, there is a minimum size of 174 or 175 cm for women, in America about 9’8 ” for the international model market. Of course, depending on the city, the measurements are a bit stricter and more accurate. In Paris, London, New York or Milan, you need loosely 177 or 178 cm, in America 9’9.5 ” and that with a dress size of 34 to a maximum of 36. Your hip should not be greater than 90 cm and ideally he 88 cm. With these measurements, you have the biggest chance of earning your money as a model so that you can live off the job and not just do it part-time.

Of course, as a smaller model, chances are, have a look here in this post, we talked about people agencies and your chances to earn money in this agency area.

Am I old enough to model at the age of 14?

Hello my name is Jennifer and I’m from Toronto. I always wanted to be a model. Now I wanted to ask you once before I apply, is it worth to go to an agency at the age of 14?

Good evening! In principle, it pays off in any case if you already start modeling at an agency at the age of 14. Why is easy, in addition to the school and the many homework that you have or the exams, there is little time left. But you can invest this time to prepare yourself as a model. Because before you can work well as a model, you need of course photo shoots with photographers. Of course, you will start working with smaller photographers or photographers who are still at the beginning of their careers. But if you are in an established modeling agency status, you can of course build up much faster. It is not necessarily about earning a lot of money right at the beginning, but first gaining experience.

As I said, it does not depend on the money! As a student, you have relatively little time and therefore can not do many jobs. Because many jobs require you to travel. Of course, travel is always associated with additional time. So a one-day shooting with trip, can take three days directly. If you miss school for 3 days several times a month, you will not be able to keep up with the material. That’s why at the age of 14, you should definitely focus on school! But you can already take the first step into an agency, just apply and send some pictures of yourself. It’s easy.

Explained here briefly, I present in daylight in front of a white wall or against a flat background, so that nothing distracts from you. Take a black jeans and a white shirt or a top. If you want to model as a woman, you should also wear high heels. Then you ask a friend or your parents to quickly take two or three photos with their cell phones. Look at the camera head-on and make a portrait. For the second photo, your friend or your parents goes back a bit and takes a full body photo of you. These two pictures you send to model agencies with a short text that you would like to advertise. In addition you still send:

  • Your e-mail address
  • Your full name
  • Your current place of residence
  • In the attachment of the e-mail you put your photos

Of course you can also be scouted on Instagram today! Here’s a list of the most popular hashtags on Instagram in America from Los Angeles to New York: Instagram hashtags for models.

Next: Is Instagram worthwhile as an older model?

Question: Good evening, I just came to your website through a search engine and discovered your questions and answers and wanted to ask something myself. I have been working as a model for many years and not full-time but sometimes for small photo shoots. I’m not a classic model now but also as Curvy, I’m 35 years old, you can still do well by the side for small fashion labels for work! In any case, I notice that more and more talk about Instagram and how many followers one has, now I wanted to ask once is it worth having an Instagram channel for me? Do I get any more customers or how does it work? I also have no idea about the whole thing and would be very happy about some tips because I already have quite a lot of photos and also like to take pictures and in any case could imagine that I win a few fans on Instagram but just do not know how and if that is worthwhile for me at the time, I do not do it full-time but would still like to do something. I would be very happy if you answer me!

Good morning and thank you for your question! Instagram and social media is really important for models today, especially when it comes to young models. If you still have 10,000 fans, for example, see a photo of the shoot or even a later, finished photo of the campaign, then it is of course a huge advantage for the fashion brand. What is an advantage for the fashion brand, may then be an advantage for you! But let’s just take your question apart, in principle yes, Instagram is also worth 35 years. Why? The users on Instagram are getting older, while in the past, especially the younger people were traveling here, from 14 to 18 years, today are many with 30, 35 here. They also like to get inspiration for their everyday life or want to follow their stars, no matter if they are musicians, actors or even models. But building another successful Instagram channel is another job.

How can you build yourself a successful Instagram channel? Above all, it is important that you post regularly. As a model you already have the advantages that you regularly get new footage. Of course, you also know photographers with whom you can take new photos. You also have an eye for aesthetics because you have to deal with it independently. That’s three real benefits that you can use as a model to build on Instagram reach. Of course, what always works is sex appeal. Whether as a man or as a woman, who shows a little skin, usually wins faster fans. This can be z.b. in the picture selection. In addition, you should post regularly, at least once a day in your timeline and of course a few stories. What did you do this morning, where was your lunch today, what was your shoot and where are you going out tonight? Because these are questions and answers that fans are interested in. If you deliver content regularly, you will get used to retrieving content from you. As well as a good series on Netflix.

The last tip I can give you spontaneously is patience! Just as you build your career step by step as a model, you build up your Instagram channel step by step, improving yourself every day. If you stick with it long enough, be diligent, show commitment, you’ll bring it to reach.

I hope our tips could help a bit and that you will soon start with Instagram! Good luck and if you have any questions, write us!

How much can you earn as a model and influencer on Instagram?

In short, how much can you earn as a model and influencer on Instagram?

Of course the exact answer is extremely difficult to give! For some, of course, the “VIP status” is added, z.b. if he or she is better known through other jobs as well as music or drama. In principle, however, the value of the range can be roughly determined, since the calculation of advertising costs is usually calculated in relation to the persons reached. So if you reach 100,000 people through an ad in a fashion magazine and that costs $ 5,000, the equivalent on Instagram is easy to calculate or compare, if you reach just 100,000 people. Important: The value is not equal, because print media (for example) offer more space and with a whole A4 page, many people will read the information (advertising) as well. On Instagram, many products are only “casually” placed and are of little value.

With this range of data and other variables, as well as the rate of interaction, that is, the amount of likes and comments that are given on an average image, the price, or the money, that you earn as a blogger is calculated.

How many followers do you need to be an influencer?

In short, how many followers do you need to be an influencer?

The exact number varies depending on the area or topic that you are dedicated to as a blogger. If you cover a very specific topic, eg. Clothes for little Pomeranians (sweet dogs), then already enough 2,000 people. If you’re on a popular topic, as well as fashion in general, eg. Sunglasses or stylish clothes, then you need more. To be interesting and get clothes for free, you need at least 5,000 fans. If you really want to earn money with your Instagram channel, then you need 20,000 to 50,000 fans. It is really profitable only from 100,000 followers.

Is it easier as a male or female blogger?

In short, is it easier as a male or female blogger?

As you’ve probably already seen, there are extremely many female bloggers on Instagram. Finding male bloggers is not that easy. As in the modeling world, more and more young girls are interested in this profession. Many boys often come here by chance or through their girlfriend. So, if you start as a male blogger, you can quickly build a big community if you’re diligent.

At what age is it best to start with Instagram?

In a nutshell: At what age is it best to start with Instagram?

Ideally, of course, you start as early as possible. Of course, you should always look to see if you are the “right guy” and become a blogger. Because ultimately you give a lot of private price. However, if you start at the age of 13 or 14, you build up your reach relatively early, which you can use extremely well over the remaining months and years. Those who work hard on blogging build their own community. If you have your own community on Instagram or in other social networks, you are valuable as an influencer.