Blouses – trends for spring 2019

Slowly we can breathe a sigh of relief. The way to work is increasingly accompanied by birdsong, the caps in the fashion shops are slowly but surely replaced by sunglasses and the heavy winter jackets of many people remain in the wardrobe and are replaced by airy, comfortable-fitting dresses and blouses. Spring is coming! But which trends are actually hot this year? Is there an absolute must-have for spring 2019 that is still missing from my wardrobe? Don’t worry, we have found out the most important blouse trends for you, so that you can equip yourself ideally.

Colours, patterns, cuts and fabrics – Blouses – Trends 2019

The fashion world will be particularly exciting and varied again in spring 2019. From striking colors, to unusual cuts, to special fabrics, everything is included! Not only the models on the catwalks in the fashion capitals present these trends, but also the influencers on YouTube and Instagram can’t get enough of transparent fabrics, floral prints and puff sleeves.

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Colors and patterns for spring

This year will be colourful. We also dress according to the nature and the weather in spring. Bright colors convey joie de vivre and good mood. While yellow is bright and cheerful, orange conveys a feeling of joy, warmth and energy. The predominant trend colours for this year are red and orange. Orange is often seen in a turmeric tone and red tones range from light to dark. Between the shades of red and orange we also find the new trend colour Living – Coral. This color is a little more discreet than red and orange and is therefore particularly suitable for those who do not like it quite so flashy. This color is usually combined with cream tones or dark blue. But also yellow and blue do not come too short this year. The so-called Princess – blue and also yellow in many different nuances is particularly often represented on the catwalks.

The blouses of Esprit not only have the trend – colors, here there are also the most diverse stripes -, floral print and dot patterns. At Esprit there are many beautiful blouses for spring. Especially the cuts have changed this year. You can see more asymmetrical shapes and puffed sleeves. The absolute fashion trend: a blouse with a stand-up collar! If you want to be fashionable always up to date, this fashion trend should not be missing in your wardrobe.

Popular patterns – give your outfit that certain something

Courage to use patterns! Patterns make a garment more exciting and have an aesthetic and satisfying effect on the viewer. While small women should rather go for small patterns, the large patterns are ideal for larger women. Also this year there are trend – patterns that are particularly in demand.


Especially popular this year are the most different stripe patterns. No matter if stripes are slimming or not, we love them. Stripes can give an outfit a certain playfulness or elegance. The stripe – pattern can be two-tone or all colorful, with this trend you will definitely not go wrong. This blouse from Esprit not only features stripes, but also the ultra-modern asymmetry.

Abwechslung fürs Auge bietet diese Boxy-Bluse dank des modischen Streifen-Musters. Praktisch bei wechselnden Temperaturen: die längenverstellbaren Ärmel.

Flower prints

Flower prints are also popular this year. They are just perfect for spring. A blouse with a floral print pattern in a color of your choice should not be missing in your wardrobe. Here the top styled Sarah Harrison presents a classic floral print look.

Polka Dots

The popular dots – trend also moves into the year 2019. Whether it is a blouse, a dress or a skirt, through the dots, the garment becomes a real eye-catcher. This Esprit blouse is a classic example of how the trend is implemented.

Lässiger Denim trifft auf feine Tupfen - und macht diese vielseitig kombinierbare Jeans-Bluse aus reiner Baumwolle zum modischen Must-Have!

Cuts – From Basic to High Fashion

An unusual cut can give a simple garment a certain pep. A white blouse, which previously looked rather basic, suddenly becomes an exclusive eye-catcher with an asymmetrical shape or puff sleeves.

Stand-up collar

Now that’s a new one! Every fashion influencer needs a blouse with a stand-up collar in 2019. At the Fashion Weeks this trend was to be seen particularly often. A blouse with stand-up collar not only looks particularly elegant and chic, but can enhance an outfit immensely. Combined with simple trousers or a simple skirt, you are perfectly dressed for an evening event.

The advantage of a tunic is that ladies do not have to close buttons forever, but can simply slip into the top.


Always the same cuts? How boring would that be? Many modern blouses in 2019 feature an asymmetrical cut. In the past, people were more excited about the off-the-shoulder blouse and today it’s more the one-shoulder blouse that everyone wants. Even a blouse without sleeves is no longer a rarity. Whether there is a button or a brooch only on one shoulder, the left end of the blouse a little longer than the right, it doesn’t matter at all. An imbalance in the design of the outfit is fully on trend!

Puffy sleeve

Who would have thought it? Puffed sleeves are back! Puffed sleeves make for a voluminous shoulder area, which is why you should definitely combine a blouse with puffed sleeves with tight-fitting trousers or a tight-fitting skirt.

Trendy fabrics: What the catwalk beauties are wearing

The trendy fabrics of the previous year remain with us for the most part this year or have even developed further.


Also the lace – trend can not be driven away from the catwalks this year. A little bit changed he is nevertheless. The noble blouse with lace gets a sporty touch. Thus, it no longer belongs to the sweet blouses with bow, but rather to the everyday sports outfit. Just the right thing for those who are brave and like to try something new. Lace does not disappear from the scene, but continues to develop.


Transparent fabrics are still very much in vogue this year. Top model Naomi Campbell was the last to present a dress at the Haute Couture show that was completely see-through at the top. That may mean something.

Denim Style

Jeans fabric is no longer only popular for pants and denim jackets. Meanwhile, you can also see dresses and blouses made of the sturdy material and that is fully on trend!


Bling, bling and glitter: Even in 2019 elegant blouses with sequins are not only seen in the evening. If you like it flashy, you can wear a sequin blouse in the future even during the day without being looked at askance. The stars love this trend.