Vacation Canada: Sights in Vancouver, Toronto, Banff & at the Niagara Falls

Travel to Canada – waffles with maple syrup, moose and reindeer in the snowy winter landscapes, ice hockey as a national sport and of course super friendly Canadians who always want to help. Canada sounds idyllic just by its clichés. If you take a closer look, this positive picture is only confirmed even more. Although Canada has always been in the background compared to the USA, this country has a lot to offer. The great white north enchants in many different ways. The climate zones caused by the broad geographical expansion provide for ice-cold winters and short hot summers. So you can find everything from skiers to surfers in Canada. In addition, our long-time scene experts Jim Carrey, Celine Dion, Ryan Reynolds or teen stars like Justin Bieber, Drake and the Weeknd all have one thing in common: they are true Canadians.

Canada: Among moose, maple syrup and friendly Canadians

Canada is probably one of the few countries with positive stereotypes and prejudices. The friendliness of the Canadians is exaggerated in many sitcoms, their love of maple syrups resembles a fanatical sect and their wild nature with bears, moose, bison, wolves and beavers almost makes Australia with its snakes and spiders take a back seat. But are these all just prejudices from our favourite series or is it true? We have taken a closer look at the maple syrup export hit No. 1 and Canada’s wildlife.

Maple syrup and the heist of the century

It is impossible to imagine life without the three tips. The typical maple leaf is not only found on the Canadian flag, but is essential for Canadian cuisine. “Canada’s liquid gold” is the name given to maple syrup. In fact, maple syrup is so popular that there have been several crimes. In 2011-2012, thieves managed to steal 5000 tons of maple syrup (estimated value: 15 million euros) from a warehouse in Quebec. Crazy, right? Fortunately, the crime was solved and two thirds of the syrup could return home unharmed.

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

But what makes this sweet, sticky diatribe so unbeatable? Why is it exactly the maple leaf and maple syrup that makes for incredible sales in Canada? Maple syrup was invented by Indians from North America, more precisely from what is now Canada. Over the years, the Canadians have perfected their production and during the day, with sufficient sunlight, they have transported the nutrients stored in the tree roots into the buds. At night, however, there had to be enough frost to ensure that the perfect production was made according to the recipe.

Nature and freedom: moose, bears and bison

Canada fascinates with its wildlife. From bears to moose, wolves and bison, Canada offers a unique backdrop for wildlife living in the wild.
Moose are animals close to water, due to their sensitivity to heat Canada offers you a great climate. The proximity to lakes or rivers provides cooling and refreshment. Therefore, a canoe trip is recommended, because with a lot of luck you can catch a moose in the water in search of food.
Not every bear is dangerous! The black bears or Blackbears often have brown or black fur and can be found everywhere in Canada. This makes it very convenient to book one of the many wildlife tours. Nevertheless, you should always have a bear spray/pepper spray ready in nature areas, because it has often happened that on a nice walk, you have discovered a small grizzly bear.
The bison were hunted for years because of their coveted fur. Today there are still about 700 Canadian bison living. In Atlanta there is a 12 km long national park, where the aggressive animals live.

Did you know: Their tail height indicates their aggressiveness. The higher it is, the more you should watch out!

Sightseeings: Top 10

With 36 million inhabitants and 9.9 million square kilometres, Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia. This is exactly why it is difficult to limit the numerous sights and attractions. Some places look too good to be true. Photographers are often accused of using too much Photoshop, as with Banff National Park. Other cities like Toronto convince with futuristic and modern architecture, at the same time you can also find artistic spots with worth seeing graphite arts. The top attraction is probably the Niagara Falls. For those who like adrenaline kicks, we recommend a trip by boat as close as possible! Even a 2 meter man will realize how small you are next to such an enormous cascade. Besides, you will definitely not need a shower afterwards!

Top 10 activities in Canada:

  1. Niagara Falls
  2. Vancouver Islands
  3. Banff Nationalpark
  4. CN-Tower in Toronto
  5. Newfoundland
  6. Saskatchewan
  7. Athabasca-Glacier
  8. Stanley Park in Vancouver
  9. Basilika Notre-Dame in Montréal
  10. Canadian Badland

Map: Canada

Round trip: Niagara Falls, Banff, Toronto, Vancouver

Canada is a very good destination, as it is as big as Europe itself. There are several climate zones in Canada. In Vancouver, for example, you can relax and surf on the beach during the short summers, view the wonder winter landscape in regions like Banff or admire Niagara Falls with its impressive height of 55 m all year round. In Canada, there is something for everyone, for young and old, for the quiet connoisseur or the adrenaline junkies. It offers attractions like EdgeWalking at the edge of the CN Tower or ziplines to Niagara Falls.


The typical Work & Travel destination Vancouver is one of the most liveable cities in the world. It fascinates above all by its diversity. With the question “Are you a summer or winter person?” you always have to make a clear choice between tanning on the beach or having a snowball fight outside. Why not both? In Vancouver, you’re surrounded by ocean and mountains. A sunny day offers the perfect opportunity to relax on the beach or, on stormy days and heavier waves, you can surf there very well. On colder days you can visit the following ski resorts:

  • Cypress Mountain
  • Grouse Mountain
  • Mount Seymour


One of the most famous destinations when it comes to Canada is the modern metropolis of Toronto. But what exactly is there in Toronto? What can you discover there as a tourist? Toronto presents the typical Canadian life, the hospitality, the typical food and the love for hockey in the Toronto Hockey Hall of Fame.

A famous sight is the CN Tower with an outstanding height of 553 meters. From there you can see the whole skyline of Toronto and at night the effect is only more intense. You can see the endless expanse with lights where the eye can reach. The viewing platform and the 360 degree restaurant are open all year round. There is also once again an extra activity for the adrenaline junkies: EdgeWalking is the name of the fun and costs 150 Euros. On the 113th floor, one can walk on the edge of the platform, thus literally on the edge, of course after being professionally secured beforehand.

  • inhabitants: 2,615,060
  • hight‎: ‎76 m

Baff National Park

There is probably no word to describe the Baff National Park equally. Breathtaking, enchanting, perfect are not even close to what nature has created there. It looks very surreal, like a processed desktop wallpaper, when you see the turquoise lake, the snow-covered mountains and the tall trees. The picture radiates peace and quiet, although mass tourism is increasing every year through the Lakes Louise & Moraine.

Banff National Park is the oldest national park in Canada and is very suitable for hiking. But one should not let the magic idyll cloud one’s mind, as with this natural spectacle, the dangers also come from nature. The wildlife is still very present, so watch out for wild bears in the area! For protection there is Bear Spray!

  • Area: 6,641 km²
  • address: Improvement District No. 9, AB T0L, Canada

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Canada. The impressive scenery is nowhere else in the world. With 52 meters it is not even the highest waterfall in the world, but because of the wide drop off edge it gives an enormous impression. Every year the place attracts millions of tourists, that’s why the attractions around Niagara Falls are so versatile. Whether 500m by helicopter, 250m on the observation platform or on the Ferris wheel only 50m above Niagara Falls. There is something for everyone and in every price range. For the adrenaline junkies among you, there is Zipline, which whizzes 67m over Niagara Falls at a speed of 100km/h, or the Table Rock Welcome Centre, which is only 3m above Niagara Falls.

  1. Niagara Helicopter
  2. Skylon Tower Observation Deck
  3. Mistrider Zipline zu den Niagara Fällen
  4. Niagara Skywheel
  5. Table Rock Welcome Centre

Accommodations: Holiday apartment, holiday home & Camping

The questions of all questions when planning your holiday. What kind of accommodation do I book? Where exactly will I stay? Canada has so many beautiful corners, that’s why it’s so hard to find the right place. Especially when you try to please everybody. While you are a nature lover yourself and want to be enchanted by the beautiful wide open spaces of Canada’s west, your girlfriend is totally fascinated by the southeast of Canada with cities like Quebec, Montreal and Toronto bordering the USA. Choosing a destination starts all the thinking with the right accommodation. A good price, nice facilities and a central location are not compatible with the wishes of a nature lover. Holiday apartment or camping?

We have searched for you the advantages and disadvantages of camping and holiday apartments together.

Holiday flat

With the family, group or even a romantic holiday for two, a holiday apartment or a holiday home is the perfect accommodation for everyone. There are more than enough “cottages” in Canada, especially in the typical tourist locations. Prices vary according to budget and the wishes of fellow travellers. From inexpensive holiday homes to luxury villas with a rent of 15,000 euros, there is everything.

One should also consider the time in which one travels. In winter with such icy temperatures, non-winterproof rental properties and household appliances often do not work. The water supply often comes from nearby lakes that freeze over in winter


  • Privacy
  • Fully equipped
  • Independence
  • Flexibility with meals (no getting up early as with package tours)


  • Tied to one place
  • Limited comfort compared to hotel
  • Cooking, cleaning and shopping for yourself
  • Increased need for luggage (bed linen, towels, etc.)
  • More expensive compared to camping

Camping with camper van

Maybe Canada does not seem the typical destination for the time being, because with temperatures of -40 degrees it is not as pleasant as Portugal or Spain. But the spectacular natural spectacle with the lagoon blue lakes, the high mountains and the small wooden huts surrounded by woods invite you to come. There are as many campsites in the west as in the east, but tourists demand more sites in the west because the cities of Vancouver, Banff etc. are faster to reach and these are the top tourist cities with their numerous attractions.Nevertheless, camping trips by motorhome are perfect in Canada. There are many public and private campsites, the rental of motorhomes is cheaper than in Europe and the best thing is that you don’t need an extra driver’s license for vehicles over 3.5 tons. However, you should bring a little time with you. Canada is huge and has so many beautiful corners. Therefore you should decide in advance which corner of Canada you want to discover. If you want to visit the Niagara Falls and afterwards the bordering east coast of USA. From waffles with maple syrup next to the impressive waterfalls to Burger & Fries with a view of Times Square. Or still pure nature with an indescribable view of the Rocky Mountains in a gondola for two with your loved one.


  • In the middle of nature
  • cheaper alternative to hotel
  • More comfortable for children and four-legged friends (nobody complains about the volume)
  • Freedom: not bound by time and place
  • greater social interaction with other families, campers


  • Toilets and showers
  • Vermin
  • no 100% relaxation like in a hotel; shopping, cooking, washing under more difficult conditions
  • very popular camping sites: crowded, not quiet, annoying neighbours

Weather Canada: Temperature &Trend

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Q&A Canada: Cost, cold in winter and time

How much does a trip to Canada cost? What do you need for a holiday in Canada? When is the best time to travel to Canada? Here are the most common questions and answers for you:

How much does a trip to Canada cost?

For a three-week trip by motorhome including flight, camping, refueling, food and activities, you have to reckon with 3,500 euros per person. To make sure that your holiday budget is not tight, you should add an extra 20%, i.e. about 700 Euroo as a buffer budget for unforeseen events.

  • individual – 3.500 Euro + 20% buffer budget (700 Euro)
  • couple – 6.500 Euro + 20% buffer budget (1.300 Euro)
  • family with infant (up to 6 years) – 9.000 Euro + 20% buffer budget (1.800 Euro)
  • Family with child (6 years to 14 years) – 9.500 Euro + 20% buffer budget (1.900 Euro)

What do you need for holidays in Canada?

For travel documents, a valid passport and an electronic travel authorisation called eTa are required. It is important to check the validity of all travel documents months in advance, as it is very time-consuming to revise travel documents. The good thing about the eTa travel authorization is that no additional authorization is required for entry into the USA, for example, when travelling through the country in a motor home.

When is the best time to travel to Canada?

The best time to visit Canada in summer is from June to October. For northern Canada, the perfect travel time is between July and August. The best time to ski is November to March, in some regions of the Rocky Mountains you can even ski until May.

How cold is it in Canada?

In the north it can get as cold as -40 degrees Celsius in winter.

When is the Indian summer in Canada?

In Canada, the impressive foliage discoloration can be admired particularly well in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The best time to travel on an Indian Summer trip is in September and October.

What time is it in Canada?

The time zone of Toronto is called “Eastern Standard Time”. This means that Toronto has a time difference of 5 hours to the coordinated world time (UTC-5).Alberta and Nunavut are in the “Mountain Standard Time” which is 7 hours behind world time (UTC-7).

What is the area code of Canada?

The area code for Canada is the country code +1.

What is the meaning of the maple leaf of the Canadian flag?

Canadian soldiers in both world wars wore the green maple leaf on their uniforms, insignia and regimental flags.