Model meets Marketing: Felix Winter Trends for Men!

Felix from Berlin is not only active in the field of marketing, but also works successfully as a male model. Since 2016 he has been passionately running his blog “Saintfilli” on which he shares his hobbies and important things in his life with the public. We talked to him about his dreams for the future, his career and of course about fashion and styling.

“I’ve already made a few stops in Germany”

Felix, you regularly provide the readers of your blog with stories from your everyday life, outfit ideas, travel experiences, your music playlists and many other topics. It must be stressful to always come up with something new and be creative. Do you find it easy to constantly come up with new things for your readers?

I just try to bring in some variety every now and then and implement simple things a little more creatively. Whether I succeed in this, others must judge but my interests are actually wide-ranging, from fashion to music to photography. You always try to reinvent yourself.

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Germany - Spain - USA

Not all of my readers will know your Instagram page and blog. Introduce yourself, who is Felix behind all the blog posts and Instagram posts? How would your friends describe you in three words?

Phew, hard to judge for yourself without sounding conceited. I would say: generous, funny and spontaneous. But of course there are also enough qualities that surely get on their nerves haha. I already have a few stations in Germany behind me. I’m originally from Hanover, lived in Cologne for 7 years and have been in Berlin for a little over a year now. In my more than 3 years as a PR for SNIPES I was able to gain experience that now helps me a lot in the influencer business.

While researching, one piece of information in your blog entry “Felix” particularly caught my eye. So you were also a “Kölsche Jung”! When did you move to Cologne, how long did you live here and what did you like best about the cathedral city?

I moved from Hanover to Cologne with my mother in 2010, still did my Abi there and then had an incredible 7 years. Most of my family and my closest friends are still there, so I am still very connected to the city. The people there are very special. Open, communicative and above all hospitable.

From classic to colourful: Felix rocks the winter world the way he likes it

As you can see from your blog, fashion, travel and music are very important parts of your everyday life. Which of these three things could you least do without in your life?

This is of course a monster question, because all three things are things that make me happy. And of course I could never be in only one place, but what I couldn’t do without is music.

Fashion is one of the biggest topics on your blog. You regularly post pictures of your outfits and obviously you’re a big shoe lover, I’ve seen that you’re especially into sneakers. Can you recommend THE winter shoe 2017 for men and what do you think the perfect winter look looks like?

Difficult to generalize, as of course everyone has different tastes. So I can only speak for myself. There are of course extremely cool shoes that I rock especially in winter: Timberland 6 inch boot, Dr. Martens or also hi-top sneakers from the usual brands. But I just as much like to wear flat sneakers that are not exactly suitable for the snow. Colour-wise I am flexible. From the classic white/black/grey look to African patterns and colourful accents I rock everything I like. But what I can’t do without this winter are wool socks, jackets and trousers made of corduroy.

“I’ve never been the type to lay out my outfit for the next day in the evening.”

Your style is rather simple and classic but still very modern and stylish. You often combine basics with cool sneakers. What is your tip for styling these basics and which piece of clothing should not be missing from any man’s wardrobe?

That’s right. My daily routine is actually a mixture of freestyle and feeling. So in other words, I’ve never been the type to lay out my outfit for the next day in the evening. I always go by feel. Sometimes I start with the sneakers and build an outfit around them, sometimes I mix an outfit and then take the matching sneakers from my closet. That’s the good thing about having so many shoes – there’s always one that fits haha. Personally, I’m not just into the layered or onion look this winter. That means several pieces on top of each other. You stay warm and can spontaneously take off one or the other part during the day and have another outfit. Always at the start: colored socks.

Europe’s fashion metropolis No 1: Berlin!

You’ve been living in the capital for just over a year. How important do you think Berlin is as a fashion metropolis? Is it at all comparable to New York, London or Paris?

It was definitely a difficult start. I came in the fall, which meant I had half a year of bad weather ahead of me. Fortunately, my ex-girlfriend saved me from such a small mental hole. But after half a year I realized that I don’t see myself in any city in Germany right now as much as I do here in Berlin. Here you can find everything and that at almost any time of the day. I definitely see Berlin as the number 1 city in Europe for various reasons. London is still the only city that can keep up, but unfortunately it’s very expensive and recently also very chaotic politically. Internationally, cities like NYY or Los Angeles are of course a different story…

“You can never let criticism get too close”.

You also work as a part-time model. For many of my readers this business is very foreign and exciting to learn something about it. Tell us, how did it come to this side job and what experiences you could already gather in this business?

The start is already a few years back. Since my mother has worked very successfully as a model for over 20 years, she said at some point to me that I should try it too. As a result, I applied to several people agencies and get around quite well today. But it’s not like I’m getting a fat job every month. Even though I work in the commercial sector (TV, posters, etc.) there is one thing that I think is very important. You should never let criticism get too close to you, because this business is superficial. That is only normal, it is mostly about the appearance of a person.

You’ve worked with well-known brands like American Apparel, Fossil and snipes. Do you have a favorite among all your clients? Who did you particularly enjoy working with?

A favorite to name here I think now difficult, but there are of course besides pleasant brands and agencies also some that are sometimes rather difficult. But 90% of my experiences here have always been good.

Sports and fast food?

As a model you have to constantly work on yourself and keep fit. You seem to be very sporty, tell us your best fitness and motivation tips!

I’m definitely the wrong person to ask, as I’m very particular. For me, it’s all about the surrounds. If I don’t feel comfortable in a gym, I have no energy or motivation. And of course it’s a better push in pairs, but basically you just have to be a little bit narcissistic without showing it to the outside world. The successes on your own body are the biggest motivation.

Often regular exercise is not enough as a model. Do you pay attention to your diet? If so, do you find it more difficult to eat healthy in winter during festive occasions?

Again, I am not the prime example, because I actually always eat what I feel like. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I only eat kebabs and pizza. I prefer Asian food, from Thai to sushi. And this cuisine is very healthy. But when I go to McDonald’s at night after partying, it’s hard for me to say “no”.

A lot of tattoos adorn your body. Which tattoo means the most to you and what meaning does it have? Does the red kissing mouth on your right breast have a special meaning for you?

So all my tattoos are actually for my family. In my sleeve you can find “Oh Universe” which should mean “Karma” for me. I really believe that. At the age of 19 I just felt like getting the kissing mouth. All other motifs stand for my parents, grandparents and siblings.

Currently you are very active on your Instagram account and on your blog. Do you want to further develop these two areas or what are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself in, say, ten years?

WOW! 10 years is a long time. I would then be 35. If it’s up to me, I’ll be married to a great woman and possibly already have a child. But, of course, you can’t plan for that. However, I would rather see my future in Los Angeles or New York, because these cities have simply changed me in a positive way every time I’ve visited them.