CO2 Pistol Buy & Learn to Shoot! Air pistols – recommendation for men

Shooting has always been a popular sport. Many of us men remember our childhood: little boys who learn from their fathers to shoot on cans or targets, with their first air pistols or professional shooting in a shooting club. If you want to learn to shoot at home or in a club, you need a good CO2 pistol. Quality plays an important and decisive role, especially when buying a weapon.


If you haven’t been busy buying a CO2 air pistol yet, here is our guide for CO2 weapons and beginners. Learn what is important when buying a CO2 pistol and which manufacturers are currently leading when it comes to quality and reliability. We also discuss the various projectiles, diabolos and steel balls as well as the handling of capsules and legal aspects. In the end, we still have manufacturer recommendations and recommendations for gun shops in the city.

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Test reports: Comparison of CO2 guns

Ready to fire quickly or play it safe? There is the right model for everyone. Here are our current test reports:

Glock 17 – Double secured

If you have now seen everything but still want to decide for a smaller pistol model, we have here still current reviews to two really great models. One, the Glock 17, is “ideal for families” as it is very protected by several mechanisms against unwanted use. Even if safety is paramount, it can always happen over the years that a child might still be in the hands of the gun device. Even if it is only a short moment of carelessness! Read more about it here:

Sig Acid P226 – Ready to fire immediately

If you want to have fun shooting, we have tested the innovative reloading system of the Sig Sauer P226 for you! While with other CO2 guns you have to load the CO2 capsule by hand and often even need a tool like an allen key, here you have an absolutely innovative and patented quick loading system. This allows you to replace the CO2 capsules in just 2 seconds. The associated magazine with its double-sided drum can be used again directly after the first page has been shot. Here you can find my review:

CO2 pistol buy online cheap – Tips

Buy weapons cheap online? Depending on whether you’re buying a weapon for the first time or already have a collection, it’s worth going to your local weapons store or online shops. As a first time buyer of pistols the way to the weapon shop is worthwhile, here you can test the models and get experiences from the salesman. If you’re a gun owner looking to expand your collection, it’s worth looking at online shops, where you can save money. Read more here:

Diabolo vs steel ball – which is better?

You want to know more about Diabolos and BB steel balls? We have looked at all the different types for you and show you whether it is worth changing to types like the “Terminator” or the “Barracuda” or whether it is not worthwhile to stay with the good old standard model, the flat head Diabolo! Did you know? If you also shoot uphill on your Diabolo pistol, the grooves in the barrel will break, making the trajectory of the Diabolos more unstable and the accuracy of the target less accurate. If you want to know more about the topic, read here everything about the topic:

House & Security: Shotshots

The statistics make one thing clear, the small gun license is becoming more and more popular. Many feel insecure at home and want to be able to defend themselves in the event of robberies and break-ins. Not everyone wants to buy a big gun immediately and get a gun license, many just want the feeling of security, therefore the sales of CO2 and air pistols increases. Pepper spray and alarm systems are no longer enough for many when it comes to protecting their own four walls. We want to illuminate the topic of the alarm shot pistol as well as CO2 and air pistols in detail today. Why do more and more people make the little gun license?

CO2 pistols: barrel of the gun, rotation and projectiles

There are different types of Diabolos that you can use in your CO2 gun. The use of gas capsules accelerates the projectiles in the weapon. One gas capsule is enough for about 40-50 rounds from one gun. The shape of the projectiles does not change the number of possible shots. Basically we distinguish between three forms:

  1. flat head
  2. round head
  3. tips or sharpened head
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But what are the differences between the different diabolo shapes?

Pros and cons of the various projectiles

First of all, it is always important that the fit of the Diabolos fits into your gun magazine. This means that you have to consider the diameter, i.e. the caliber, and the length of the projectile. Since your magazine continues to rotate after each shot, the length of the projectile must be correct to prevent your magazine from clogging or jamming. Diabolos are basically shaped like small badminton balls. At the front of the head is the center of gravity, to the rear opens a funnel which perfectly covers the barrel of the weapon. So pay attention:

  • Caliber size (4.5mm or .177)
  • Length of the projectile (especially with round head Diabolo)
  • Construction: head at the beginning and hollow funnel at the end

Gun barrel: projectile rotation for precision

The projectile or diabolo (not steel ball, because it is ‘only’ round) is turned by the slightly twisted corrugation in the barrel of the weapon and thus improves its trajectory. The stabilization of the trajectory has various advantages, from the precise hit of the target bit to the length of the trajectory. The funnel-shaped end is made of lead and moves easily when shot. The slight deformation does not cause any damage to the grooves of the weapon – unlike steel balls. You should also consider this with steel balls, they damage the barrel of your weapon! So if you shoot steel balls but also diabolos, on the same weapon, your running will eventually scrape off and diabolos will no longer reach the desired turn. Therefore you should use two different weapons for both project animal species. But more about that later.

  • The inside of the barrel of the weapon has twisted grooves
  • Projectile is rotated for a better flight
  • Width and precision is increased
  • Steel balls damage the barrel (steel instead of lead; no rotation)

Here you see in the magazine below Stahl-BB and above each Diabolos. Below this is the CO2 gas cartridge.

Diabolos and steel balls for CO2 pistols

In terms of penetrating power, the projectile forms differ. So let’s take a look at the different diabolos and of course the steel balls.

Flat Diabolos: Standard for air pistols

Flat diabolos are the standard for CO2 air pistols. They are used in the sports club but also for the private CO2 pistol at home. The trajectory is very straight. Flat diabolos have exactly the advantages I mentioned earlier. The grooves in the gun barrel ensure a very straight trajectory, the hollow funnel made of lead ensures the perfect barrel (slight deformation in rotation) and thrust. Standard Diabolos (500 pieces package) usually cost between 5.00 and 8.00 euros.

  • Recommendation for all CO2 guns
  • Standard Project

Round Diabolos: Caution when buying (length of projectiles)

Round diabolos have a slightly higher penetration force when firing the weapon. However, round projectiles are built for long guns, with which we also have to shoot more distant targets precisely. So the length of the projectiles rarely fits into the magazine of your weapon. Round diabolos should therefore only be used with caution, otherwise your magazine may jam.
Know already? In the past, most longer airguns were still operated with the classic bend, so that mechanical air was compressed, which then accelerated the diabolo. Today, most long guns also use CO2 air pressure capsules.

Tip Diabolos: More penetration force?

At first, many would think, pointed projectiles are much more effective and have a higher penetrating power. In reality, however, as mentioned earlier, projectiles are usually made of lead. When hitting the target, the projectile or the head of the projectile deforms immediately and thus has the same effect as a flat projectile.

When you hit it, the tip deforms, so you have a flat head again (see: Flat Diabolos). The size of the impacting point increases and thus the energy is distributed evenly on impact. So pointed diabolos do not have a higher penetrating power! If you don’t want to “create” just one layer of aluminium, but maybe two or three, you should resort to round projectiles for CO2 pistols.

  • Round head instead of flat pressed
  • Slightly higher breakdown force
  • Caution when buying! Projectile length must fit into magazine

Steel balls for CO2 guns: damage to the barrel

Steel balls sound much more powerful at first, after all it’s about steel and not just lead diabolos anymore. In fact, there is a big difference between diabolos and steel balls. It’s about the barrel of your gun. Your weapon has grooves that rotate, so the project here is also rotated in your weapon when the shot is fired. Diabolos are easily deformed by the material and therefore adapt to the barrel of the rifle or the grooves.

If you shoot steel balls with your weapon, they will gradually damage the grooves of your weapon and blunt them. Weapons that are frequently fired at with steel bullets are therefore no longer suitable for firing projectiles that increase their precision through rotation. With steel balls you also have less precision in the shot.

  • Damage the grooves in the run
  • decision: Weapon for steel ball or diabolo
  • Lower precision at the end

CO2 Air pressure capsule

The CO2 capsule is for your pistol or for your magazine. With the use of the CO2 capsule you have access to cold gas, which is released by the trigger. The cold gas pushes the projectile through the barrel of the weapon and shoots it towards the target. When using the CO2 air capsule, but also during the basic use, there are some things for gun owners to consider.

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Application of air pressure capsule

As a rule, you place your CO2 capsule in the magazine using an allen key. At the bottom of your magazine you have a small spring with wire, which you can turn so that I slightly lower the plate in the magazine. Now put your CO2 capsule in the magazine. Now turn the plate upwards until you hear a slight hiss. Now the CO2 capsule is open and ready.

How long does a CO2 capsule last?

One capsule holds 40 to 50 rounds. So you can shoot about 5-7 magazines (mostly 8 shots per magazine) empty.

Capsule removal after workout

Many people ask themselves the question: Do I have to remove the CO2 capsule after shooting? The simple answer is yes.

Your CO2 capsule is connected to the weapon at the upper end by a seal. Then permanent pressure on this gasket loads, it will lose quality after some time and make the gas inflow leaky. After each workout you should empty and remove your CO2 capsules.

How do I empty a CO2 capsule?

Once your training is finished, take your Allen key and slowly turn the plate down in the magazine. You’ll hear a slight hiss. Just like when using the gas cartridge, you now know that gas escapes. So wait until there’s no more in between and your gas cartridge is emptied. The capsule gets very cold, because the gas escapes – do not be afraid.

Are there CO2 weapons that are immediately ready to fire?

A few weapon models are also suitable for immediate use. The principle works like this: At the lower end of your magazine there is a metal plate, when this is pressed, the already inserted CO2 cartridge pushes itself immediately into the seal intended for it and the weapon is ready to fire immediately.

By default you will find such devices in the fewest weapons, so check with your trusted weapon shop to find the best weapon for you. At the end of this article we have a few recommendations for arms deals.

After taking a detailed look at the basics for beginners, especially the use of diabolos and steel balls and the use and application of CO2 capsules, we now look at the different manufacturers of weapons. What are the recommendations for CO2 guns?

Recommended Weapons Manufacturer for Air Pistols – Top 5

German weapon manufacturers stand for quality, precision and care in material and workmanship. That’s why you have a correspondingly large selection in German gun shops, if you add American manufacturers, you quickly face the question of which gun manufacturer should I choose?

What is the best CO2 pistol?

Here’s my Top 5 for your gun purchase! You have other favorites? Write me in comments, at the end of the article!

Walther pistols / sporting weapons

My first pistol was a Walther. Robust and known to many, including the German police. Walther pistols offer you a relatively good price-performance ratio, so relatively cheap models for CO2 pistols. You will also often find Walther when it comes to CO2 cartridges. Most often the P99 model (police) is sold as a CO2 modification. Walther has been building weapons since 1886 and currently has around 200 employees based in Ulm and Arnsberg.

Test Ranking: 4.9 / 5.0

Glock pistols

My first experience with a Glock CO2 pistol was relatively difficult, because I find the trigger not very successful. When I fired the shot, I had to concentrate the most on pushing the trigger through properly. One notices a whole three stages, until one has finally pulled through, much time passes and it needs relatively much pressure. In my opinion, however, the system is clearly too little intensively adjusted to prevent it from being pushed off too early. Especially when concentrating on counting, there is a lot of decrease when you have to think about pushing 10% more every time. Since the use of weapons and their application are very important in particular, I would tend towards a different manufacturer with regard to the deduction.

The workmanship of the Glock is otherwise very high quality and some pistols also offer a relatively realistic return of the rail. With some systems, such as the Walter, a rail does not run back during the shot. The magazine is often used in the upper barrel instead of in the magazine itself, where the Co2 cartridge is usually placed. With the Glock, the ball magazine is located directly in the magazine and does not have to be inserted through the upper barrel. However, this advantage is offset by the relatively low sensitivity of the trigger.

Glock currently has approximately 1,300 employees and is headquartered in Austria. Since 1963 Glock has been producing weapons, but also ammunition and knives.

Test Ranking: 3.8 / 5.0

Sig Sauer

Also Made in Germany (orignially from Swiss): Sig Sauer. With headquarters in Eckernförde (Schleswig-Holstein) and 150 employees, Sig Sauer stands for quality. The company also handles major projects, such as 2017 for the US Armed Forces – then of course with the parent company Sig Sauer Inc. That’s why you’ll find Sig Sauer in many stores.

Test Ranking: 4.0 / 5.0

Smith & Wesson

Welcome to America! Those who like pistols with a classic look will find what they are looking for at Smith & Wesson. Produced in the United States since 1852, more precisely in Springfield (Massachusetts), Smith & Wesson has established itself worldwide. With over 1,500 employees, S&W is one of the big players and can also be found in many German gun shops.

Test Ranking: 4.1 / 5.0

Video recommendations for beginners: learn to shoot

You want to learn to shoot? Of course you can inform yourself very well about shooting techniques with YouTube today. From the short shot to the long-range shot, there is a lot to consider. For beginners we have listed video recommendations here. Anyone who wants to deal with this topic more intensively should contact a local or regional gun club. Here you can learn from experienced trainers and teachers how to handle weapons. Have fun learning to shoot!

Basics in Shooting from the SIG SAUER Academy

Shoot and aim with guns

Three secrets to shooting

Legal requirements for gun owners: gun law

For this area it is important for me to emphasize that these are personal recommendations! Please always check the current legal situation and legal texts in weapons law very carefully. For all deeper questions, please take a look at your NATIONAL LAW!

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For the bearers of weapons there is a lot to consider, especially when dealing with weapons in public. But first you go to the gun shop, what do you need to know and what documents do you need when buying a gun?

What documents do I need to buy a gun?

When buying a CO2 pistol, you need not only your account card or cash, but also your identity card. Therefore, make sure in advance that you have your identity card or driving licence with you.

  • ID card or
  • driving licence

may I take the CO2 gun home with me directly?

When you buy your weapon, you will receive a receipt from the arms dealer. On this receipt the purchase is documented, details to your weapon but also the time. So on your way home, you won’t have any trouble with a police check. However, it is important that your weapon case is always well locked, e.g. by a padlock. That way, no one has access to the weapon. You should also make sure that the gun is separated from ammunition and CO2 air pressure capsule when returning.

  • Transport of the weapon with receipt / receipt of the dealer and date of purchase / date of purchase,
  • Weapon case must be locked,
  • Munition separated from weapon.

may I carry my pistol in public?

No! Air guns, CO2 weapons are dangerous and therefore subject to the Weapons Act. You can’t carry a gun in public under any circumstances. In general you should pay attention to a highly professional and considered handling of a weapon. Strangers should always be denied access, even within your own four walls. The weapon should therefore be well locked, just like when buying the weapon, and the ammunition must be stored separately, so that no unwanted situations can arise for you as the owner of the weapon.

weapon cabinets and weapon oil

Who shoots frequently and possesses many weapons, needs sooner or later a weapon cabinet but also weapon oil to lubricate the elements.

Recommendations for arms dealers and businesses in Germany

If you are in the city centre and looking for a good gun shop with professional advice and good service, we have the best recommendations for all major cities. Especially when buying weapons it is important to get advice from an expert.

Weapon shops in Berlin

Centrally located and easily accessible for all, parking spaces are also available. Both stores have very good ratings and a large selection of weapons and pistols.

Weapon SPort Security WWS A. Jennen

Schivelbeiner Str. 5, 10439 Berlin, Germany
030 4459067

Ranking (Google): 4.2 / 5.0 out of 98 Reviews

Soldier of Furtune

Frankfurter Allee 78, 10247 Berlin, Germany
030 27571651

Ranking (Google): 4.2 / 5.0 out of 70 Reviews

Weapon shops in Munich

Traditional and well sorted, these are the recommendations for Munich’s city centre. Both shops are within walking distance, but can also be easily reached by train or car. Parking spaces are available.

Waffenstube Thalkirchen GmbH

Emil-Geis-Straße 12, 81379 Munich, Germany
089 7234786

Ranking (Google): 5.0 / 5.0 out of 43 Reviews

Damage Arms Trade

Schellingstraße 20, 80799 Munich, Germany
089 74035544

Ranking (Google): 4.7 / 5.0 out of 27 Ratings

Weapon shops in Cologne

You can also reach PW Store relatively easily as a tourist, since it is very central in Ehrenfeld. The Cologne Hunting Lodge is located just outside the city centre, but offers everything your heart desires.

PW Store Cologne

Venloer Str. 273, 50823 Cologne, Germany
0221 56910858

Ranking (Google): 4.3 / 5.0 out of 25 Reviews

Kölner Jagdhütte – equipment for hunting & nature

Mathias-Brüggen-Straße 80, 50827 Cologne, Germany
0221 80131611

Ranking (Google): 4.4 / 5.0 out of 62 Reviews

Weapon shops in Hamburg

Tramm & Hinners

C, Chilehaus, Pumps 6d, 20095 Hamburg, Germany
Located in: Chilehaus Hamburg
040 326020

Ranking (Google): 4.3 / 5.0 out of 32 Reviews

Waffenhaus Eppendorf GmbH

Eppendorfer Way 59-61, 20259 Hamburg, Germany
040 407046

Ranking (Google): 4.3 / 5.0 out of 32 Reviews

Can I buy CO2 guns online?

Of course you can also order CO2 guns online, so they will be delivered directly to your door. You have the advantage that you have a much larger selection of pistols. Various weapons manufacturers, systems but also cheap weapons on offer. You don’t have on-site advice for this and of course personal contact is always important, just as it is at the bakery or in the supermarket. So maybe you should go downtown and visit your local arms dealer! If you still want to order your CO2 pistol online, we have the best recommendations for weapons online shops.