“FASHION GUIDE” magazine editor Agnes Jacobi

Agnes Jacobi is the editor of the regional fashion magazine “FASHION GUIDE”, based in Frankfurt am Main. Agnes studied fashion design and is at home in the fashion scene. With passion and attention to detail she created her own fashion magazine and tries to draw attention to the fashion scene in the city of Frankfurt through the regional reference of the magazine. I talked to the dedicated talent about her ideas, inspirations and her project “FASHION GUIDE”.

Agnes Jacobi: “Life triggers the best ideas in me”.

FIV: You are the editor of the regional fashion magazine “FASHION GUIDE”, how did you come up with the idea to publish a fashion magazine? How did you make it to the actual implementation?

Agnes: The desire for my own fashion magazine arose from my several years of work as an art director for a society magazine, because I felt that the fashion section was neglected in it. Indeed, life triggers the best ideas in me. For that I observe everything very closely, I am awake for details and open for coincidences. Everything in my life comes about rather spontaneously. Also the idea with the “FASHION GUIDE” magazine.

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FIV: What is special about “FASHION GUIDE”? What distinguishes your magazine from others in this field?

Agnes: In an entertaining way we show how to present new trends, and along the way you learn a lot of interesting facts about fashion. We want to make Frankfurt known as a fashion city. In addition to international fashion, designers from the region are particularly important to us.

FIV: How did the name “FASHION GUIDE” come about? What is behind it?

Agnes: It wasn’t that easy to find a title that everyone liked. In the end it was the idea of a very good friend of ours.

FIV: What topics does “FASHION GUIDE” cover? How is the magazine structured?

Agnes: As one of the few publications in the region, the magazine focuses on fashion happenings in Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region, but also reports from international venues. For all those interested in fashion, design and lifestyle in the broadest sense, “FASHION GUIDE” will be a “must” in the future – for both men and women.

FIV: How often is your magazine published and where can we see and buy it?

Agnes: “FASHION GUIDE” is published four times a year and is distributed free of charge in selected hotels, banks, clubs and agencies. The distribution list also includes leading fashion companies and boutiques, designers and manufacturers of trendy lifestyle and beauty products.

FIV: You studied fashion design and this year you published the first issue of “FASHION GUIDE”, what is your exact background? Was fashion already a topic in your childhood & youth? Was it your goal for a long time to develop a fashion magazine?

Agnes: My grandmother and my mother were dressmakers and I always admired them. A sewing machine was very important in our home, because we didn’t have so much money and couldn’t afford new things, my mother had to sew a lot on her own, so I came in contact with fashion as a child.

“FASHION GUIDE” editor Agnes goes on inspiration trips

FIV: Where do you get your ideas from? What inspires you?

Agnes: Due to “FASHION GUIDE”, I am on the road a lot at fashion weeks or galas and draw most of my inspiration from my travels. I try to perceive things very consciously. That can also be individuals on the street who inspire me. I always jot down my ideas immediately in my phone and take additional photos. In the end, themes form from them. This little journey of inspiration leads through different moods and styles, which I then try to capture in my magazine.

FIV: What does your daily work routine look like?

Agnes: Since I became a mum four months ago, my working day is not really structured. My son sets the tone and thus determines my day.

FIV: Being the editor of your own magazine can be a bit stressful at times, what keeps you fit and calm? Do you have a motivational trick for particularly stressful days?

Agnes: Actually my baby, that’s my motivation. And the ideal sport for me as a young mother at the moment, inline skating.

FIV: What do you like most about your job?

Agnes: My freedom to be who I am. The job is one of the deciding factors for happiness in life – that’s why it’s super important!

FIV: What is your personal highlight of “FASHION GUIDE” so far?

Agnes: Fashion Weeks are always a special highlight for me. This year, besides Berlin, it was the Fashion Week in Warsaw. I had the opportunity to meet very successful, but also young Polish designers there. I was very enthusiastic about their creativity and commitment.

FIV: How many hands are working on the magazine?

Agnes: We are still a small, dedicated team that wants to pass on its passion for fashion and design to its readers.

FIV: What do you think makes a successful fashion editor or magazine publisher?

Agnes: Courage – creativity – sociability – stamina – a bit of each. But above all, a love of fashion and people.

FIV: What are your particular strengths?

Agnes: First and foremost, I have great creativity and the right view of people, which is particularly beneficial to me in photography and my passion for painting abstract portraits. I am a family man and like to be with friends, which gives me a lot of energy and strength for the work.

Agnes Jacobi remains true to her style

FIV: Fashion plays a big role in your life: What are your personal styling tips? Do you have a “fashion favorite” in your wardrobe?

Agnes: I like to try new things, but always stay true to my style. My individual taste combines different styles, mixed wildly. I just wear what I like, but it should reflect me and not look dressed up.

FIV: What fashion style do you subscribe to?

Agnes: If you want to call a coexistence of different styles a fashion style, then that would be mine. I like to dress casual, sporty, if necessary elegant (jeans & evening dress), but always with a special “zing”, also to emphasize my cheerful nature.

FIV: What does fashion mean to you?

Agnes: Fashion for me is the expression of my character, with fashion I can express my mood and personality very well! Through fashion, everyone can define themselves. (They say “clothes make the man”). But what’s important, I think, is to go with your own feelings…. Fashion is something special, but also something very personal.

FIV: What are the 2015 fashion trends, what can we look forward to?

Agnes: The fashion trends for summer 2015 play with floral prints, army and safari looks and vichy check. Accessories, such as round sunglasses, lace-up boots and round handbags, are the 2015 fashion trends.

FIV: Do you have a role model in the colorful fashion world? Maybe a favorite designer?

Agnes: I love Vivienne Westwood. When I’m older, I want to be like her. She is fantastic.

FIV: What are your wishes and goals for your professional future? How should “FASHION GUIDE” develop in the future?

Agnes: My inspiration is clearly the present, the here and now. So much happens when you walk through the world with your eyes open. I find it exciting to abstract things that I see or to reinterpret them – thinking into the future is not so easy for me.

FIV: Thank you very much for the interview dear Agnes.

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