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What if…?! Questions list for your party! What’s better than finding out new and secret things about friends and colleagues? What would be if… ? questions are perfect to get to know people but also to get to know them better. We have researched the best questions in the world for you! What if… we hadn’t done that? Have fun!

What if… ?! – FIV App free of charge + online

With your best friend or with many!

What if… ?! – Questions

What if…? Questions list for Party

Here is a small selection of questions that await you in the free app!

  1. What if you could be invisible for a day?
  2. What if the marriage was only valid for seven years?
  3. What if you had only happy thoughts all the time, but others could never be happy again?
  4. What if you were suddenly a star?
  5. What if you could marry several partners?
  6. What if you had a duplicator/replicator?
  7. What if you lost your hearing?
  8. What if you could change your body at will by thinking, but others lose their beauty if you do?
  9. What if you found 1.000 Euro without sender in your mailbox?
  10. What if you were trapped for a day in the world of your favorite movie?
  11. What if you were only allowed to give your child advice on the way of his life?
  12. What if you won a million euros?
  13. What if you never had to work again, but you could?
  14. What if you wake up in the middle of the night from the fire alarm because your house is on fire?
  15. What if Angela Merkel asked you for advice on refugee policy?
  16. What if you could manage with two two hours sleep a day?
  17. What if you always had enough money but hunger for other people?
  18. What if you had a wish?
  19. What if you could always sleep well, would be wide awake and happy immediately, but you would also have to sleep alone forever?
  20. What if you could see a beloved deceased person again, but would lose all your belongings?
  21. What if all drugs were legal?
  22. What if everyone liked you immediately but you never liked yourself?
  23. What if you knew you only have three days left to live?
  24. What if you were expelled from your homeland?
  25. What if you could control your whole life in sleep, but nobody notices you?
  26. What if you found the perfect partner for life but he was bad in bed?
  27. What if you hit a clone of your figure?
  28. What if you found a hornet’s nest in your closet in the morning?
  29. What if you could have a superhero power, but would be taken two years of your life?
  30. What if your pet could talk?
  31. What if tomorrow the world would end and you could visit someone today?
  32. What if you went blind?
  33. What if you could beam things to you?
  34. What if you got pregnant unintentionally?
  35. What if a billionaire who claims to be your father contacted you?
  36. What if you could change one thing in the world?
  37. What if your favorite food was always ready for you, but you were never loved?
  38. What if you lost your phone?
  39. What if you wake up and find out in the news that your country is at war?
  40. What if you could take a year off?
  41. What if your mother caught you having sex?
  42. What if you found out that your partner is sleeping with your best friend?
  43. What if you could save a loved one, but you had to break the law?
  44. What if you could swim through the air?
  45. What if you could have chosen your country of birth?
  46. What if your father caught you having sex?
  47. What if there was a zombie invasion?
  48. What if you fell in love with your friend’s best friend?
  49. What if your salary increased fivefold, but you had to work hard at a fast food chain?
  50. What if you weren’t allowed to make yourself up?
  51. What if you were all alone in the world for a week?
  52. … more questions you can find in the app: What if… ?!