Holidays at Walchensee: surfing, diving and hiking – 4 tips

Walchensee- The Walchensee is one of the largest and deepest lakes in Germany. The lake is located in the middle of a valley with a great mountain panorama all around. The climatic health resort Walchensee is located directly on the shore of the lake and offers a nice campsite. Directly opposite is the Kochelsee, which offers additional relaxation. Our maps give you an overview of the whole region and the 360° panorama makes you want to see more. Discover the Walchensee here!

Walchensee: water, action and nature

Hiking, climbing, surfing and diving – you love action, like to be out in nature and are looking for the perfect holiday destination to combine relaxation and leisure activities? Come to the Walchensee, here you will find something of everything! No matter if you are with your family, your partner or alone, you will never get bored because of the variety of activities in and on the water. The beautiful alpine panorama awakens the desire for hiking and adventure. Read more about Walchensee in this article and discover our tips for activities in the region.

The Walchensee: Location in Germany

Walchensee is located in the south of Bavaria.

Surroundings: Location in Bavaria

Walchensee from close up.

Three facts about the Walchensee

Here is a short overview of the Walchensee

  • The Walchensee is one of the deepest lakes in Germany.
  • You can surf, sail, dive and swim here.
  • The lake is not far from the Zugspitze and Garmisch Patenkirche, which allows hiking and skiing.

Walchensee from above: Drone & 360° view

Here you will find a great overview of the whole lake from a drone’s point of view!

360° panorama

A beautiful view over the lake with anticipation of water sports!

Checklist: Walchensee

This checklist gives you a great overview of the best activities at Walchensee and the surrounding area. You simply have to see these places during your holiday at Walchensee!

Tip 1: Hiking for explorers

Do you love the freedom of the mountains and being on the move at lofty heights? Then the Herzogstand mountain is just right for you! The parking lot at the edge of the mountain allows you an easy approach by car, but the mountain is also easy to reach by public transport. If you have made the ascent and now want to experience another highlight, buy a ticket for the Herzogstandbahn. The view of the lake is breathtaking and you can recover from the climb. In addition, the cable car is a perfect alternative for families whose children are too young for long hikes. You can enjoy the view in any case! In addition to the Herzogstand, there are many other mountains around the lake, such as the Heimgarten and the Jochberg.

Tip 2: Leisure time in and around the water

Kitesurfing, surfing, sailing and diving – there is something for every water sports enthusiast here. Experienced kitesurfers have chosen the Zwergern Peninsula as the best entry point, which is not yet recommended for beginners due to the somewhat treacherous winds. Are you interested in Stand Up Paddling, but don’t have your own equipment yet? No problem, because you will find a board rental on the south shore of the lake! If you don’t want to paddle on your own, there are also professionals on site who will give you helpful tips and instruct you. You’re off with all your sailing and diving gear and have already packed everything onto your camper or converted van? Check out our tips for camping at Walchensee here!

Zwergern Spitz: entry point for kitesurfing professionals

On this map you see the south-west shore of the lake, with the Zwergrenspitz.

Jachenau: Stand Up Paddle rental

Here you can find the location of the rental shop on the south shore of the lake.

Adventure: Diving in the Walchensee

Clear, blue water, that’s what the Walchensee is known for. There are numerous places where experienced divers can go underwater. For a real thrill, you can see an old car wreck as well as a quarry underwater!

Tip 3: Therme to relax

If you have had enough of the action at the Walchensee, you can relax at the Kochelsee. This is only 12 minutes away by car or half an hour walk from Walchensee. The Kristalltherme Trimini Kochel am See is located directly on the shore and is also a great alternative program when it rains. You can enjoy the beautiful view over the lake in the two outdoor pools and afterwards have a delicious meal in the restaurant. In addition to the saltwater pools, which contribute to health and well-being, you can enjoy massages and cosmetic treatments!

Route from Walchensee to the thermal baths at Kochelsee

Here you will find the best route that leads you directly from the Walchensee to the relaxing thermal baths. This route leads you directly via the film village “Flake”, which you can take a closer look at in the next point, our insider tip.

Insider tip: For Viking fans

Do you still know Wickie and the Strong Men from Flake? Here, directly at the Walchensee, you can relive your childhood memories! Directly on the west side of the lake is the film village “Flake”, where the 2009 film “Wickie und die Starken Männer” was filmed. This excursion is worthwhile for the whole family, because next to wooden huts children can learn something about the rough life of the Nordic people.

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