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Either… Or?! – Questions list for your party! What’s better than finding out new and secret things about friends and colleagues? Either… Or?! questions are perfect for meeting people but also for getting to know them better. We have the best “Either…. Or?!” questions in the world for you! Have fun!

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Questions list for your party

Here’s a small selection of questions that await you in the free app!

  1. Netflix or Amazon Prime?
  2. Traveling in a group or alone?
  3. Shower or bath?
  4. Cremation or burial?
  5. To marry or not?
  6. Smoking or chewing gum?
  7. Big breasts or small breasts?
  8. Brunette or blonde?
  9. Saturday or Sunday?
  10. Fetish or no fetish?
  11. Pets: fish or a lizard?
  12. Coke or Pepsi?
  13. Living in a cold or hot area?
  14. Pop or Indie?
  15. IOS or Android?
  16. Gentle or passionate?
  17. Shaved skin or beard?
  18. Britney or Christina?
  19. Sausage or bacon?
  20. Turkey or Egypt?
  21. Intelligence or beauty?
  22. Whirlpool or hot springs?
  23. Couch or lounger?
  24. Glasses or contact lenses?
  25. Save or spend money?
  26. Beer or wine?
  27. Comedy or drama?
  28. Africa or Asia?
  29. Taste or smell?
  30. Blue or red?
  31. Crushed ice or cube ice?
  32. Fisherman or woodcutter?
  33. Truck or motorcycle?
  34. Tent or camper?
  35. Cheating: yes or no?
  36. Iced coffee or hot coffee?
  37. Nap or no nap?
  38. Money or love?
  39. Fashion design or interior design?
  40. With socks sex or without?
  41. Fireman or policeman?
  42. Work alone or in a team?
  43. Curtains or blinds?
  44. Book or audio book?
  45. Flea market or shopping mall?
  46. Dog or cat?
  47. House or rental apartment?
  48. Paintings or photos?
  49. Pets: Hamster or rabbit?
  50. Dots or stripes?
  51. Chandeliers or lamps?
  52. Pancakes or waffles?
  53. New York or Las Vegas?
  54. Rain or snow?
  55. Mobile or landline?
  56. Apple or Windows?

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