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The most expensive streets in Germany: Luxury, Best Location & Addresses – Top 40+1

Most expensive streets in Germany – Berlin, Munich, Sylt & Co: Germany’s metropolises are home to some of the most luxurious properties. Inselstraße in Berlin, Königinstraße in Munich and Südliche Seestraße on Lake Starnberg – Only those who can afford it live here! You want to buy a property here? Find out everything about Germany’s […]

Buy Garnet: Price, Color, Occurrence & Value – Investment Gemstone

Buy Garnet – The garnet, the birthstone of January, is especially in demand because of its extraordinary color. Due to the high light refraction and the good hardness of the gemstone garnet, it is made for sparkling gemstone jewelry. The purity of the garnet gemstone is very important. The purer the stone, the more valuable […]

The most expensive gemstones in the world! Diamond, emerald, jade & Co. as an investment

Gemstones are among the most exquisite natural treasures on earth. People all over the world have treasured them for different reasons throughout history. It is a fact that some gemstones are rarer than others. This is one of many factors that significantly affects the value of these gemstones, and more importantly, allows them to grow. […]

The best perfumes for the first date: men’s fragrances & women’s fragrances from cheap to expensive

The best perfumes for the first date – Nervousness is particularly high before the first date. The hairstyle, the outfit everything has to be perfect to make a good impression. The first impression is especially important when dating, so that it comes in the best case also to a second date. Whether man or woman […]

The most expensive jewellery in the world: diamonds, gold & platinum – Top10

The most expensive jewelry in the world: diamonds, rubies, gold, platinum made by the best jewelers in the world. Graff, in particular, plays a huge role in the ranking of the most valuable jewelry. Diamonds are by far the most popular and well-known gemstone for lovers, jewelry lovers but also collectors. Diamonds are the hardest […]

The 10 most expensive buildings & Real estate in the world: Construction costs up to $15 billion!

These are the 10 most expensive buildings & real estate in the world. Construction costs of up to $15 billion for investors and capacities of up to 100,000 people. The “Abraj Al Bait” in Mecca is with a total height of 601 meters, the highest hotel in the world. The “Marina Bay Sands” is the most […]

Buy Ferrari as a capital investment: The most expensive Ferrari models

The most expensive Ferraris – Which Ferraris were traded most expensive this year? The undisputed number 1 this year was the 1958 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spider for almost $10 million ($9,905 million). Ferrari broke all records as usual. Did you know? The two most expensive cars ever traded are Ferraris. As we reported in […]

Luxury Brands List: Top 100 Fashion, Private Jet, Car, Yacht, Jewelry & Cosmetics.

The top 100 list of the World Luxury Association – pure luxury! On Instagram, Youtube, TikTok & Co. everywhere you see luxury travel, expensive handbags, sports cars and exclusive products from jewelry to make-up. But who are the leading luxury labels? We have researched the top lists for you. Luxury goods are not only for […]

Investment art: painting, photography, graphics and design

Art as an investment – What should an art investor look out for? How high is the return actually? Is an investment in art worthwhile? How do prices for works of art arise? Why do these prices rise so much? What influences the return on an art investment? It is not only money that attracts […]

Sneaker Onlineshop: Shop for shoes online

Women can never have enough shoes. Whether sneakers, high heels and sandals, you need the beautiful individual pieces and present them with pride on the street. Different designers and brands sell shoes in so many colors and shapes that there is something for every woman. Back in the day, shopping stores were the place to […]

Louis Vuitton – the French luxury brand

Louis Vuitton has been regarded as the status symbol par excellence for over decades. For decades, the high fashion brand has been an indispensable must-have for every fashion lover and combines easy individuality, personality and fashion awareness. From burned bags to litigation. We’re uncovering all the secrets. Louis Vuitton: The genius behind bags, shoes and high […]

Top 8 most expensive leather jackets in the world – Thriller Jacket, Philipp Plein & Co.

Top 8 most expensive leather jackets – The leather jacket is always a cool accessory, is super good for a style break and makes every “boring” outfit look rocky and casual. Many celebrities love this trend. While the leather jacket used to be common in the biker and rock scene, it is much more common […]

Top 10: The most expensive handbags in the world from Chanel, Fendi to Hermes

The top 10 most expensive handbags – handbags are the absolute dream of every woman. Whether large, small, with or without handle – numerous models make the female heart beat faster. Handbags are suitable for every occasion and are not only practical to keep all important items, but are also the highlight of any outfit. […]

The most luxurious Jeans Labels

Luxurious jeans – Jeans are an integral part of any outfit. Everyone has at least one pair of jeans in their wardrobe that can be worn for any occasion. Whether casually combined with a T-shirt or sweater or more chic styled with a blouse or shirt. The classic jeans asserts itself in every century as […]