Packing the festival backpack – What you need for your festival

After the cold winter it’s time again. A little over 6 months until the festival season starts again. But anyone who wants to enter the world of festivals for the first time should be well prepared and not scratch everything together last minute. Therefore we from FIV pack your festival backpack and tell you what is essential for your perfect festival.

Protection against rain and sun at the festival

Most festivals take place outside, especially in summer. So it is clear that such a beautiful meadow quickly becomes a mud battle and your clothes get soaked. And to make sure that doesn’t happen, we recommend a raincoat and rubber boots. You can get cheap raincoats in almost every drugstore or even online. For a few euros you can get a bunch of disposable coats. It looks similar with rubber boots, these are available in all possible designs. Of course, if you don’t mind getting completely soaked and silted up, we don’t want to persuade you to do anything. There are enough people who celebrate the wet festival and take it as it is, that’s worth an experience too.

Accessories as protection

Like I said, you’re out most of the time. Thus also in the blazing sun, which can end quite badly and painfully if one does not pay attention. Don’t forget the good old sunscreen, so this doesn’t happen. It’s even better if you don’t forget to use them regularly, but FIV believes in you! It is of course advisable to visit the shade from time to time despite the sun cream. Caps, sun hats or similar accessories are of course always a fashionable alternative.

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Security first – festival tent, food and tentlock

Since most festivals go longer than one day, you will need a tent as well, unless you sleep on a meadow. But we assume that you want at least some protection from the night. Tents are of course available in any design from 1-person tents to family tents with up to 8 rooms or more. If you are not travelling with a large group, where there is always someone in your camp to look after the valuables, we recommend that you also buy a castle for your tent. There it is, a normal little boring castle. You can get it at the kiosk, supermarket or even on the Internet. Then you can better protect some of your things from theft. Prinizpiell you should take however nevertheless nothing great valuable with you to the festival, one never knows what can happen.

Ravioli, Barbecue and other food suggestions

The most famous festival are the famous canned ravioli. Cold with a plastic fork in the morning “fresh” from the can – Mjam! Of course, tastes quarrel there. Nevertheless, you should prepare Essen’s technically well. Sure, you can buy food at the festival, but in the long run the costs are high. So do your shopping! For meat lovers – disposable grill, charcoal and sausages in a cool box are a great alternative. Otherwise you can of course also transport fruits or other things in such a cool box. Apart from that we have listed some ideas for you here:

  • Bagels
  • Spaghetti
  • Corny or other bars
  • Chips
  • Cracker
  • Wraps (Ideal for on the go)
  • Pizza (prepared at home, of course you have to like cold pizza)
  • Dried meat like salami
  • bread
  • vegetables (vegetable skewers are also totally delicious on the grill)

Campinggear – This camp equipment is indispensable

You’ve got sunscreen, a tent, something to eat. But a few important things are still missing. Your Campinggear – How would you like to camp without a camping chair and table? The best thing to do is to discuss with the group what the tables will look like, because if everyone brings one you will definitely have too much. You can get your own camping chair for less than 15€ and if you don’t just stand on it and start dancing and jumping, it will also hold out a few festivals. Apart from chair and table it is also good to bring a small gas stove, which you can buy everywhere from discounters like Aldi and Lidl as well as from Rossmann. Then you don’t have to eat your ravioli cold or you can warm something in a pot.

Pavilion for your camp

In order to prevent your camp from being exposed to the sun all day, we recommend that you use a tarpaulin to stretch (can be attached to a tent or tree nearby) or set up a pavilion. Of course, a pavilion is not necessarily a cheap thing, depending on the design, but you can also join together as a group and see what you can get together. It is simply more pleasant and healthier if you have the opportunity to retreat into the shadows.

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Musicbox and playlist are essential

Why are you at the festival? Of course to celebrate the music, to have a great time and to create new memories. But for the way there, as well as for the way back and even more for the camping time it is indispensable to have a cool playlist. You should mix them up first on Spotify or another streaming platform. You will also find many inspirations on Youtube or, in the case of Spotify, directly in the search. You’re definitely good for any genre there.