Annett Wagner from the fashion label “Meisterkluft

Clear lines, small color palette – the collections of fashion designer Annett Wagner are straightforward and simple, yet they have something very special: they are made according to the model of traditional handicraft clothing. Annett, who was born in 1981 in Lübben, studied fashion design and then gained four years of professional experience at a clothing store in Berlin. We talked to Annett about her company TISKET Mode & Grafik and her label Meisterkluft.

The woman behind the fashion label: Annett Wagner on private matters

FIV: Before we talk about your label and your work as a designer, let’s first learn a little about you as a person. How would you describe yourself? What do you think your friends appreciate most about you?

Annett: I am a creative person who is constantly working on different projects. In addition, diligence, reliability, ambition and conscientiousness are probably among my positive qualities. I hope my friends appreciate my humor the most about me.

FIV: Do you have a role model? Also specifically in the fashion world?

Annett: I don’t really have a role model. I generally admire people who have worked hard for their success and have not let themselves be distracted from their goal. Elie Saab’s designs inspire me and I like Karl Lagerfeld – somehow.

FIV: What does a perfect day look like for you?

Annett: A perfect day starts without an alarm clock ringing and with a creamy latte, preferably with my friends in our regular bistro over a cheese breakfast. Afterwards, the mobile phone is allowed to make a noise to let me know that something has sold in the online shop.

FIV: What small act of kindness can make you happy?

Annett: Chocolate



Annett Wagner about fashion, styling & co.

FIV: Styling plays an important role in the fashion world. But especially as a designer it can be hectic in the morning, do you have a tip for us when styling has to go a little faster?

Annett: A special shoe can enhance any outfit, so on top like to throw over the basic parts black pants, comfortable but chic top and then in passing in mega high heels or shiny brogues.

FIV: In your opinion, what piece of clothing should not be missing in any wardrobe? Annett: A perfectly fitting pair of black pants. FIV: After you finished school you went straight to Berlin to study fashion design. Was fashion already a topic in your childhood?

Annett: Absolutely. My only career aspiration as a child was to be a fashion designer, although of course I didn’t know that’s what it was called back then.


Creativity and the love of fashion: Annett about her fashion label “Meisterkluft”.

FIV: Your fashion label “Meisterkluft” is located in Berlin. How important is Berlin as a fashion metropolis from your point of view? Is it at all comparable to New York, London or Paris?

Annett: Berlin is definitely important as a fashion location for Germany and its young designers, because many creative people can gather here and come together. However, money is earned elsewhere and seen internationally, Berlin can’t keep up with New York, London, Milan or Paris.

FIV: When and how did you start your career as a fashion designer?

Annett: I started studying clothing design at the HTW Berlin (formerly FHTW) in 2002, graduated in 2006 and then worked as a design assistant at Jean Paul Berlin.

FIV: What does a day in your job as a designer look like?

Annett: Every day starts with a cappuccino and checking my email inbox. Then it’s either to the cutting table, the sewing machine, out into the world or I don’t have to move at all and continue working on the laptop – depending on which point of the collection design I am at the moment.

FIV: What do you like most about your job?

Annett: The creative part and working with fabrics, I could spend hours choosing fabrics and coming up with concepts.

FIV: How would you describe your fashion collections? What is “special” about your fashion?

Annett: The Meisterkluft collections are very classic and probably work best as business wear. My fashion always has something austere, is characterized by a special line management and yet simple.

FIV: You create fashion based on traditional craft clothing, where did you get that idea?

Annett: Simple answer: my boyfriend is a master carpenter. I chose the topic for my diploma thesis and later took it up in a modified form for my own label.

FIV: Where can we admire your collections?

Annett: In the past I have participated in various smaller fashion shows in Berlin, currently there is only the online presence.

FIV: What has been your best experience on the job so far?

Annett: The most beautiful moment is actually always after a photo shoot, when you see the models in scene and everything has turned out the way you planned it months ago.

FIV: What do you have planned for your professional future? Are you launching a new collection soon?

Annett: It will continue with my two labels Tisket and Meisterkluft on a small scale, but I can’t give concrete dates for new collections yet.

FIV: Dear Annett, thank you very much for the interview!

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