New apartment? Preparation for the visit and landlord: Questions App – Online & Free

You have a tour coming up soon? What you should pay attention to, we at FIV have put together for you. The most important tips and questions that you have to ask, but also questions that you expect from the landlord! Prepare yourself perfectly for your apartment inspection – for your dream apartment! Here you will find all the important questions bundled in a checklist.

This is how you get your dream apartment! In our check we have the most important questions for you on the subject of interview for the new dream apartment or dream house! With two units you will get to know all the important questions that may arise in an assessment situation. Especially for interviews with the new landlord. Good luck with the online training. There are two practice units each: Exercise & 5 seconds Challenge.

Questions from the tenant – FIV App free of charge + online

These are the questions you should ask as a tenant.

Apartment visit: Questions for tenants – Questions

Apartment visit: Questions for tenants – 5 seconds Challenge

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Questions from the landlord – FIV App free + online

You should prepare yourself for these questions from the landlord or broker.

Apartment visit: Questions from the landlord – Questions

Apartment visit: Questions from the landlord – 5 seconds Challenge

5 seconds challenge?

Exercise: Here you can prepare for your next job interview – for the job and for your new apartment. You have as much time as you want to answer the questions at the practice session.

5 seconds challenge: At the 5 seconds challenge you learn to give short and concise answers to the questions of the online course. The question is updated every 5 seconds – so you get the most profit from the short challenge unit.

Questions list – 20+1 question from you as tenant

Here is a small selection of questions that await you in the free app!

  1. Is the apartment suitable for keeping pets?
  2. Pets allowed?
  3. Is the apartment cut so that all the furniture fits in?
  4. Can an elevator, basement, attic, balcony or storeroom be used?
  5. Are they in a similar life situation?
  6. What do the other tenants look like?
  7. What do the outdoor facilities look like?
  8. Is there any odor nuisance?
  9. How pronounced is the traffic noise?
  10. Can you reach your workplace easily?
  11. Does the apartment have a local transport connection?
  12. Are there shopping facilities nearby?
  13. Are there enough parking spaces?
  14. To which direction is the apartment oriented?
  15. Are the windows well insulated and tight?
  16. Is there a cable or satellite connection for the television?
  17. Does the fitted kitchen belong to the apartment or can it be taken over?
  18. Is barbecuing allowed on the balcony?
  19. can you hear sounds from the neighbouring apartment?
  20. What kind of heating is used?
  21. Must be renovated?
  22. … you can find more questions in the app: Apartment visit: Questions for tenants

Questions list – 20 questions from landlord

Here is a small selection of questions that await you in the free app!

  1. Do you have the Schufa information with you? (Protection Association for General Credit Security)
  2. Have you brought a copy of your personal or passport?
  3. Who is your current landlord?
  4. Do you have your proof of income with you? (current salary statements, possibly employment contract, or for self-employed: the most recent tax assessment)
  5. Are you ready to present a pre-letting certificate?
  6. Are you ready to provide SCHUFA information?
  7. Do you have debts from previous tenancies?
  8. For what reason did your previous tenancy end?
  9. Have you issued an asset report in the last three years or is a procedure for issuing an asset report pending?
  10. Are you dependent on social security benefits to pay the rent or deposit?
  11. Can you submit a pay slip?
  12. What is your monthly net earnings?
  13. Who is your employer?
  14. Are you employed indefinitely or on a temporary basis? (only relevant in the case of dependent employment)
  15. What do you do for a living?
  16. Smoke or your roommates?
  17. Do you or your roommates intend to make music in the apartment? * If so, which instrument do you or your flatmates play?
  18. Do you intend to keep pets in the apartment? If so, which?
  19. Do you intend to use the apartment for purposes other than living? If so, for what purposes?
  20. Who are the other persons?
  21. … you can find more questions in the app: Apartment visit: Questions from the landlord

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