Interview Sarah Alles: Actress & voice actress about career and social commitment

German actress and voice actress Sarah Alles is not only known for her participation in German television and in front of the screen, but also for her involvement in social projects to make the world a better place. As the German voice of Emily Ratajkowski or Samira Wiley she has become very recognizable and started a successful career. We interviewed Sarah for you to learn more about her career, her interest in martial arts and her support in social projects. Plus, the actress reveals her top 3 tips on how you too can succeed in the acting industry.

Sarah’s success: vote for Emily Ratajkowski & Samira Wiley

FIV: You are a very interesting and inspiring person who has already achieved a lot in her career. During your career you have already appeared in many well-known films and series. Whether on TV in series like “Wilsberg”, “Heiter bis tödlich: Akte Ex” and “SOKO”, on the big screen or in the theatre – you have experienced it all! We would be interested to know what challenges there are in acting and where you like to prove your acting skills the most?

Sarah: In roles that challenge me, such as the outwardly young but inwardly very aged art teacher Melissa, who is searching for the love of life. An extremely exciting role, which I had the pleasure of playing in the play “Moormaid” at the Acola Theatre in London. But also the unassuming inspector Isabell Wolfangel, who doesn’t quite understand irony and sarcasm and to whom people often seem strange, but who is super at remembering numbers and dates and solves many a murder without even realising it. She will be seen next spring in the new episodes of the crime series “Wilsberg”. Or the cheeky bonsai seller Henry, who will realize that life is not perfect, even if all her wishes come true. Henry is the main character of a little indie project I’m planning with my longtime friend and author Sylvia Witt.

FIV: Besides acting, you are also a voice actress. Among other things, you are the voice of American actress and model Emily Ratajkowski, as well as the German voice of Poussey Washington from the series Orange is the New Black. How did it come about that you discovered your passion for voice acting alongside your career as an actress?

Sarah: Through my voice teacher Andrea Aust at drama school. The lessons with her were often my highlight of the day, because we always laughed a lot too! She’s a fantastic voice actress and sparked my love of language. Her workshops and know-how also gave us a great start in the industry. At the beginning, of course, it was still a case of making contacts and introducing myself to the studios. I was able to watch a lot of great speakers, sometimes even for several days at a time, and took away a lot for my own performance in front of the microphone.

Credit: Karla Newton

Tips & Tricks for a successful acting career

FIV: You show your versatility and acting talent in all your TV and cinema roles. We would like to know from you which role you liked the most among all your films and series? Which role did you identify with the most?

Sarah: I love characters who are far removed from myself. Because that’s when the most exciting part begins, I deal with them and their motivations: Why does this character do what she does? What does she want to achieve? One memorable role for me that I even now dream about from time to time is Hayley, who I played in the theatrical adaptation of “Hard Candy,” the movie of the same name. The sweet naive girl who is in danger of falling into the arms of a pedophile, until it turns out that she is actually the one who set him up. In the end, you wonder which one is crazier.

FIV: Many girls and guys also want to realize their dream as an actor. What are your top 3 tips for a successful acting career? How realistic are the chances of landing a big role on German television?

Sarah: Believe in yourself and think again and again: What is the next step to get closer to your goal. Even with small steps you can get to the big goal. Also: Don’t think much, just do it! My last tip: No matter if you go to acting school or if you are a career changer – there are many ways to become an actor. But never stop learning, because you never stop learning and you can always evolve. Whether you end up getting the roles you dream of often depends on parameters that are out of your control. That’s why it was always important for me to have a plan B.

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Social projects, martial arts & lifestyle

FIV: Besides your job as an actress and voice actress you love to do sports. Your greatest passion: martial arts! You are even a black belt holder and won many awards for your skills in karate. What exactly do you like so much about competitive sports and is there a sport you can imagine practicing in the near future?

Sarah: I love the play sparring, the playful fighting. It’s the best way for me to let off steam and clear my head. When I’m sparring I’m always fully in the here and now, because if my mind wanders, I feel it immediately.

FIV: You are also involved in many social projects. You support the NY HARY project, which gives Malagasy school children a home. What motivated you to get involved in this project and what 3 things would you like to change in this world if you could?

Sarah: I had a beautiful childhood and grew up very free. I was a pretty wild child and could always let off steam. My parents supported me where they could and showed me the possibility to realize myself. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for every child and that’s why projects that advocate for children are especially close to my heart. They are the adults of tomorrow and will decide what kind of world this one will eventually become.

I wish there were basic environmental rights that everyone would abide by so that we would promote and protect our habitat instead of exploiting it. Likewise, I wish there was some sort of driver’s license of interaction where everyone learns the basics of communication so that we would be more understanding of each other overall and understand each other better. Lastly, I wish there was a school subject of self-worth in school where we learn how to talk to ourselves internally, how to push ourselves, how to deal with envy and resentment, how to deal with the ups and downs of life without becoming sad, mad or arrogant.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” is a wise saying of Mahatma Gandhi that accompanies me through my life. With my podcast “Power Pause” I try to create small oases of calm and serenity for the turbulent and stressful phases in everyday life. In “Power Pause” I share a series of small meditations with everyone who feels like discovering their inner world. They are meant to provide listeners with good thoughts so they can go through everyday life refreshed and full of power. I’m also happy to be able to show small clips of self-defense techniques on TikTok. It’s important to me to also touch on non-violent communication – a kind of driver’s license of interaction. Under #LernenMitTikTok you will also see little stunts and feel-good exercises from me in the future. You can be curious!

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