Men’s watches for outdoor use: fashionable & functional

Men have significantly fewer opportunities than women to set accents in their outfits. Here the watches come into play as eye-catchers on the man’s wrist. Everything you need to know about the Watch Trends 2019, FIV has summarized here for you.

Which are the most rugged outdoor watches?

Anyone who likes to be outdoors or in nature is understandably looking for the functionality of a watch. A good outdoor watch should of course not only have functions such as an altimeter, compass, barometer or thermometer, but also good radio clock technology and a large and illuminated display. In addition to all the functions, the appearance of the watch is also important to many men nowadays. So if you have a good and robust outdoor watch, but don’t want to do without a good look, you should definitely consider the following watches!

Casio – an all-round talent

Robustness, functionality and stylish appearance. These are probably the synonyms that would best describe a Casio watch. For decades, this classic watch has been distinguished by its sporty design and reliability. Casio’s classic outdoor watches include the G-Shock and Pro Trek models. So if you want a good and affordable watch, the Casio Outdoor watches are the perfect choice.

Garmin – the pioneer among the integration of navigation

Known from the aviation, military, outdoor and sports sectors, Garmin has long established itself in the world of watches. Garmin is not without reason a big name in the outdoor world, because the main focus is on navigation. Whether in an airplane, on a ship, on a bicycle or on the wrist, navigation is always integrated. Good navigation is indispensable for all those who are out and about in nature. The characteristic feature of these watches is not only their sporty yet elegant appearance, but also the innovative materials and concepts behind them. The most important models for the outdoor area are Vivomove and the Smartwatches, which not only look good, but can also be used to retrieve worldwide weather data.

Sinn – A must for every diver!

Developed by the flight instructor Helmut Sinn in the 60s, the brand quickly became one of the best-known manufacturers of outdoor watches. Outdoor activities include not only hiking, climbing and trekking, but also maritime activities such as diving. Sure, pretty much every watch is water-resistant, but the diving watches U1, U212, UX and EXM from Sinn bring other features with them. These include the setting of a time interval by timer or bezel and a good and clear recognizability of data in the dark and from a distance of at least 25 centimeters. But Sinn watches are not only designed for the maritime sector, they can also withstand extreme heat, cold and pressure. So if you need a robust and elegant watch that is also very durable, Sinn watches have hit the right nerve.

Luminox – The Swiss Movement

“It runs like a Swiss clockwork”, this idiom fits perfectly to the watches of Luminox. Founded in the USA, the brand was taken over by a Swiss company and is manufactured there. The watches are known for their reliability and long-term illumination, and not without reason. This is precisely why Luminox has established itself in the military sector. Due to their extreme robustness and water resistance, these watches are ideal for outdoor activities and athletes. The different models are designed for the three categories Land, Sea and Air, so that you can choose your watch according to your needs. Despite or even because of the simple and comfortable design, the watches meet the high demands of military officers and are therefore totally suitable for everyday use. So if you want a true Swiss movement, a Luminox watch is indispensable for the man!

Alpina – A true factory

The Ferrari of watches! The watches from Alpina not only have all the functions a good outdoor watch should have, they also do without unnecessary frills and focus on the essential things of outdoor watches. Alpina not only combines precision, innovation and high quality in its watches, but was also the pioneer among sports watches. Due to the simple yet sporty and striking design of the watches, they are always an eye-catcher on the man’s wrist and indispensable for all those who want to improve their outfit. Alpina is a Ferrari watch not only because of its appearance, but also because of its price. Of course you should consider investing money in an expensive watch, but Alpina watches have been a big name in the world of watches for over 100 years, not without reason. So if you want to decorate your wrist with a high-quality manufacture movement, you should think about whether an investment in a watch from Alpina might not be the right thing to do.

Seiko – pioneering innovations

Seiko watches are not only ahead of other manufacturers because of their leading watch technology and precision, but also because of their innovations. For example, Seiko has manufactured the first quartz watch, but also leads in the fields of mechanical, kinetic and solar movements. The masculine and sporty watches are, like those from Sinn, not only suitable for rural outdoor activities, but also for diving. So you can find the watches from Seiko not only in the various price segments, but you can also choose between the different movements and the different outdoor areas for the right watch. If it is the case that you are not really familiar with the field of watches, but you would like to have a good and robust outdoor watch, you could find them from Seiko. The great variety of prices and the different watches help you to make your choice for the right watch easier.

What are the watch trends for the year 2019?

Wristwatches are one of the most basic things for people. The reason for this is that they not only have many functions that are indispensable for everyday life, but have also become an increasingly important accessory for men. Today, the man no longer owns only one watch, which he may have inherited or got for a lot of money – no! On average, men today own more than one watch, and rightly so. In the past it was only about watches fulfilling their function, which were that you can read and/or stop the time, they are waterproof and at best durable. But today, when men buy a watch, they are more than just interested in functionality. The gentlemen of creation also want to look good, and watches play a fundamental part in this. Here you can find out which Trends Man 2019 is wearing on his wrist.

Sports Watches

With their integrated heart rate monitor and GPS, swimming and analysis functions, these watches are a must for every athlete and are tailored to his needs. A good sports watch has several aspects. It notifies you not only situation-related and stops the recording of the training unit to achieve a more accurate evaluation. It also offers already integrated training plans and allows you to synchronize your own training plan. In 2019, the metal wristband in particular is an absolute must-have for all sports enthusiasts who also want to look fashionable.

Airman’s watches

Known from the beginnings of 1900, the pilot’s watch was originally developed for the needs of pilots. Today, however, it is one of the most important watches in the men’s sector. Typical for a pilot watch are a black dial and a clearly readable time as well as the large case with an equally handy crown. With their large design, these watches look even more masculine and are a must for anyone who wants to draw attention to themselves and their wrists.


Although this watch has been around for quite some time, it has come to the fore again, especially in today’s age of digitalization and by manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung. The functions of the watch are almost endless and offer a wide range in terms of design and price segment. It is not only important in the area of sports and health (like the sports watch), but also shows you messages and missed calls when synchronized with your mobile phone, in other words: The Smartwatch is the mobile phone for the wrist!

Minimalistic clocks

“Less is more” is the motto of this watch trend. In addition to a simple design and muted colours, the absence of numbers on the dial is often significant for these watches. By using only a few colours, which are nevertheless rich in contrast, the watches attract attention despite their simplicity.

Retro watches

Retro. These are all the things that were totally in vogue in the time before you could take part yourself and now rise from the dead again. Some watches also belong to the risen ones. This is not about the imperishable, classic watches from the years of grandma and grandpa, but about the watches for which one would have been ashamed a few years ago to wear them. Retro is the new one, and therefore an absolute eyecatcher!


An immortal trend. The chronographs with their integrated stopwatch are not a new trend, but a classic which never goes out of fashion. In addition to the additional hands, this watch is characterized above all by its very masculine design.

Flat watches

Similar to minimalism, here it is reduced to something. In this case, the reduction of the watch refers only to the case. This not only makes them an eye-catcher visually, but also makes them more comfortable to wear thanks to the reduced housing.

Skeletonized clocks

The skeleton clock allows a glimpse into the inside of the clock. In these watches, parts of the movement are made visible, which makes the continuous movement of the dial visible. Precisely because of this special feature, these watches are particularly popular and coveted by watch lovers.

Sport watches

The sporty wristwatches are characterized, who would have thought otherwise, by their sporty design. The digits of the watch are typically large and striking, which means that the case of the watch is usually larger. However, there are also sporty watches, which are very minimalist. But those who are less interested in the design of a classic watch and more in sporty models should definitely look for sporty wristwatches!

Which watch should the man have in the cupboard in 2019?

Watch trends are not only available with the different models, also with colours and materials there are different things which are a must for every man this year! From completely monochrome to special features such as precious wood or gold and ceramics. We as Fashion Magazine have collected the most important trends in the field of watches for the year 2019 so that you can be a true Trendsetter and set a great accent with your watches!