Fitness, Food, Travel – A little insight into Patrick Krüger’s life

Patrick Krüger writes in his blog about his great passions fitness, good food and travel. Another passion of his is photography. In his blog he can combine these 4 hobbies well and convinces not only his followers but also us!

Limp and imperfect – The importance of training in Patrick’s life

FIV: Before I ask the other questions, first a question that I’m super interested in! You’re incredibly athletic and active. What do you do on days when you can’t motivate yourself to exercise? What’s your prescription for lack of drive? How do you motivate yourself?

Hey, of course there are days when I am not 100% motivated to be active, but the workout is already a kind of daily goal, without the workout I feel extremely weak and imperfect. On those days my biggest motivation is good and hard music! When I put on the headphones, I have 30% more energy directly. You can find my playlist on Spotify under #DestinationAbs, maybe one or the other will find motivation for the workout.

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FIV: Patrick, how did you come up with the idea to start a fitness, food & travel blog?

Since I’m 14 I like to make photos and videos for my life, back then it all started with BMX videos on Youtube. Later I bought a reflex camera and since then, besides sports and traveling, photography is my biggest hobby. So that the photos and memories do not get lost, I thought about publishing my experiences and tips for others on my website.

FIV: Was fitness already an issue in your childhood? When did you start and how did you get into it ?

To be honest, I wasn’t fat but I used to get picked last in gym class. With fitness training, at first I just wanted to look good, like any 16 year old. However, the discipline behind it took me in and I got so into the diet and training that I can’t imagine doing without the sport now. However, my goal is no longer “just” to look good, but to maintain fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

FIV: In the food category you have many delicious and especially healthy recipes that will surely make your mouth water. Can you tell me your favorite dish?

My favorite recipe is definitely the protein ice cream, even in winter I can not do without it! Try it out for yourself and tell me if you’re addicted!

FIV: What does your typical breakfast lunch and dinner look like?

I don’t eat breakfast, I’m a total lunch guy! Therefore, there is a coffee, shake and fruit in the morning!
At lunch there is then mostly chicken with rice and vegetables, the bodybuilder standard, but I love it! In the evening after training there is always 500g low-fat curd cheese with berries!

FIV: Lisbon, Portugal, Amsterdam, you travel a lot. Tell us which 5 things you, as a sportsman and blogger, can’t be without in your bag on any trip?

  • My camera: I couldn’t imagine leaving without it.
  • Sports shoes: There is always a possibility to do sports! If there is no gym in the hotel, then I usually go running a distance of 5-10 km!
  • My iPhone: I check Instagram to see where the hottest restaurants, cafes and photo spots are in different cities. I’m always looking for inspiration on Instagram!
  • My Travelbook: The first thoughts, little souvenirs, bills, appointments or just funny pictures all go into my travelbook, it’s kind of my personal blog and I always write everything down there like in a diary!
  • Chewing gum: A pack only lasts a few hours for me.

Bachelor, Master and explore the world on the side

FIV: What is a perfect day for you?

For me, a perfect day is any day on which I can relax and go to bed in the evening and have taken one step further towards my goals.

FIV: As a successful blogger you have the opportunity to meet many interesting people. Which person were you particularly impressed by and why?

There are many bloggers who are totally likeable but I haven’t met a big celebrity yet who I was totally impressed by. We are all human beings and there are people I like to be inspired by.

FIV: What would you say has been your greatest success?

My biggest success so far has been getting this far with my studies and finishing my last semester soon.

FIV: What are your plans and goals for your professional future?

My plans and goals are still open, I would like to add a master’s degree to my bachelor’s degree and see as much of the world as possible on the side.

Patrick prefers to eat pizza instead of sweets

FIV: Do you have a role model? Also especially in the fitness business?

Every person is different, there are many inspiring personalities, I always try to be inspired by different people but stay true to myself and try not to copy anyone. My motto: Be yourself!

FIV: Do you also snack from time to time, and just skip workouts?

Sure I like to snack, but instead of sweets I rather reach for a pizza! There is nothing tastier than a good Italian pizza with Serano, Ruccola and Mozarella! There are days when you have to skip a workout, but that usually only happens when I really don’t have time for training.

Thank you for the great interview.

You can learn more about Patrick on his blog or on Instagram.