A crisp tan thanks to self-tanner: how to use it, the best brands & biggest failures

Every year we are feverishly looking forward to summer and can hardly wait to wear short skirts and dresses again. As summer-ready as we are, our legs are usually different. Instead of a crisp summer tan, only cheesy pale skin. Especially this summer we have to do without natural tan to a large extent. Due to Corona, many holiday plans have unfortunately fallen through. A skin-friendly alternative to tanning studios is the self-tanner. But how do I apply it without looking spotty or orange? To perfect your freshly tanned summer look, here are all the tips you need for a suitable summer make-up.

Sun-kissed skin with self-tanning products: How it works

It is important that you prepare your skin well and that you apply lotion beforehand, for example. Do not forget typical dry areas such as the elbow. In any case, take enough time for the procedure. Be thorough and ask for help with difficult areas. You can also pre-test the product on an inconspicuous area.
However, if the worst comes to the worst, the rule is: less is more!

From tanning sprays to towels: These self-tanning products are available

  • Lotions with a tanning effect not only ensure a beautiful tan, but also care for the skin at the same time.
  • Tanning sprays enable a particularly even distribution of the product.
  • Tanning gels contain less fat and are therefore absorbed particularly quickly.
  • Self-tanning wipes are a good alternative for when you are on the move, they are sufficient for just one application.

The most popular brands in the test: Which are the best?

  1. Influencer favourite: Selftanner from St. Tropez: This label is the absolute number 1 among influencers and bloggers. The cream can be customized and is therefore suitable for all skin types.
  2. St. Moritz Tanning Cream: the inexpensive alternative: the cream from St. Tropez is not exactly a bargain. If you would like to try out self-tanning for yourself first, St. Moritz tanning cream is the right choice.
  3. The FAUX TAN SUNLESS TANNER by bareMinerals: Unlike other self-tanning creams, the Faux Tan not only does its job, but also smells of sea and coconut: pure summer feeling!

The worst self-tanner failures: Stains & Co.

From cheesy white to a crisp holiday tan in just a few hours? Sounds great at first, but only if it works. That’s why you should always make sure that the tone of your self-tanner is only a few shades darker than your skin tone. This is the only way the result will look natural in the end. If you want to be on the safe side, it’s best to apply the cream beforehand, as this weakens the result a little. If it is not dark enough in the end, you can reapply the next day. The choice of brand is also important, after all, you want a shimmering tan and not a carrot-like appearance!

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You should avoid these 5 mistakes at all costs!

  1. Do not use a self-tanner on freshly shaved legs, as this can lead to nasty skin irritations. It is better to shave your legs the night before to avoid shaving spots and redness.
  2. First a self-tanner and then off to sports? I’d rather not! Sweating puts you at risk of your product dissipating and causing spots and streaks. You should wait at least three hours between application and your first sport to ensure that the self-tanner is completely absorbed.
  3. Never store your product in the sun! This will render the tanning agent DHA ineffective.
  4. Do not apply your self-tanner with bare fingers. For best results you should always use a tanning glove. This also saves you from orange-coloured hands.
  5. Forgot to exfoliate? You’re bound to get a blotchy complexion. Because on uneven skin the tint is absorbed to varying degrees.

Still looking for the right skin care products for the summer? Here you can find out how to make DIY care products yourself!

The self-tanning breakdowns of the celebrities: Ariana Grande, Bradley Cooper & Co.

The fact that the good feeling of self-tanners quickly disappears if the wrong dosage is used has been experienced by celebrities themselves. Best example: Donald Trump. The famous orange skin tone is as much a trademark of the president as his magnificent hair. But the reason for the unattractive skin colour is the sunbed, as the imprint of the glasses around the eyes tells us. But even the self-tanner obviously poses a challenge for celebrities like Arianna Grande or Bradley Cooper.

There is a solution for everything: This is how you can save self-tanner Fails

But don’t worry, many of these failures can be easily fixed and you don’t have to venture out into the public. Especially for beginners these tips are worth their weight in gold!
And if you don’t want to help at all, just use a rough peeling, then the fake tan should be easy to wash off again.