As a wheelchair user on the catwalk – Tan Caglar at the Berlin Fashion Week 2016

Since the first model with Down syndrome showed up on the runway at New York Fashion Week in September, designers have become much more interested in models with physical disabilities. This year, 35-year-old Tan Caglar was also seen on the catwalk at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2016 in Berlin. Here you can find the links to Tan’s Instagram and Facebook account:

The first model on wheels at Berlin Fashion Week

Tan Caglar sank into a deep depression before his career as a professional wheelchair basketball player, catwalk model and comedian. Because until his school days, he could walk without any problems, like his classmates. But after that, he was always in discomfort and could only walk with crutches. Now he is dependent on his wheelchair for more than 10 years, because without it it is unbearable for him to stand for one minute. The 36-year-old suffers from a spinal cord disease. When he started playing wheelchair basketball he quickly became one of the best in the league and even signed his first professional contract. He was hired as a model for this year’s Berlin Fashion Week. He hesitantly accepted the offer, because he wouldn’t get paid and he would have to finance the trip there himself. But then he decided to show himself in public. With this he wants to encourage everyone who has a handicap not to give up and just continue to enjoy life.

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Tan was the very first wheelchair user to be seen at Berlin Fashion Week on January 18 in the supporting programme.

Tan Caglar in interview

A motivating interview with Tan Caglar. He talks about how he came to be a comedian, what problems he faces in this job and how he deals with them in everyday life. He also talks about how he can combine his new job with basketball, his favourite sport.

Tan Caglar as a comedian in a wheelchair

Tan Caglar no longer sees his wheelchair as something negative. In his comedy show he tells jokes about wheelchair users and also includes his Turkish culture.