Bequeath Pieces of Jewelry: Ring, Watch, Bracelet & Co. – You Should Know

Very few people want to think about the subject of death. Nevertheless, already during your lifetime you should think about what you would like to do with your most valuable pieces of jewelry. If you want to bequeath them to your grandchildren or children, you are well advised to inform yourself in advance about inheritance taxes, gifts and co. Because valuable jewelry can quickly lead to high taxes, which are then to be paid by the heirs. If you want to give your loved ones an inheritance with added value, you should act proactively.

Rolex watches: Value that stays

You ask yourself the question, which pieces of jewelry you pass on to the next generation: Rolex Daytona is the answer. In general, the watchmaker is distinguished by numerous special features that have contributed to the unique image of the watch in recent years. The Chronergy escapement is particularly well known. This is a particularly high rate of accuracy, which is usually twice as high as required by the chronometer testing authorities. You can find out what accuracy your watch must have in the COSC tests of the ISO 3159 standard, but the escapement does not only provide accuracy. It also creates resistance to magnetic fields. This is an absolute benefit for scientists and employees in companies where strong magnetic fields occur. They no longer have to worry about the functionality of the watch.

What is the heirloom worth?

The question often arises as to how much the jewels left behind are actually worth. This is not only interesting to know the value of the object, but also to determine the inheritance tax. For laymen it is often very difficult to determine the value of the jewelry. Because it is not always only the materials or the brand name that count, but also special details. For example, a watch can be particularly valuable if its year of production corresponds to a special time or if a special edition was made. If you want to know the exact price, you can’t avoid a visit from an expert. It is important to obtain different opinions when determining the value. Because even among experts there are different attitudes, ideas and estimates. To get an exact price, you should obtain different estimates, compare them and use a middle ground for orientation.

  • Materials, brand & production year make the value
  • Get different opinions
  • Use the middle way as

What to look out for when inheriting jewelry?

Before you inherit pieces of jewelry, such as the Rolex, which has been worn for many years, you should think about some things. When bequeathing jewelry with emotional value, you should be very fair. If you have several relatives who would like to keep this piece of jewelry as a souvenir, it is important to satisfy all of them equally. If you give the Rolex with high sentimental value to one child, you should make a gesture that is equally meaningful to the other children. A fair distribution is usually not possible. However, you should be guided by bills of your time in order to find a financial balance.

Be fair when distributing sentimental jewelry

However, if the jewelry does not bring any emotional value, experts advise to convert to other forms of investment. Only after this transformation should you inherit. Because jewelry can only be judged by an expert, can fall in value or even rise. Mostly these are unpredictable developments, as can be observed with money. Suitable forms of investment that allow you to inherit a high financial value are gold bars or coins.

Capital investment jewelry: Advantages & disadvantages

However, if you decide to invest in jewelry and leave it to your loved ones later, it is worth knowing the pros and cons. While jewelry as a capital investment requires only small storage capacities and especially with higher sums an anonymous purchase and trade is possible, the value of the jewelry can also fall or rise quickly. Some dealers also require a certificate of authenticity, which not everyone keeps.