Invisalign – The Invisible Braces: Favorably straight teeth

Do you have problems with your teeth? Do you know it? You feel uncomfortable because you are at a public event and just can’t relax? Many people feel exactly this, because they don’t dare to laugh heartily or to present their real smile on a photo. Many people are ashamed because their teeth are not quite straight. But it should never be braces either, because they do not necessarily correspond to the common ideal of beauty. For a long time there was no alternative, no matter if you come from Cologne, Düsseldorf, Munich or Hamburg, we have a solution for you.

Invisalign – Unnoticed to the dream dentition

In 1999 Align Technology launched Invisalign in the USA. Invisalign refers to a procedure for straightening teeth. Straightening is done by transparent rails that can be removed. This procedure was also introduced in Germany in 2001.

  • Founded in 1999 in the USA
  • Company is called Align Technology
  • Invisalign is a procedure for straightening teeth
  • straightening is done by transparent rails
  • Rails can be removed
  • since 2001 the procedure has also been used in Germany

Function and advantages of the Aligner

But how does it all work? The wearing time for the transparent rails should be 22 hours, so that an optimal result can be achieved. The average treatment time is about one year. For a treatment you need so-called aligners, which you wear for 1-2 weeks and then change. This is the reason why always a larger number of computer-controlled Aligners are produced, so that a patient gets an individual Aligner series. Between 12 and 80 aligners can be used for one treatment. The aligner is individually adapted to the patient’s teeth. An aligner is only taken out for brushing teeth, eating and drinking. It is made of thermoplastic material. So-called attachments additionally offer the possibility to support the aligners to move the teeth spatially. There is also a so-called ClinCheck software that helps patients to understand their treatment plan or treatment.

The advantages: In contrast to the typical braces, the transparent splints are invisible and hardly visible in the mouth. The transparent splint is an ideal solution, especially for people who need braces but reject them for aesthetic reasons. Another advantage is oral hygiene. Since you have to remove the Aligner from your mouth to eat and drink, less food residues and bacteria remain in your mouth. The Aligner needs almost no care, because it has to be replaced after 1-2 weeks anyway. The only cleaning that can be done is light brushing with toothpaste and toothbrush. Even for people who work in a profession where they have to speak a lot, an aligner is not an obstacle. The transparent rail can therefore be worn without being noticed by colleagues or acquaintances.

  1. advantage: hardly visible in the mouth
  2. advantage: Improved oral hygiene than with ordinary braces
  3. advantage: almost no care required, except for light brushing with toothpaste and toothbrush
  4. advantage: With Aligner in the mouth you can speak without problems

Treatment process – The invisible braces

An Invisalign treatment is divided into several stages. Different tooth areas are moved by several aligners. It is not only determined which part is moved to which extent, but also at which point in time. The treatment procedure at Invisalign is uncomplicated and effective. Anyone who has ever had braces has not been able to avoid having a silicone impression of his teeth made, which has often triggered a gag reflex. Through Invisalign there is no longer this agony. The impression for the aligners is created by making a 3D scan of the dentition with an iTero scanner. Using this scanner, 6000 images are taken in one minute. The treatment of the patient is then planned and the teeth are virtually straightened on the scan.

The resulting treatment proposal is sent to the responsible orthodontist or dentist and the treatment proposal is discussed with the patient. As soon as everything is agreed and confirmed, the draft is confirmed online and 4 weeks later the first completed aligners are sent to the patient. The treatment begins as soon as the first aligner is applied to the patient. In order to check whether everything is running correctly, control appointments take place at the beginning every 4 weeks and at the end it is only every three months. If further aligners are necessary to achieve the correct result, they are produced free of charge.

After the treatment, the front teeth are permanently stabilized with fixed or removable retainers.

Questions and answers – The alternative to braces

How much does an Invisalign treatment cost?

The costs for an Invisalign treatment are often between 3.500€ and 6.500€. This is not exactly cheap, but the costs are comparable to the costs that would be incurred for ordinary braces. The Smile Club is even cheaper. Depending on treatment needs, the prices start here at 960€.  The costs depend on how large the need for treatment is, whether both or only one jaw needs to be treated and how the treatment proceeds.

Will my health insurance cover the costs, or part of the costs?

Many ask themselves now certainly takes over the dental supplementary insurance Invisalign – costs, or even the health insurance? Since each health insurance has different regulations to this topic, one must inform oneself particularly with its health insurance company about it. Many health insurance companies have decided to cover the costs of an Invisalign treatment. Even if this is not the case, or if you have to pay a part of it, it is worth it and you can relax and start everyday life again. Here a special tip: At the Smile Club you can also pay your Invisalign treatment in installments. This is what the rate model looks like:

  • Light correction (one jaw) costs about 960 Euro, in installments 99 Euro per month (6 months membership)
  • Light correction (both jaws) costs about 1676 Euro, in installments 99 Euro per month (12 months membership)
  • Medium heavy correction (both jaws) costs about 2385 Euro, in installments 99 Euro per month (15 months membership)
  • Heavy correction (both jaws) costs about 3810 Euro, in installments 99 Euro per month (24 months membership)

How long does the treatment with Invisalign?

The duration of the treatment varies depending on the need for treatment. The average calculation is about one year.

Who performs an Invisalign treatment?

An Invisalign treatment can be performed by an orthodontist or dentist who has undergone training on the subject. In total, there are already 90,000 dentists and orthodontists trained in this field worldwide. In order to find out if an Invisalign treatment is the right one for you, it makes sense to get an appointment with an Invisalign user near you.

Disadvantages and limitations of Invisalign

How about pain? Patients treated with Invisalign report a slight feeling of pressure in the first few days after the insertion of a new aligner.

There is also a disadvantage that not everyone sees as a disadvantage. Aligner carriers eat less sweet little things in between, because it is felt too cumbersome to take out the Aligner extra for it. The Invisalign treatment is therefore partly accompanied by weight loss. When you start wearing an Aligner for the first time, it can cause problems with the pronunciation, which changes again after a short time.

Invisalign Experience

The Invisalign treatment has already been performed in Germany more than ten thousand times. More than 5 million treatments have already been performed worldwide. Many people from different age groups and walks of life are enthusiastic about Invisalign. Also the influencer TheBeauty2go has already tested Invisalign and is enthusiastic. She answers in her video below not only questions about Invisalign, but even shows us a Before After picture of her teeth.

Since Invisalign has been around in America longer than in Germany, many stars have already been treated with the Aligners. Among others Justin Bieber and Khloe Kardashian were treated with Invisalign, because even stars do not have these perfect straight teeth from birth.