Invisalign splints – these 14 celebrities wear the invisible braces

Invisalign (invisible braces) is becoming more and more popular! The US American company now has over 6 million customers. Among them, of course, are many VIP’s who wear Invisalign privately. Even if with the stars and starlets everything always seems to be perfect, appearances are often deceptive, because even they are only human and do not always have beautiful, straight teeth by nature. Many celebrities therefore swear by the Invisalign therapy, especially thanks to its transparent design. Which celebrities have straightened their teeth with Invisalign, you can find out now!

Invisalign splints – the easy way to beautiful, straight teeth

Treatment with Invisalign splints has many advantages, especially compared to conventional treatment methods. A short treatment time, the unobtrusive design and the easy handling are only a few of many. The stars have also recognised this, which is why many celebrities have already used Invisalign braces to conjure up a radiant smile. Advantages of Invisalign:

  • invisible rail hardly attracts attention
  • Removable splint, practical for the red carpet and shootings
  • cheaper than braces
  • faster than braces

Justin Bieber – The girl swarm straightened his teeth in adolescence

Justin Bieber, who conquered the hearts of his fans since his early youth, carried out an Invisalign treatment as a teenager. During his aspiring career as a singer and girl swarm he could not use a classic metal braces in his image. However, since a strong development of the teeth takes place at this age, braces were absolutely necessary to ensure the laughter of the teen star. The Invisalign treatment straightened his teeth and gave him the radiant smile he has today.

Justin has been wearing Invisalign for years

Anna Kendrick – Invisalign for a successful career

Anna Kendrick is mainly known from movies like ‘Pitch Perfect 1-3’ or ‘Only a small favor’. The only 1.57m tall American actress used an Invisalign treatment in 2013 to straighten her crooked teeth. Especially in an industry like yours, straight teeth and a beautiful smile are a guarantee of success. In any case, the treatment fulfilled its purpose and gave Anna radiant and straight teeth.

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Katherine Heigl – Wedding preparations times differently with Invisalign

Grey’s Anatomy Star swears by the Invisalign treatment. She began using the Invisalign rails in 2007 to prepare for her wedding. But not only on her wedding pictures the beautiful actress shines with a shining smile, but also in her further career the straight teeth helped her to success.

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Katherine wears Invisalign to this day

Khloe Kardashian – Beautiful teeth for reality TV

The reality TV star is always in the focus of attention due to her job. The perfect appearance of the whole family must therefore be maintained. She started her Invisalign treatment at the age of 29. Due to her strong changes in her body, only the perfect laugh that she got thanks to the Invisalign therapy was missing.

Kendall Jenner – successful model with straight teeth

After the treatment with her sister Khloe Kardashian was successful, Kendall also decided to straighten her teeth. As a model, straight and well-kept teeth are part of the job and are a criterion for success. Perfect for Kendall that she can easily remove the tracks during a shoot or job. So the treatment does not affect her career and yet she gets a promising result.

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Christina Milian – great teeth already in the 2000s

Christina Milian is a R&B singer who recorded a lot of hits especially in the 2000s. She confirms that she used Invisalign as a treatment for her crooked teeth and the result was more than successful.

Tom Cruise – Invisalign makes his laughter even more irresistible

The actor has always been known for his irresistible smile. But it wasn’t until 2002, when he started taking his children to the dentist, that he learned that his smile wasn’t as perfect as he always thought. The front teeth of the upper jaw were not centered to his face and stood crooked. The Mission Impossible Star decided to combine treatment with Invisalign and ceramic brackets. Today, he enchants the world with an even more beautiful smile than before.

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Katy Perry – Tooth straightening with Invisalign

The Fireworks singer has been suffering from crooked teeth since her youth. Whereby Katy’s upper teeth stand straight in a row, the lower row is nested and crooked. To counteract this, the singer decided on an Invisalign treatment so that her teeth could also convince in the spotlight. After the successful treatment, Katy Perry can present her beautiful smile on the red carpet.

Gisele Bundchen – a perfect laugh for the supermodel

Victoria’s Secret Supermodel wasn’t born perfect either. The beauty began with the Invisalign treatment as one of her teeth moved in the wrong direction and threatened to destroy her beautiful smile. With the flexibility of the Invisalign system, she wore the rails only at night, which did not affect her job. Today, the mother of two now shines with beautiful, straight teeth.

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Zac Efron – from the tooth gap to the heartthrob with Invisalign

The actor, who became known as a teenager with the film series ‘High School Musical’, now shines with perfect teeth into every camera. But that wasn’t always the case, because the Beach Boy used to have a gap between the incisors of his upper jaw. This little blemish has been discreetly and unobtrusively corrected with Invisalign.

Eva Longoria – to straight teeth with Invisalign

Desperate Housewifes Star did not begin Invisalign treatment until the relatively late age of 36. Since the teeth of her lower jaw were crooked, the beautiful actress decided on an inconspicuous straightening with the Invisalign therapy.

Serena Williams – sporty with Invisalign

The power woman convinces not only with her sporty performances, but also with her enchanting smile. As a teenager she wore Invisalign rails to straighten her teeth. Today, years later, she still shines with beautiful straight teeth in every camera.

Oprah Winfrey – Invisalign gave her a great smile

The US-American talk show star Oprah Winfrey improved her smile with Invisalign. She was first seen in her own show with the transparent rails. To this day she has an impressive and beautiful smile that we probably owe to Invisalign.

Zendaya Coleman – from Kids Star to business woman with straight teeth

The actress became famous as a child star in the format ‘Shake It Up’ on the Disney Channel. Today she plays many roles as an actress and is even active as a designer in cooperation with Tommy Hilfiger. In her teenage years, she wore the Invisalign rails to not harm her career with ordinary metal brackets. Today she convinces everyone with her beautiful smile.

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