Bobkova Fashion Show: Japanese MasterСut & Confident Femininity – FW 2023 Summer

Bobkova Fashion Show Summer 2023 Berlin – The excitement is rising! After a stunning fashion show at Kronprinzenpalais, here’s more about Bobkova waiting for you. Ready to Wear – clean lines, complexity in cut, a graphic quality of silhouette combined with a new concept of beauty – look forward to a summary of the collection and learn more about designer Kristina Bobkova. Here you can find all the highlights of Berlin Fashion Week x Summer 2023.

BOBKOVA x Fashion Week Berlin

We are there live! Bobkova presents a revolutionary vision of casual clothing, focusing on timeless pieces! The designer breaks gender stereotypes and produces garments that emphasize the strength and femininity of their wearers. Japanese tailoring and recycling are essential aspects here.

Must Have! 5 Highlights from the runway

Take another look at the most beautiful looks from the runway here.

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

Credit: Stefan Knauer

Credit: Stefan Knauer

Credit: Stefan Knauer

Credit: Stefan Knauer

Credit: Stefan Knauer

Review! Bobkova Winter 2023 @ Berlin

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BOBKOVA: Overcoming stereotypes

Ukrainian brand BOBKOVA, founded by designer Kristina Bobkova, offers a unique vision for casual wear. With a strong focus on Japanese tailoring and overcoming gender stereotypes, Bobkova creates iconic pieces that emphasize strength and femininity.

Japanese design discipline

The philosophy is to “create things that are relevant regardless of time and situation”. The garments are characterized by their clean lines and sophisticated cut, based on the discipline of Japanese design. A highlight of the collection is the asymmetrical dress, which is an innovative redesign of a men’s shirt and blurs the lines between the sexes.

Equality in all its manifestations

Bobkova attaches great importance to social and cultural aspects. She stands for equality in all its forms and is committed to enabling women to express their strength and femininity with confidence. In addition, sustainability has a high priority at Bobkova. The brand is dedicated to recycling old materials and products to promote a conscious and environmentally friendly approach.

Integration of Ukrainian culture

Bobkova is proud of her Ukrainian roots and incorporates the rich tradition of her country into her collections. The influence of Ukrainian culture creates a unique style that reflects the high artistry and sophistication of the Ukrainian people.

Berlin Fashion Week Summer 2023

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