Buying puppies in Cologne: pet supplies, vet, dog groomer, dog trainer – Recommendations

After the guide to the basic equipment for puppies and the tips for the first week with puppies, today tips for you as a puppy owner in Cologne! Where can you find the tastiest food and the best treats at reasonable prices? Which dog groomer is good and sensitive to the puppies, thinks about details […]

Cutting hair at home: Machine, scissors & Co.

Many know the urge for change. This can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Whether you impulsively order new clothes to change your style. Or, if you successfully change your appearance with a new ear piercing. Many, however, stand in front of the mirror and wish for a change in the area of hairstyle. […]

Top 5 trend hairstyles for men: short, long or with curls?

Hair trends for men: Not only women can make a type change with their usually long hair and, for example, dye their mane and cut it off. Also men can always go with the trend and give their appearance a new shine. With the following haircuts such as the curly look, the bowl cut or […]

Udo Luy – Cologne hairdressing salon hair makes people

At the Cologne Fashion Days we met the owner of a successful Cologne hair salon: Udo Luy. His motto is “Hair makes people” and that’s exactly the name of his salon: “Udo Luy – Hair makes people”. Udo not only offers haircuts, but also special services such as styling preparation and execution of a photo […]