Watch investment: Which watches are the best investment? 5 brands in comparison

Investing Watch – Warren Buffet sees investing in watches as “the process of spending money now to make money in the future.” Warren Buffet owns 85 billion, according to Forbes. He knows how to invest money. Which watches are the best value investments? Here’s how you compare 5 brands.

Investing in watches: 5 tips for buyers

When it comes to investing in a watch, here’s what you should consider before investing serious money in a watch.

The 5 tips at a glance:

  1. Choose a brand, max 2, research and learn
  2. Look out for outstanding models and collaborations
  3. Search for something unique
  4. Maintain your watches and contacts
  5. Have patience when selling watches

You want more tips? Then read on here:

Rolex: Day Date 1803

Data basis and chart from Xupes. More about Rolex watches.

Breitling: Emergency E76321

TAG Heuer: Carrera CV2113

Omega: Seamaster Planet Ocean

Cartier: Must Be Cartiered 2424

More about Cartier watches.

Data basis and chart from Xupes.