Sig Sauer P226 Blowback CO2 pistol buy – Review and shooting test

Today we come to CO2 pistol Sig Sauer P226! I have waited for this for a long time, because after my last article on the general topic of buying a CO2 pistol and after the field report on the CO2 pistol Glock 17, today we come to my absolute favourite model (Top 5), the Sig Sauer P226. The absolutely unique feature of this model is the new system for activating the CO2 capsule. While in other models you usually first have to fix the capsule and then slowly turn it upwards with a screw so that it is activated, you have an integrated quick-release system in the back of the handle on the Sig Sauer. By opening and closing the cap you can activate a CO2 capsule within one second! Sounds interesting, it is. Here is my report about the victory Sauer P226.

Sig Acid P226 CO2 Pistol for 4,5mm Diabolo – Experience

Originally, the P226 was developed as a successor model for the U.S. armed forces. She won the tender in 1984 and replaced the then common but slightly overhauled Colt M1911. One of the latest innovations, if you look at the long history of CO2 and air pistols, is now the current P226 – Revolutionary! Due to the special system of the CO2 capsule insert, it is ready to fire in only one second. This makes them very interesting for many sport shooters, especially if you want to shit several capsules during training and therefore constantly have to change capsules again. The P226 does it in a few seconds. You don’t even need extra tools, e.g. an Allen key. The weapon is ready for immediate use. In my opinion one of the strongest innovations from Sig Sauer.

We’ll take a closer look today:

  1. How is the gun processed?
  2. How is it in the hand?
  3. How are the functions?
  4. Which extensions are offered?
  5. What is their shooting behavior?
  6. What about the accuracy?
  7. most important: Would I recommend the P226?

Material and processing

Compared to the Glock 17, the Sig Sauer P226 is very classically manufactured. Anyone who remembers Hollywood films from the 1990s would imagine exactly such a pistol. With its barrel, which is semicircular upwards, it reminds of a classic police pistol from New York or Los Angeles. That makes it a very authentic weapon at the firing range. The processing as well as the material are very high-quality. Although the rifle is very solidly crafted, it looks lighter on the outside than the solid, angular Glock 17.

It lies very well in the hand, the handle is slightly rounded so that it sits well in the hand shell. All systems, as well as the release of the weapon and the ejection of the magazine are designed one-handed. So that you don’t have to let go of the handle or need a second hand during use. The release of the weapon takes place via the thumb, just like the ejection of the magazine. Both clicks are easy to execute and ergonomically well placed.

A small characteristic of the weapon is the anchor hook printed on the top of the barrel (left). The anchor is, of course, a symbol of the navy, in which the weapon is also used. The anchor is white and eye-catching, which makes the weapon a little special and also takes a little of the rough. The P226 has been used by many security forces, including (source: Wikipedia):

  • United States Secret Service
  • British Army and the Special Air Service
  • Naval Criminal Investigative Service
  • Israeli armed forces
  • Dutch Army
  • United States Navy SEALs
    various Swiss police corps
  • Berlin police (SEK/MEK/PSK in parts)
  • Federal Criminal Police Office (Germany)

The pistol has definitely proven itself and is therefore also popular with sports shooters.

Securing the weapon

The weapon can be secured as described above by simply actuating the thumb. Positioned on the left side of the weapon, there is a small throttle, with gentle pressure upwards the weapon can be unlocked. By pushing it back, the weapon is quickly secured again.

Here’s a little tip for those who are considering buying the P226, once the weapon is secured, the drum magazine will still be turned. If you don’t use flat Diabolos, e.g. pointed head Diabolos, it can be that the Diabolos get caught in the barrel. So if the weapon is secured, you shouldn’t pull the trigger. Of course you can do that, but there is a danger that the magazine will get caught. If this happens frequently and one of the diabolo’s positions is unfavourable, the pistol would quickly be out of action for a few minutes and you’d have some trouble getting it running again. Always stay with flat diabolos, not only for the P226, but in general.

Insert from magazine

The magazine of the Sig Sauer P226 is designed so that you only have a narrow strip for your diabolos. Why is that?

Due to the integrated CO2 capsule insert system, the CO2 capsule is inserted at the back of the handle. Unlike most weapons, the CO2 capsule is not placed in the magazine. Therefore, one has only a narrow strip to hold the diabolos, a clip. The narrow strip has two holders, one at the upper end and one at the lower end. In each holder you can insert 8 diabolos (or steel balls).

My tip is buy yourself two or three spare magazines. In most online shops you can buy a pack of replacement magazine for the Sig Sauer P226 for less than 30 €. This of course gives you the advantage that you can not only shoot a magazine and need a lot of time to load it, but you can also continue directly through the eject and the new insert, clip by clip.

In my opinion a small disadvantage: The clips are made of plastic. This makes the overall look of the gun a little less. Similar to gifts, in the end it always depends on the average of the individual values. Who e.g. gives away an expensive ring and in addition a shirt, lands at the end with a halfway good gift. Who concentrates only on the ring, lands the absolute hit and works more high-quality. While the entire rifle is designed and made to a high standard, this small part, made of plastic, is relatively unfavourable. Nevertheless, it does not make any great sacrifices, but a metal processing would not have harmed!

Insert of the CO2 capsule

The insert of the CO2 capsule is the special highlight of the Sig Sauer P226. As I have already mentioned a few times, the CO2 capsule can be inserted at the back of the magazine. The insert opens when the back is folded down. Now you can simply insert the new CO2 capsule and by closing the backside it will be pushed upwards immediately and thus pierced and activated. That is the first advantage, the second advantage is, as soon as you have shot the first CO2 capsule empty, you can open the back quickly and easily, the capsule falls out almost by itself and you can insert a new one. The weapon will be ready to fire in two or three seconds.

Especially with intensive training comma, this very special workmanship or system is extremely fun!

Anyone who is otherwise annoyed by the typical slide-in systems, which often require additional small tools such as an Allen key, will be very happy with the P226. The insertion as well as the removal of the capsule has never been so easy.

Shot and trigger

There’s absolutely nothing negative to be said about gunshots and triggers. The Sig Sauer P226 reacts reliably, not too much and not too little sensitive. Thanks to the ergonomically well-placed safety device, the weapon can be quickly, easily and one-handedly re-secured between uses. The accuracy is very good on close but also on distant targets, after about 500 shots I am still absolutely thrilled and since then it belongs to one of my favorite models when it comes to CO2 pistols.

The cock is also realistically designed. While some CO2 pistols only have dummies on them, the cock is movable. After firing the first 8 rounds, the magazine can be ejected by a simple push, then you turn it and lead it back, and another 8 rounds are available. With the double magazine system, you save yourself the trouble of reloading – simply eject, turn, done. However, if you want to empty an entire CO2 capsule, you should buy a replacement magazine, as recommended above. From my experience, this saves a lot of time (in training) and you can concentrate on the training.


Many would also like a blowback function for their CO2 pistol. Blowback means that the upper barrel of the weapon, the so-called sled, runs back when the trigger is operated. The barrel can also be retracted without triggering. What’s the matter with you? So with a “real” 9mm pistol, the bullet would get into the barrel. Here it is of course only dummy, the Diabolos are built into a drum. This drum only rotates when the trigger is operated. The blockback system lets the carriage jump back and forth.

Experiences: Top! Fast recharging, fast operational readiness

As you might have read, I am a big fan of the Sig Sauer P226 CO2 pistol. It is a reliable model, it is of high quality workmanship and offers with the double-sided magazine a direct change in training. But what makes the weapon an absolute highlight is the absolutely innovative inlay system for the CO2 capsules. Never before has a CO2 pistol been so quickly ready for use!

For everyone who wants to expand his collection and of course for everyone who wants to buy his first CO2 pistol, an absolute recommendation!

Here a little tip: When you buy your first CO2 pistol, you should make sure that a CO2 capsule is always shot empty. If you leave the CO2 capsule in the gun for a long time, the seals will gradually wear out, which means your gun will wear out (and leak). Therefore, always make sure that you remove the CO2 capsule again after the shooting training.


  • High quality workmanship and materials
  • If I have Terra manufacturer
  • One-time and innovative capsule insertion system
  • Double-sided magazine
  • Small anchor symbol for recognition


Both disadvantages are not serious, only small, minimal deductions that are not important when buying.

  • Magazine plastic clips, metal would be a more elegant solution
  • Removal of half-empty CO2 capsules allows a lot of gas to escape at once, screw systems are easier to regulate

Buy Bell online

The Sig Sauer P226 is available for free sale in Germany and can therefore not only be bought in regular weapons shops, in the city centre, but also in the various online shops.

  • No firearms licence required
  • Online purchaseable
  • Recommendation: German online shop with good ratings
  • Return possibility

Videos about Glock

At the end listen to some more interesting videos P226. After all, pictures say more than a thousand words. If you are interested in purchasing a P226, you can view the various details in the moving image here again.

Shot test: Glock 17 4,5mm