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Model agent Stephan M. Czaja (CM Models) is very busy. We could still meet him for a short interview and ask him three questions! His new book, The Model Book, has been available in stores since today. The 264-page book is for young models and clarifies all questions young models have. Just in time for the new season of Germanys Next Topmodel, the book market is now opening and is now available in German stores. Stephan M. Czaja is a model agent and mediates models internationally with his team to top customers. His customers include brands that we all know: Prada, Tom Tailor, Calvin Klein, Dior, Peek&Cloppenburg, and much more. The agency’s portfolio includes not only fashion, but also customers such as Microsoft, Opel and Mercedes Benz. We met him for a quick cappuccino interview!

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The Model Book – Printed book on Amazon

The Model Book – Ebook on Amazon

3 questions about the model book by model agent Stephan M. Czaja

New Faces and young models between dream and reality

FIV – Stephan, why did you write that book?

In our model agency we are confronted with an incredible number of questions every day, which is often hard to imagine. Each year and every season new models follow, new talent! Do you know how many models apply alone every day? On peak days, we easily receive 20 or 50 applications from models. Every new model has absolutely understandable questions, very many questions! It ranges from absolute basics like “What does giving an option actually mean” to “How do I build up my model portfolio correctly” or “What do you have to prepare for when it comes to agency visits, castings or jobs? To collect all these questions in a single book, I retired in the evenings after bookings and on weekends and spent four months writing hard! In my favorite cafe, for several days, weeks and hours. Here I collected a lot of information together, formulated new terms and of course talked to my friends photographers. Also models and of course young models. It was important to me to find out which questions are particularly important to them! Four months later the time had come and now the book is on sale! I hope it will be the new standard work for models and look forward to the first results from the publisher!

FIV – Many love printed books! Is the book available only as eBook or also in Print?

As an author I am of course an absolute friend of books. I think everyone understands that, because it’s much nicer to have a printed version at home. Especially books you love! Or where you want to look something up again. That’s why! The book is published not only as an eBook, but also as a printed version with hardcover. Also as a gift much more beautiful than an eBook. We even did an extra cover shooting! With our little top model Lea Schiffmann and fashion photographer Oliver Rudolph. He also gives strong tips for posing and facial expressions in the book.

Tips for young models looking for a model agency

FIV – If you can give today an important tip for all New Face, what would that be?

First of all, it’s always about self-assessment! The subject also a large part in my book. If you don’t fit into the high fashion world in terms of your measurements and requirements, you shouldn’t waste your time expanding your model portfolio or your career in this direction. Every year there are thousands of new models and many corresponding requirement of the customer more than you. If you’re in the wrong area, you lose valuable years. That is why it is very important for models to find the right agency at the beginning that will help and support them in their career. There is an extra guideline in the book. With it you can distinguish serious model agencies from dubious ones. For the agency search there are also a few practical links. If you focus directly on the right area, you will save valuable years as a young model.

As with athletes, the first few years in particular are your most important ones. Here’s the New Faces bonus. You don’t have big commitments like a job or a family yet and you can perfectly prepare for the future and earn even more money. The choice of agency or your management decides whether you get few or many jobs. Accordingly also little experience or a lot!

Another quick tip at the end: If you want to start as a model, don’t invest money in photo shootings. Good agencies can use it if you send him some simple mobile phone photos. It’s simple, you in daylight. It’s called Polaroids. Never invest money in agencies! No serious agency will get money from you! And always believe in yourself! Like an entrepreneur, you have to get up every morning with a smile. As long as you say I did it! Self-doubt is blocking you.

Author & Model Agent Stephan M. Czaja

Stephan M. Czaja is an entrepreneur and owner of renowned advertising and media agencies. As an author he publishes many articles in blogs but also books. His main areas of expertise include business development, personality development, media development, model management and trend topics such as influencer marketing. Stephan M. Czaja took his first steps as an entrepreneur at an early age. At the age of fifteen he founded a music magazine, published several studio albums, wrote lyrics and produced. At the age of twenty-one, you founded his advertising agency, specializing in the digital world and business development. Over a hundred media projects later, Stephan M. Czaja founds one of the top agencies for models. International clients are the hallmarks of the agencies’ rapid growth. As a model agent and media expert, Stephan M. Czaja also speaks in media and TV about models, influencers and media.