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Coffee machine XXL: grinder, beans & operating system-the best fully automatic coffee machines in the test

Coffee maker: The first thing you do in the morning is go straight to the kitchen and to the coffee maker. So why should you save money on such a product, which is already firmly anchored in the morning routine for so many people? We show you here what a good coffee machine should be […]

Make-up: Primer, foundation, care- styled for every occasion

You think you wouldn’t be able to create a beautiful make-up in just a short time? You’re wrong! We show you how to create a beautiful look with the right tips and tricks! From the right preparation to facial care and the right make-up products. With the right instructions, your make-up will be a success […]

Beard styles: trends, cuts & tips for the perfect care

Men’s beards are also very trendy in 2021. Whether short or long – the style options for the male face are large. Especially in the current Corona everyday life characterized by lockdown and increased home office, your special beard type should not be neglected. So you want to make but also from home and especially […]

Patek Philippe Ellipse d’Or: Price lists, waiting times & models

Patek Philippe watches are world famous for their tradition, exclusivity and record prices. In the list of the most expensive watches ever made in the world, Patek Philippe occupies the top 20 position almost without a gap. We present you the two models of the collection ”Ellipse d’Or”, give you all the important details about […]

My Top 7 Curly Hair Styles: Everything from Messy to Sleeky Bun

Culy Hair Styles- I used to think curls were hard to style but with time I realized that there are endless and interesting styles for curly hair. I went on a quest for you to find the best hairstyles and styles. Which looks are there, how do I create them and how do I deal […]