Buy Glock 17 Blowback CO2 pistol – Review and shooting test

After our general view on CO2 pistols we want to take a closer look at some models today. For the start of the new series about air pressure and CO2 we present you today a solid basis for every sport shooter. One of the most famous models, the Glock 17, is it as good as the 9mm version or should you leave the Glock 17 CO2 in the gun shop? Finally, we use the Glock 17 with German special units, such as the GSG 9 or the SEKs in the 16 different German states. My field report!

Weapon shops and selection

Who stands in the gun shop before a large selection of pistols, he is naturally fast overtaxed with the question, which CO2 pistol should I buy myself? Most of them initially focus on the absolute classics, e.g. the Walther P99, which of course has a high degree of popularity as standard equipment for the German police. There are also many other interesting brands that produce outstanding models. There are good weapon manufacturers e.g. also from Switzerland, the United States of America in addition, of course countries such as Israel. But also Austria and exactly here, we want to stay today!

The pistol developed around 1980 by the Austrian engineer Gaston Glock is still in use today. The pistol has already proven itself in everyday use, so you can find this model in many online shops and of course also in local gun shops as a CO2 version for sport shooters.

We’ll take a closer look today:

  1. How is the gun processed?
  2. How is it in the hand?
  3. What are the functions?
  4. What extensions are offered?
  5. What’s their shooting behavior?
  6. What about the target accuracy?
  7. Most important: Would I recommend the Glock 17?

Glock 17 CO2 pistol for 4,5mm diabolo and BB steel ball – experience

The Glock armoury is a household name, not only for enthusiastic sports shooters on the one hand or the other, who are not otherwise concerned with the subject of weapons, the name Glock says something. The traditional company has been finishing pistols since 1980 and is a firm element for many security and special forces. Model 17 is now in its 5th generation.

Material and Processing

The pistol is largely made of metal, but its structure and appearance have a high value, which corresponds to the “original”. Especially the lines and edges of the weapon are kept very straight, which makes it less playful and makes it appear very efficient from the outside. The angular look is also stable and solid, which also adds value to the feel of the gun. The material also ensures that the weapon lies well balanced in the hand. This is important to promote accuracy. The pistol is not only well balanced, but also the grip of the weapon lies well in the hand.

But here also the first disadvantage comes into play, if you look closely at the trigger of the weapon, you already realize that to trigger the weapon in order to fire a shot, you have to pull the trigger very far – so far that after 3, 4 magazines it really becomes a challenge to pull the trigger with one finger, in quick succession. This will affect the shooting range later. But more about that later.

Basically the material as well as the workmanship of the weapon is very high-quality, it lies well in the hand and is well processed by the balance as well as by the weight.

Securing the weapon

The safety of the weapon and the trigger are designed in such a way that it is difficult to release them quickly. Extra fuse 1 – While most fuse systems can be reached directly with the finger, the fuse of the weapon is located below the barrel. A narrow, approximately 2 cm long and 3 mm wide throttle, which has to be pushed forward by means of a thin object, e.g. a key. Once the weapon is secured, you will see a white dot, as soon as the weapon is armed, by moving the small slider you will see a red dot. Now the CO2 gun is ready for use. To move the knob, however, you always need a (thin or pointed) object.

As with the trigger, the fuse is relatively difficult to operate. Especially for families in which, over the years, there is the possibility that children may also have access to the pistol. Certainly a sensibly complicated security system that makes the rapid use of weapons more difficult. For every adult these safeguards are of course no problem. However one should consider this with the purchase of the weapon.

Insert from magazine

The magazine of the gun is very comfortable. A light pressure causes the magazine to fall out downwards. In the magazine you already have 3 prefabricated diabolo holders (silver), as well as a prefabricated holder for BB steel balls (black).

The magazine is made of stable metal, which makes the pistol higher quality compared to the Sig Sauer P226. The diabolo and steel ball holders are mounted on the front side. By inserting the magazine, the holders are fixed directly to the magazine so that they do not fall out during the next removal. Each individual holder comprises 8 diabolos or 8 steel balls. So you can prepare a total of 24 diabolos and 8 steel balls. However, you should make sure when shooting that one weapon is not used for both projectiles. You can find out why this is the case in our article about buying CO2 pistols. I find the system of 4 integrated holders very practical and in combination with the full metal magazine high quality constructed. By the already prepared projectiles, one has without additional equipment, directly enough ammunition for a half CO2 capsule.

So if you buy three more replacement holders for Diabolos, you can directly empty an entire capsule without reloading a projectile.

Insert of the CO2 capsule

Important for many sports shooters, the insert of the CO2 capsule in the magazine.

  • How fast does it go?
  • How complex will it get?
  • Do I need extra tools?

As with most pistols, the Glock 17 is also equipped with CO2 capsules by removing the magazine. The interior of the magazine has a cavity in which the CO2 capsule is positioned. Below the CO2 capsule, there is a small screw with which you can fix the CO2 capsule. Turned a little further, the capsule is pierced. CO2 capsules are closed at the upper end and are only opened by a targeted stitch. Through this sting the CO2 flows into the gun and is thus responsible for the thrust of the diabolo. The gun is ready to go.

Extra security 2 – Because a screw has to be fixed, the Glock 17 requires an extra Allen key for screwing in and out. This would be more cleverly solved under circumstances with a clamp, which one sets up and so also without additional tools at the shooting range, a capsule can be exchanged fast. In addition to the little sensitive trigger, which we will talk about later, the relatively complex securing, another barrier is needed, e.g. for unwanted ones.

Of course, the pistol comes with a matching Allen key. If this is lost, you can also use a standard Allen key to replace the CO2 capsule.

Shot and trigger

Now we come to the core of my report on the Glock 17 today. The trigger is a real disadvantage, especially when it comes to the fun of shooting. Why is that?

Extra fuse 3 – The trigger is set so that you need a very high pressure to trigger a shot. The trigger must not only be pulled by 80%, it must be pulled by 90% and then a further 5%, with even higher load, to finally fire a projectile. Especially during training it is harder and harder to pull the trigger when you have already shot some targets. As hard as you try, there’s always a lack of power in the end. This prevents the bowl from loosening quickly and sometimes you even have to use your second finger to pull the trigger. The steady hand suffers and ultimately the accuracy at the target.

If you want to shoot two, three or four CO2 capsules with your weapon, you will quickly reach your limits. It’ll take the fun out of the sport someday.

After I bought the gun, I had a few days interest, but since then it lies locked in the closet – shopkeeper! Because compared to other weapons, I would even say compared to all other weapons, the trigger on the Glock 17 (CO2 version) is no fun in the long run.

But we do not see the glass half-empty, but half full. Maybe it’s the pistol with a little more security? If you put the safety aspect in the foreground, the weapon is especially recommended for families, young fathers and mothers, because it is difficult to operate. As we have seen in the field report, this starts with:

  1. relatively complex unlocking of the weapon, for which you need a small tool or a key, at least a small, pointed object,
  2. the screwing of the CO2 capsules into the magazine, which requires another tool and

the screwing of the CO2 capsules into the magazine.

  1. the little sensitive process, which you have to pull through almost to 100% to trigger a shot. To keep the strength to trigger every shot with one finger should not be difficult, but the Glock 17 doesn’t make it easy!

Targeting accuracy

In terms of target accuracy, there are basically no compromises, but here too the trigger and its difficult operation account for a large part of the distortion in the shot. Especially after the second or third magazine, the trigger of the weapon needs a lot of pressure (which the finger often can’t fully apply). In order to apply this pressure, a relatively large number of muscles must be activated in the hand, which in principle pulls the barrel of the weapon downwards at the moment of triggering. This means in particular that it is not possible to fire fast or targeted shots. As I said, not at the first magazine, but after time, it becomes very difficult to keep the gun straight, at the moment of the trigger. This shows that the Glock has some drawbacks, which are further complicated by a first trigger.

Especially for sport shooters the accuracy is of course very important. Therefore one should pay attention with the purchase of the weapon in the apron to test it in detail in the weapon business! Because only if you really like the weapon, with its difficult trigger, should you acquire it. So test more than one or two shots.

Although I had tested it briefly, I still wanted to buy it as it is a standard model. Therefore I want to point out again explicitly, test them in detail! If you own several weapons and want to have them in your portfolio, you need less time to think about them. However, if you buy your first pistol, I would advise you to use a different model!


A special feature and after the many disadvantages an advantage of the Glock 17 is the integrated blowback system. The blowback system allows the gun rail to be pushed backwards by pulling the trigger. This gives you an even more realistic feeling when shooting. Many CO2 guns do not have a blowback system built in and therefore have a rigid rail. This of course takes a little of the feeling and that’s why blowback systems are becoming more and more popular with sport shooters – it’s not realism! From magazine to capsule and blowback, those were all the details of Glock 17.

Experiences: Heavy trigger impairs target accuracy

2 of 5 stars

If we summarize the Glock 17 and my experiences in a few sentences, then I have to say unfortunately, very well thought but by the difficult excerpt, unfortunately only 2 of 5 stars. If the trigger were not so difficult to operate (in the long run), I would give the pistol 4 of 5 stars. But especially the trigger and the resulting fluctuations in the accuracy make sure that you won’t have much fun with the CO2 gun in the long run. Especially those who own other models know about the advantages of many pistol models. If you are then spoilt for choice, you will probably no longer decide in favour of the Glock 17.

The only positive aspect, which I can take from the special safety device, the trigger, the insert of CO2 capsules and the release, is a protection against unintentional use (by children). Particularly among the millions of families that have sporting weapons, there is the possibility over the years that small children and children will also be able to reach the pistols. In this case they would need some tools, skill and also some knowledge to make the pistol ready for use. Of course not a big challenge but a big barrier for toddlers and children. Unfortunately the deductions are so big that I can only give 2 out of 5 stars for the Glock 17 – a pity!

Have you had similar or different experiences? Write us your experiences in the comments below!

Advantages of the Glock 17

  • High quality workmanship and materials
  • Minimalistic and modern look
  • Standard model for many security forces
  • High safety against unintentional use

Overview of disadvantages of the Glock 17

  • Required trigger pressure too high
  • This results in fluctuations in target accuracy
  • Small tools are required, e.g. for the use of CO2 capsules (Allen wrench) and for unlocking (e.g. key)

Buy Glock 17 online: Recommendations for Online Shops

If you want to buy the model online, you will find various online shops where you can order your weapon online. The weapon can be sold freely in Germany and does not require a firearms license. A little tip, you won’t find any CO2 guns on Amazon. In general I would recommend you a renowned online shop, so you have security, e.g. with the delivery, with the debit of the payment in addition, with possible return.

  • No firearms licence required
  • Online purchaseable
  • Recommendation: German online shop with good ratings
  • Return possibility

Similar weapons models

If you are interested in a CO2 pistol that is more fun to shoot with, I can warmly recommend the Sig Sauer P226! Not only is it very well crafted, it also has a truly revolutionary CO2 capsule insert system. This will allow you to get the shot ready within a second.