Pamela Reif x NA-KD Reborn – Sustainable Trendy

Pamela Reif is probably one of the most successful fitness influencers there is. Not only in Germany but also in the rest of the world millions of fans follow how Pamela dresses, what she eats and how she represents her environment. So it is all the better to see that Pamela uses her reach for a good cause. In autumn 2019, Pamela will launch her second collection with NA-KD, this time strictly with the theme: As sustainable as possible!

NA-KD Reborn – the rebirth of old raw materials

At first glance it may not look like much work, such a collection with a fashion brand. But Pamela and her team have put a lot of work into every single piece of clothing. From the choice of materials to the final collection, behind every step is a sustainable idea with a lot of impact.

Interview (German) @ live at presentation

NA-KD – since 2016 the company has been working with the most important influencers in Europe. With meanwhile more than 8 million monthly visitors on their website and several million followers on social media, they are conquering the new trends in the fashion industry. NA-KD is truly global, delivering the latest trends to more than 100 countries every month and is represented at over 600 retailers worldwide. One of the most hyped online shops in Europe, a platform that works with brands from A – Z. Starting with Levi’s, Calvin Klein or Mango, the brands and cooperations never end.

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Pamela Reif – 4 collections with NA-KD

For all of you who do not know her yet: Pamela Reif is a German business woman, author, model and designer. She comes from Karlsruhe and has been shaping the German fashion scene since 2015. Pamela has over 4 million followers on Instagram and over 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube. She also has a fitness channel that focuses on health and nutrition. Pamela Reif x NA-KD Reborn is her fourth collaboration with NA-KD and her first sustainable collection.

NA-KD: Initiative for sustainability with Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif has already designed 3 collections with the Swedish fashion brand. Now there is a new project – from 10 November NA-KD Reborn x Pamela Reif can be purchased online and in selected stores.

“We are very happy to work with Pamela Reif again – this time on a sustainable collection. NA-KD Reborn is a very important step on our way to becoming truly sustainable. “,says Natasha Billing, Brand Director at NA-KD.

Collection Pamela Rime with NA-KD

Assembled basics with biological and recycled materials, including knitwear, tops and t-shirts with different cuts. Pamela wants to focus on sustainability in her new collection:

“To me, being sustainable means not wasting clothes by wearing them only once and then throwing them away. so i designed a very timeless collection that focuses on the basics. my goal was to create clothes that people like to keep in their closets for a long time. When NA-KD suggested the exact same concept to me, I was very excited about the possibilities of “making a difference.

Timeless clothing = sustainable!

With a wide variety of textiles and fabrics, each piece in the collection is unique and deserves to be of the highest quality. Through the different textures and colours, each piece became a special and unique piece. All pieces are great to mix with each other and create super beautiful, cool or simple looks. The outfits can be worn every day or on special occasions. Sustainability can be promoted in many different ways and that’s why Pamela emphasizes making basics with cute designs. Whether the material is recycled or not makes no difference in the end, if the clothes are thrown away every year because they are no longer in fashion. With this attitude Pamela probably convinces most of her fans and admirers and is a good role model for her viewers.

From dress to jeans – the parts of the collection

Whether trousers, tops or sweaters, the collection does not lack pieces. All pieces are very timeless and rather basic. Beautiful longsleeves in different colours, strapless blouses with sweet details and Pamela’s favourite: a simple black skater skirt. Already in her first collection with NA-KD the black skirt was bought empty by her fans. This time Pam has integrated it into her collection again to meet the demand of her fans. Most of the pieces are long tops or pants that can be worn in winter, perfect for the launch of the collection in November. The prices of the pieces vary between 22,95€ and 55,95€.

100% Eco-Friendly – the value of recycled materials

As the name of the collection suggests, the NA-KD Reborn collection is about rebirth. A rebirth of old raw materials that would otherwise have been stored in the garbage or even in nature. Right down to the smallest detail such as the label, careful attention was paid to sustainability. The items in the collection are made of 100% recycled polyester, recycled cotton, organic cotton and lyocell. The label is made of FSC-certified recycled polyester, recycled paper and care paper.

sustainability in Pamela’s private life

The fitness model does not only attach importance to sustainability in her collection, Pamela also pays attention to her ecological footprint in her private life. Internally in Germany, Pamela does not fly with airplanes. She simply takes the train. There are no plastic bottles in Pamela’s life anymore, she prefers to always have a bottle to refill and she tries to avoid plastic in most other ways.

Collection launch – Meet & Greet & Fans first

On 10.11 at the same time as the launch of her collection online, Pamela raffled off a Meet & Greet with a presentation of the collection and cooking together with 15 of her most loyal fans on Instagram. A penthouse with a beautiful view was rented in Düsseldorf. Pamela wanted to give her longtime fans a chance to try on the new clothes and let them feel them. Afterwards there was a lunch and a course to make Acaibowls from her own cookbook. With a selection of small gadgets like metal bottles to replace plastic bottles. For snacking there was a lot of fruit and smoothies.