Edersee: landscape, accommodation, & insider tips- holidays on the waterfront

Edersee: You are looking for your next holiday destination and want to travel together with your family? Then you should definitely take a look at the Edersee in Hesse. The third largest reservoir in Germany offers more than just swimming holidays. Here you can experience water sports, activities on land and numerous sights. So book your holiday now, rent a holiday apartment or try camping! In this article you will learn everything you need to know about the lake and its secrets, such as the sunken city.

Location: Facts and figures about the lake

You are currently planning a holiday to the Edersee and want to know everything about the lake and its location? Here you get the most important facts and figures about the Edersee in Hesse. No matter if area, depth or water content. We tell you what is important. If you’re more interested in the lakes in Bavaria, take a look at our articles on Lake Ammersee and Lake Chiemsee.

Location, depth, area: everything you need to know

Lake Edersee is a reservoir in Germany and is located in the middle of the Kellerwald-Edersee Nature Park in Hesse. The nearest larger towns include Vöhl or Waldeck with 6,100 and 7,260 inhabitants respectively. Lake Edersee is considered the third largest reservoir in Germany, has a total area of 11.8 km², a water capacity of 199.3 million m³, at full dam and is a total of 41.7 meters deep.

Take a look for yourself and see the lake from above!

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Villages at the Edersee: Where is it beautiful?

You are currently at the Edersee or planning your holiday there? Then you should in any case take something of the surroundings with you and visit some places around the lake. We now introduce you to two very beautiful places, which you should visit in any case. Starting with the municipality of Waldeck in the north of the lake. This town is especially known for the castle Waldeck, on whose roof terrace you can get an impressive view over the lake and the nature. Another town is Hemfurth-Edersee. Here sic the large Edertalsperre between the lake and the river Eder. If you cross the wall you have a great view over both parts and can observe especially in the evening hours a great light spectacle at the wall.

Waldeck: Waldeck Castle with an impressive view

Waldeck is a town in Hesse in the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg. The town is located in the north of the Edersee and covers an area of 115.7 km². Especially the castle Waldeck is very famous and stands out in the community. The castle is located directly on the Edersee and on the viewing platform you are offered an impressive and beautiful view over the entire lake and the landscape. Since 1906 the castle is used as a hotel. Meanwhile, you can book a guided tour through the castle museum and learn something about the history and history of the sight with the whole family.

Hemfurth-Edersee: Eder dam between lake and river

The district Hemfurth-Edersee is located in the southeast of the lake and can be found directly at the dam wall of the Edersee. The town is located on an area of 8.85 km² and has about 800 inhabitants. Hemfurth-Edersee offers many attractions and attracts numerous visitors every year. The highlight is the Eder dam. On the one hand you can visit the lake and the river Eder and get a breathtaking view over the landscape. Furthermore, there is a water park, a wild animal park and a climbing park in this district. So if you want to see and experience a lot, this is the right place.

Tip: Visit the barrier wall in the evening and night hours. During this time the wall is illuminated in different colors.

Insider Tip: Sunken City & New Year’s Swim

You want to experience something new and are looking for adventure? Then we have the absolute insider tips at the Edersee for you. Whether sunken villages or the custom of jumping into the cold water for the New Year. Here you can find out everything about the best and most secret sights and attractions at and in the Edersee.

Atlantis in the Edersee: the sunken villages

One may hardly believe it, but under the Edersee a total of three villages have disappeared, which, when the water level is low, come back to the surface and can be hiked. How the whole thing came about is very simple. More than 100 years ago the Eder dam was built for navigation and the villages Asel, Berich and Bringhausen had to move their location upwards. Therefore they disappeared in the lake after the construction and are now considered as Atlantis of the Edersee. To visit them there are two possibilities. Either you dive under the lake and examine the mysterious world under water or you wait until the water level sinks and the cities appear. If the latter is the case, you can even cross the lake on the sunken bridge.

New Year’s swim: jump into the new year

A very special tradition and an insider tip at the Edersee is the so-called New Year’s swimming. Every year the town invites you to start the new year together and to celebrate this with a jump into the cold water. The custom always attracts brave swimmers and less brave spectators to take part in the spectacle. So if you’re in the area and have been celebrating into the New Year, you’re welcome to participate for free and start the next year fresh. There will be hot drinks and food to warm you up, as well as a sauna cart. So dare something new and jump into the cold water on your own responsibility!

Most beautiful beaches: Rehbach or lido Waldeck

At the Edersee there are many beautiful places and some beaches where you can spend a relaxing or exciting day together with the family. We will now introduce you to two of these beaches. One on the south shore and one on the north shore. On the south shore you will find the Rehbach beach, where you can play volleyball, visit a playground or go to the Sched peninsula. On the north shore you will find the lido Waldeck. Here you can watch the hustle and bustle in the water on a sunbathing area, have a snack or jump from the diving board. As an additional attraction there is also a “World of the Senses”. Learn more about it here.

Rehbach: safe swimming with many leisure activities

The sandy beach Rehbach is located on the southern shore of the Edersee and measures about 400 meters. This section is particularly suitable for families with children, as there are many activities and constant supervision by lifeguards. The Rehbach beach is located near a camping site and also offers a parking lot in the near vicinity. For leisure activities there is a beach volleyball court, playgrounds, or the sailing school. If you get hungry in between, there is a choice of restaurants, snack bars or a fish smokehouse. From Rehbach you can also get to the Sched peninsula. For this you have to cross the lake with a passenger ferry for a few minutes.

Lido Waldeck: beautiful bay with scented garden

On the north shore of the Edersee lies the lido Waldeck in the middle of the Waldecker Bucht. Here, sunbathing areas have been created next to a marina to relax during the day and watch the hustle and bustle on the lake. This bay has a lot to offer and the whole family can spend a relaxing day at the lake. Besides deckchairs and a playground, a diving board has also been built so that children can easily jump into the water. For the hunger in between, you can visit one of the restaurants or snack bars on the promenade and eat and drink a little something. As an additional attraction, next to the beach there is a “World of the Senses” including a fragrance garden, foot piano, and sounding stones and woods.

Attractions: On land, in the water & restaurants

Around the Edersee there are numerous activities and experiences for young and old. For example, there is a wide range of water sports such as fishing, surfing or kayaking. You also have the possibility to rent a boat or take a boat tour. As a land activity, you can go hiking, cycling or visit one of the nature parks or museums. So there is something for the whole family and for the hunger in between, you can simply visit a restaurant or snack bar.

Action on land: hiking, quad biking & Co.

Numerous attractions around the Edersee are provided in any case. Whether alone, as a couple or as a family with children. Here you can experience many beautiful days. For example, go hiking, golfing, inline skating and cycling or rent a quad bike to spend a nice day in nature. With children you can also ideally visit the summer toboggan run, cable car or mountain railway. There are also national parks, animal parks or adventure farms to learn about animals and their lives in a playful way. For an action-packed day, you can visit the climbing forest, the corn maze or Waldeck Castle.

Action on the water: windsurfing, kayaking & Co.

There are numerous opportunities for water sports on the Edersee. For example, rent a boat and sail along the lake to enjoy the beautiful view. You also have the opportunity to go fishing. For more action there are water sports possibilities. Go windsurfing, canoeing or kayaking. There is a wide choice on the Edersee. And if you want to go a little deeper, you can explore the bottom of the lake and go diving.

Restaurants: for small and big appetites

For the small hunger in between, the numerous and different restaurants and gastronomies at the Edersee provide. Whether as a small snack during your hike or as a meal after a day on the water. The selection of food options is large and there is something for everyone. For example, try a snack bar or an ice cream parlour for a refreshment. For more hunger there are many restaurants with regional products and dishes.

Vacation with child and dog

Vacation with the whole family you have to plan. Including children and dog, you can quickly lose the overview and must choose a destination that pleases everyone. At the Edersee everyone will be happy for sure. From small to large. For the little ones there are numerous sights where children can learn something new in a playful way. We introduce you to a museum and a treetop path. Also for dogs is provided at this lake. The four-legged friends can either run around freely on the dog beach or on the rest of the shore, play and go into the water. However, it should always be noted not to disturb other guests.

Holiday with child: Lots to experience and learn

Vacation with children is not always easy. You have to keep the little ones busy and of course you want to offer them something and preferably show them something new. At the Edersee there are many activities for children, so they can experience small adventures and learn new things at the same time. For example, you can hike along the treetop path together with the whole family. Here you can solve little riddles on your way through the forest and playfully learn something about nature at different stations. Another destination for an excursion would be the Korbach Museum. Here the children can learn a lot about gold and the gold mining in Korbach by walking through the different stations in the museum.

Holiday with dogs: dog beach and dog meadow

Dogs are always welcome and gladly seen at the Edersee. The four-legged friends do not have to stay at home and can experience the whole holiday together with their masters. At the Edersee there are numerous accommodations where dogs are allowed. Otherwise you also have the possibility to sleep together with your dog on a camping site. The dog beach on the Scheid peninsula provides enough space for your dog to run around. Here your pelt-noses can run around undisturbed and freely and play in the water. The dog can also run freely around the lake. However, always make sure to keep your dog on a leash at official bathing beaches and not to bother other people.

Tip: In our article on holidays with animals we tell you everything you want to know about your trip with dog.

Accommodation: camping or holiday home?

Around the Edersee there are many possibilities to stay overnight and take a vacation. For example, rent a holiday apartment, a holiday home or a room in a guesthouse. Dogs are also usually allowed here and should only be agreed in advance with the owner. For more action and adventure we recommend a camping holiday. At the Edersee there are numerous campsites where you can park a motorhome or go camping. So grab your tent and try something new. Still looking for the best roof tent? In our section on the subject of roof tents we tell you our favorites.

Camping: cheap, flexible and adventure.

At the Edersee you have besides normal accommodations also the possibility to camp with your family or friends. Around the lake there are numerous campsites including RV parks, tent sites and cabins, which you could rent. This option of accommodation is mainly cheaper, more adventurous and flexible. So if you want to experience an exciting holiday, camping would be ideal for you. Of course, you can also visit a campsite with your dog and for young adults there is a youth campsite.

Holiday apartment: pension, house or park

If camping is a bit too much nature for you, you can also simply fall back on another type of accommodation. For example, rent a holiday home, a holiday apartment, a guesthouse or a youth hostel. There is also the possibility to stay in a holiday park or to rent a group accommodation. If you would like to take your dog with you on holiday, this should not be a problem and only need to be agreed with the hostel. There are also plenty of hotels at the Edersee. One example is the Hotel Quellenhof.

Route: Frankfurt, Berlin & Munich

You are planning to spend your next holiday at the Edersee and want to know how far it is from your home and how you can get to the lake the fastest? We show you here the routes from Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich, so you can find the best way.

Frankfurt to the Edersee

From Frankfurt you need just under 2 hours on the fastest route. Here you can take the A5. An alternative would be the A66 and the A7 or the B49. Here, however, a journey time of a little less than three hours is given.

Munich to the Edersee

From Munich to the Edersee it is just under 5 hours. The fastest route is via the A9 and then via the A7. Alternate routes include the A7 or the A9, A6 and A7. On these routes, however, you need a little more than 5 hours.

Berlin to the Edersee

From Berlin to the Edersee you need about 4.5 hours. The ideal route is via the A2 and the A7, the A3 or the A9 and the A4. Take a look at the map from Google Maps.

Q&A: What should you know?

Where is the Edersee?

The Edersee is located in Germany, in Hesse.

What are the most beautiful places?

The most beautiful places around the Edersee include Waldeck and Hemfurth-Edersee. Here you can visit a castle or cross the Eder dam, among other things.

Which beaches are the most beautiful?

Among the most beautiful beaches are for example the Rehbach beach and the lido Waldeck.

What can I do during the day with my family business?

  • Hiking
  • Bike
  • Rent a boat
  • Surf
  • Diving
  • Fishing
  • Summer toboggan run
  • Museum
  • Zoo

Can I take my dog with me?

Of course! Dogs are welcome at the Edersee and can play around the lake and in the lake. Among other things, there is a dog beach and your dog is allowed to run free on all shores. However, make sure not to disturb any guests.

Sunken city in the Edersee?

You heard right. In the Edersee there are three sunken villages which you can explore, for example, during a dive. If this activity is not for you, you can also wait for the water level to drop and the villages come to the surface.