Travel Guide – Tenerife best Beaches and Restaurants

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Since I only keep you up to date with the latest fashion trends, I thought I am worried for a bit of change and write for you something about travel. Today it is about the island of Tenerife. It is a Canary Island, including Gran Canaria, Lanzarote or Fuerte Fuentura. It is located north-west of Africa and is about 4 1/2 hours flight from Cologne. Since my parents lived there 2 years and my sister was born there, I was there as a child every year again, also to visit old friends. Since there are many childhood memories hanging from this island, she has become a second home for me. After my A-Levels last year I decided to spend a longer time there because I had not been there any longer. I spent the entire August on the island and lived in the house of a well-known. I spent the time there with my best friend who accompanied me on the trip. It was also very nice to show her the island and many places where I had spent my childhood.

Day trips – what Tenerife has to offer

Tenerife is very small. You can drive the whole island by car within 3 hours. The tourist harbors are located in the south of the island, just like the airport. There are also many possibilities to go very inexpensive jet ski. In the north, where we also lived, the locals are more at home. Here you can find great traditional food, beautiful white and black beaches and a great old town. The house we stayed in is located about 10 minutes by car from the city of Puerto de la Cruz. There is also the world famous ‘Loro Parcque’ where you can admire many exotic animals. It is like a zoo in principle, but you are immersed in a whole new world and can admire everything from penguins, white lions and dolphins. The park is also famous for its great shows with seals, dolphins and even the huge orcas. Also there I was very often as a child. Another great day trip is in the south of the island. The ‘Siam Park’. A huge terrain on which you can find many waterslides. From wild trips in large rubber tires to an exotic, cozy river on which you can drift, you will find everything here. For all the first time I have a very special recommendation – you must buy the fast pass. This is a little ribbon with which you can simply pass the rest of the serpent on every slide, and I believe it is worth it, because if you are unlucky (especially at the weekend) you stand for a ride in the sun for an hour. Also good to know. Absolutely super good lotion! You underestimate the sun gladly especially if one has the whole day fun 🙂

Culinary delights in the Canaries

If you want to experience culinary delights with traditional Spanish and Canarian cuisine, you should definitely visit these two restaurants! The first is the ‘La Bodeguita de Enfrente’ in the Ctra Provinvial del Norte 2015 in 38390 Santa ùrsula and secondly the ‘Tito’s Bodeguita’ in the Camino del Durazno 1 in 38400 Puerto de la Cruz! There you will find the best local food from fish over meat and tapas, there is everything the heart desires! Another great tip, especially for breakfast or brunch is the ‘Mesón El Monasterio’. The principle there is unique. It is a very large complex with various restaurants, but all of them belong together. You can have wonderful breakfasts and the special fact, since the restaurant is located in the mountains, you have through an open glass facade a beautiful view of the whole of Puerto de la Cruz and the sea. On the other hand there is also a great restaurant for lunch and dinner. It is very ‘rustic’, but in the charming Canary style. Particularly, it is directly after the restaurant a kind petting zoo. Goats and donkeys are there in an accessible enclosure. Chickens, chicks, ostriches, etc. walk freely on the grounds. So described it sounds very adventurous, however, it is a wonderful atmosphere with great flowers and palm trees fenced. Definitely worth a visit!

The best beaches and real insider tips!

Now, however, to the tips that are decisive for a holiday. Where are the most beautiful beaches? The most famous and beautiful white beach in Tenerife is the ‘Las Teresitas’ located in the north of the island near the city of Santa Cruz. It is a very long white beach, with palm trees and seethrough water. You feel like in the Caribbean. There are also not the usual waves for Tenerife, because the beach is shielded by some stones about 50 m from the beach. There the waves bounce off and the water right on the beach is therefore very quiet and clear. The beach is probably the most famous, so there is always something going on. However, he is never overcrowded. You can lend there already from 2 Eur per day. Now a secret tip. This beach is also located in the north of the island, however, near the town of Puerto de la Cruz. It is the ‘Playa El Bollullo’. To achieve this is something adventurous. You first drive through a road between banana plantations, where only one car can be found. Nevertheless, here is two-way traffic. Once you have made it to the parking lot of the beach, a small walk will take you down the rocks. Once you have reached the bottom, you will find a beautiful black sandy beach, situated between large rocks. There is also a small restaurant where you can buy cold drinks and snacks. Here, you should be careful. The waves here are partly very large. You should not underestimate them! Also a very important tip for this beach and generally black sand beaches. Absolutely shoes or flip flops! After a certain time, the sand is so hot that you burn your foot sole when you walk. If you have enough of sand, I can recommend the saltwater pool in Puerto de la Cruz. It is a very large outdoor pool, with super beautifully made pools, so that not even the feeling of the normal outdoor pool comes up. The water in the basins is from the sea and therefore salty. Since the swimming pool is directly at the sea is always huge waves in the pool purely. A real spectacle to see. The swimming pool has so many great and extraordinary facts, which tempt you to a visit.

I hope I gave you a little insight into what this beautiful little island has to offer. A visit here is definitely worth it. Also I will be back there in August and visit all the great places I have described here. If you have questions, comments or want even more tips, please write me in the comments. Until next time I wish you a wonderful week!

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