Invisalign results – The before and after effect

Everybody wants them. Snow-white, straight teeth. The Invisalign treatment, which was only introduced in the USA, is therefore becoming more and more popular. Today we show you the best before and after results that were achieved with Invisalign. You can also find more information about Invisalign here.

Before – after effect: This has changed

On Youtube, you can find many before and after videos on the topic of Invisalign, because even stars now resort to this method. After all, the teeth have to be neat and straight for Instagram posts or the next live performance. Some of the first stars to use Invisalign included Justin Bieber and Khloe Kardashian. In this video, Justin Bieber shows us his Invisalign aligner. Looking at the pictures on the singer’s Instagram account these days, you can see a big difference. He now has bright white and especially straight teeth.


Influencer TheBeauty2go has undergone Invisalign treatment. In one of her videos she answers her followers’ questions about the treatment and even shows us the impressive before and after effect. The entire treatment only took Kathie 1 year to complete. We think the result is outstanding, see for yourself!

Bella Kraus – Your result after only 3.5 months

Influencer Bella Kraus, who is active on YouTube and Instagram, also had something wrong with her teeth. On her Youtube account, the young mum often posts videos in which she tries out the latest beauty tricks. She found just the right treatment method for her with Invisalign. She reports that even her followers haven’t noticed the invisible aligners around her teeth. The before and after change is something to behold.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV


In this video, Youtuber Jenny from the channel “JeLoveRocks” talks about her experiences with Invisalign. She also answers the most important questions that you might be interested in if you are considering Invisalign treatment yourself. If you are still unsure


The RealCatGoneCrazy also shows us a drastic change in his teeth.

Aligner – Care: Very simple & fast

Keeping your aligner neat and clean doesn’t take much time or effort. Even expensive cleaning products are not necessary. Specialists recommend simple cleaning with a toothbrush and toothpaste. The toothpaste should be gel-like and the aligner splint should be brushed off with the toothbrush before each insertion and then rinsed with lukewarm or cold water. Since the Invisalign aligners need to be changed every 2 weeks anyway to keep the treatment on schedule, this will help keep the aligner clean.