Mime et moi – Chic & practical, shoes with interchangeable heel

Three founders, one idea. Shoes with interchangeable heels for every situation. Whether relaxed with a flat heel through everyday life, with stilettos to the office and with chic, sexy high heels to the rooftop party in the evening. The shoe creations of Mime et moi are super practical! After our editor ordered a pair of Black Velours herself, we wanted to learn more about the three founders!

Mime et moi Campaign Shooting 2016

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

Flat heel, stiletto, high heel – The founders behind Mime et moi

FIV: Three men – one idea. Shoes with interchangeable heels. How did you come up with your business idea?

The idea came up when we were walking home one evening with our girlfriends after partying. Their feet hurt and they said that we had to invent a shoe, which you can wear high and flat. After that we got to work.

FIV: How many shoe models do you have in your range?

Currently we offer our model No. 1 in eight different colors. In addition, there are 5 different heel styles in many different colors. So there should be something for every taste. At the end of the year further models are in work, which will be available exclusively in our online shop.

FIV: What do you attach particular importance to in the production of your shoes?

In the production of our shoes, every step in the supply chain is particularly important to us. We have carefully selected our partners and work very closely with them. Our special shoe has been a great challenge not only for us, but also for our partners. In summary, luxury is the attention to detail.

FIV: Where can you buy your shoe collections?

Our shoes can only be purchased on our own website www.mimemoi.com.

FIV: Which shoe is your best seller so far?

As of today, our No.1 Black and No.1 Black&Nude have sold very well. We are satisfied across the board and are already excited about which model in the new collection will become the bestseller.


Everything new! Fashion is subject to constant change

FIV: Has the fashion business changed in the last few years from your point of view?

What do you think about this change? – We think that the fashion business has changed. As a trend we see convenience, women attach importance to wear beautiful clothes, but they should also bring functionality. Furthermore, we see a strong trend of individualization, everyone attaches importance to the fact that the brand and the style fits to the own person and emphasizes the personality. We have also noticed that people are increasingly interested in products that are made with attention to detail, brands that can tell a story and that have the right price-performance ratio.

FIV: How do you see the style of the German women? Is there something missing here?

It’s very difficult to generalise. Of course, there are flashier and more colourful countries than Germany. But the German woman does not have to hide internationally. There are enough German women who have a nice sense of style and good taste. In general, it can perhaps be said that German women are fashion-oriented and attach importance to clear, beautiful cuts and designs.

FIV: You are active and successful on various social media channels, such as Facebook. In your opinion, how important are well-maintained social media channels in the fashion business today?

In our opinion, social media is essential for a fashion brand. It is an important touchpoint of the brand to the outside world. Here we enter into an exchange with our community, here the brand tells about itself, here the brand can be experienced. The brand can be visualized very well with the possibilities of social media and create its own lifestyle world.


Who wears your shoes the most?

FIV: Do you have a specific target group that you want to address with your practical and at the same time chic shoes?

Our target audience is women from a wide range of ages and professions. Our buyers include: Female students who like our design and find our shoe the perfect companion for good parties. Young, fashion-conscious women “on the job” and mothers who also want to look good in everyday life and appreciate our shoes as a stylish accessory. Last but not least, our power women of all ages who have already worn many shoes in their lives. Here we convince with beautiful design, functionality and quality.

FIV: What are your goals for the next years?

Make women happy!

Thank you so much for your time!

Mime et moi – stiletto, high heel or completely relaxed with flat heel

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Gun Metal Rose Variation – The shoe in detail

mime-et-moi-schuhe-highheels-gun-metal-rose-stiletto-high-paar mime-et-moi-schuhe-highheels-gun-metal-rose-stiletto-high mime-et-moi-schuhe-highheels-gun-metal-rose-flach

The perfect shoe or the perfect heel for every situation