Cathy Hummels – the young presenter of German TV

Barbara Schöneberger, Birgit Schrowange, Nazan Eckes, Sonja Zietlow or Michelle Hunziker – these presenters have been on German television for a long time and have been incredibly successful. Cathy Hummels, also known as the wife of Dortmund’s soccer player Mats Hummels, is a pretty good presenter in the TV industry.

Lifestyle of the Hummels family

Cathy was born in Dachau, near Munich, in 1988. While she was still dancing as a cheerleader at school, she met Mats Hummels in 2007. When her friend Mats continues his football career with FC Bayern Munich at Borussia Dortmund, Cathy moves with him and studies business administration at the TU Dortmund. She graduated with a grade of 2.3. The wedding bells are ringing in 2015. After a romantic Dubai vacation with engagement Cathy Fischer becomes a Cathy Hummels and in the luxury hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich is celebrated despite rain properly! Private happiness will be perfect in January 2018 when their son Ludwig is born. Since then, Cathy Hummels on Instagram has repeatedly taken a stand on her mommy existence, even though she always censors her son’s face there or only shows him from behind.

Players and career women

beautiful, successful and happy

Even before Cathy met the famous footballer, the 19-year-old was not exactly inconspicuous. In April 2007 she was elected “Miss FC Bayern”. Despite her reputation as a player’s wife, Cathy Hummels tries to advance her own career in the media world. In 2013 she works as a columnist for Closer magazine. She visits Berlin’s Fashion Week as a reporter for the Prosieben show Red. Shortly after, she gets a permanent place as a presenter at Sky Sport with her own lifestyle program: Cathy on the road. Cathy is not only professionally successful, but also privately she tries to get everything under one hat. Despite constant work, she can organize yoga, marriage, child and grandparents well. In 2013 she was voted the most popular player woman by the magazine “Closer”. During the World Cup, however, the tide turns and Cathy has to struggle more and more with criticism from fans and media. After that, too, Cathy Hummels comes to her long-awaited marriage proposal in Dubai.

Here we see the beautiful mama with her little son. In this post she talks about combating famine around the world. How important her own son is to her and how happy she is to have him is clearly visible in this picture.

Social Media – Hater, criticism and negative vibes

On Instagram, Cathy takes her fans a lot with her. A picture that does not appeal to the fans will not be deleted immediately, as is the case with many other people in the public eye, but will remain on their Instagram account. Again and again criticism came up on the side of her fans that Cathy revealed private things on Instagram by posting to revealing pictures or writing about her period in public.  As a gambler’s wife, you also have to have a thick coat. Instagram users don’t just use their profile to give their opinion on Cathy’s pictures, they also like to criticize her husband Matts Hummels way of playing. Despite constant criticism from her followers, Cathy continues to post as a strong woman and does not let herself be diverted from her life on Instagram. In spite of constant criticism from her followers, Cathy doesn’t let herself get bogged down and continues to post what she likes.

Hummels – Shoe brand

At the moment there is also a lot to read about Cathy. The 30-year-old has launched a shoe brand called “Hummels”.  Small bumble bees are printed on the shoes and a writing with their surname is legible. Cathy herself says she likes the bumblebee, the animal, very much and doesn’t want to switch to another name not only because of the design, but also for this reason. There is even a small Hummel brooch attached to some of their models. There is everything from open shoes with ribbons to closed shoes with brooches. To their regret, the whole thing didn’t go off without problems. The brand name resembles too much the already existing shoe brand “Hummel”. It was clear to Cathy from the beginning that she wouldn’t let herself get away with it. The young mom’s lawyer stressed: “The use of her family name cannot be forbidden even by the Hummel company of our client.” Cathy himself spoke on this subject about Instagram. “My name belongs to me like clouds in the sky.” The ambitious woman is once again showing herself strong.

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Weil mich jetzt schon wieder so viele Medien angeschrieben haben, äußere ich mich zu einer Sache die eigentlich NICHT öffentlich werden sollte. Ich denke aber eine gewisse Firma versucht über mich, meinen Namen (um den es bei diesem Fall auch geht) und über meinen Schuh-Kooperationspartner eine gewisse Medienaufmerksamkeit auf sich zu ziehen … warum? Das frage ich mich auch und kann es daher nicht wirklich beantworten. Ich kann nur so viel dazu sagen. Das ist MEIN Name. Mein Name gehört zu mir wie Wolken am Himmel. Mein Name steht für meine Identität, meine Persönlichkeit, meine wunderbare Familie. Folglich werde ich erneut, auch wenn ich das persönlich nicht verstehe, mal wieder kämpfen. Kämpfen für meinen Namen in dem nun mal die HUMMEL steckt ?‍♂️? PS: Wahre Hummeln sind friedlich ❤️

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News – Trial in Munich: Advertising on Instagram – Judgement

Advertising on Instagram must be marked. This is what the current legislation provides for. But many ask themselves the question, when does a posting have to be marked at all? Today, a landmark judgement for many “influencers” was pronounced at Munich District Court. The case concerns Cathy Hummels, wife of the famous football player Mats Hummels, entrepreneur and celebrity. Through her public life she has collected many followers on Instagram. If it recommends and posts brands on Instagram, it would have to mark them as “advertising” according to current legal regulations. In 15 cases (photos), however, she is not said to have done so, which is exactly what is complained of by a “warning association” (according to taz). Now there was the decision of the court and it is trend-setting! Read more: Cathy Hummels wins trial in Munich.