Tips for a happy relationship: Mastering crises & improving communication – the guide for men

For many people, the time when they fall in love is the best time in a new relationship. But at some point everyday life gains the upper hand and the initial bubble bursts. The fear of boredom in the relationship increases. But don’t worry, this is quite normal and happens in the best relationship. The important thing is that you deal with it. Here are the best tips on how you can keep the romance in your relationship for the long term.

Relationship tips for new lovers: The first 100 days

Especially at the beginning of a relationship you are often uncertain. One does not know how to behave or how the other person reacts to conflict situations. Mutual agreement and communication is very important especially at the beginning.
In addition, you also have to keep your expectations within a realistic framework. Every person is different and if you idealize your partner too much, the probability of being disappointed is high. And the partner is not even necessarily to blame for this. Sometimes our expectations of the ideal partner are simply so high that they cannot all be fulfilled. Therefore, do not enter the relationship with the expectation of being able to change the other person. Humans are creatures of habit and do not like to break their routines.

In the video you will find four more tips for a fresh start in a new relationship.

Lead a fulfilling partnership: Dates, compromises, problems, etc.

After the rosy beginning of a relationship has to give way to normality at some point, it is still important to maintain your partnership. And that means above all mutual attention. Be careful that nice things like bringing coffee to bed are not taken for granted. Keep appreciating them and let your partner know that too. Stay open and attentive.

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Tips for a good & long relationship

  • Make time for each other.
  • Talk to each other and listen to each other
  • Common experiences weld together
  • Give in and find compromises
  • Give each other space

Apart from that, communication is also very important here. Because only speaking people can be helped.  In the video you can learn how you can improve your relationship with 3 things immediately.

Fundamental principles of a healthy relationship

Solve & prevent crises

If a relationship does have crises in spite of everything, it is often due to a lack of

  • Trust
  • effective communication
  • Willingness to compromise
  • Tolerance
  • Affection
  • Interest

Therefore these 6 relationship pillars are fundamental for a good and healthy relationship. You can find four more basics in the video.
Basically: Communication is the be-all and end-all! Talk to each other. Only in this way can conflicts be solved.

The signs of a healthy relationship

Just because there are arguments from time to time or because there is a crisis between you doesn’t mean that you should break up or that you don’t fit together. Disputes and conflicts are part and parcel of a long-term relationship.
It is important to talk things out afterwards and to listen to each other again.
Nothing is more important in a relationship than communication. You are still not sure if you have a healthy relationship? You will find the answer in the video.

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