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Litkovska fashion show: Masculine shapes on feminine shoulders – FW 2023 Summer

Litkovska fashion show summer 2023 Berlin – Exciting! After a stunning fashion show at Kraftwerk Berlin, here’s more about the brand. – Look forward to a summary of the collection and learn more about the designer Lilia Litkovska. Here you can find all the highlights of Berlin Fashion Week x Summer 2023. LITKOVSKA x Fashion […]

Trend handbags this season: the perfect bags for summer vacation

Summer handbag – Summer is just around the corner and with it the long-awaited vacation season. Whether it’s to the sea, the mountains or to an exciting metropolis – a perfect handbag must not be missing. It is not only a fashion accessory, but also a practical companion to safely store all the important things […]

William Fan: simple and classic – Fashion Week Berlin

William Fan / Berlin Fashion Week – William Fan classic but extravagant. The summer collection of William Fan carries exactly this motto. With classic suits and interesting cuts he attracts attention. Classic colors from William Fan at Fashion Week Relatively dark is the summer collection 2023 from William Fan. All the more striking are the […]

Rebekka Ruétz: Shiny dresses – Berlin Fashion Week

Rebekka Ruétz/ Berlin Fashion Week – Rebekka Ruétz presents its new summer collection 2023 under the name “friederIKE” The models presented the articles among other things on bicycles. Rebekka Ruétz summer collection with a lot of gold Rebekka Ruétz shows in her summer collection an elegant, but also modern style. With light tones like white, […]

LML studio: Unique looks for nightlife – Berlin Fashion Week

LML studio / Berlin Fashion Week – In the Berlin hotel “Telegraphenamt” which is opened in October, the designer Lucas Meyer-Leclère shows his new summer collection under the name “Sensible Ensemble” The collection puts in the foreground that sensitivity stands for strength. Clothes that are a painting The garments presented on the catwalk in the […]

Danny Reinke: Ruffles and colors – Berlin Fashion Week

Danny Reinke – At the Berlin Fashion Week in a slightly different location and namely in the Kühlhaus in Berlin Kreuzberg the new summer collection 2023 was presented under the name “poetic renascence”. Not only the fashion was unique but also the show. Danny Reinke: the new summer collection shows through many frills and flowers […]

MYL Berlin: Outfits for the club – Berlin Fashion Week

The brand MYL Berlin stands for inclusivity, standing together and togetherness. In the cold storage which is located in Berlin Kreuzberg begins at 00:01 clock the impressive show. Club outfits at Berlin Fashion Week 2023 by MYL Berlin Topless, whether men or women, they all wear short leather shorts and sheer tops in combination with […]

Brachmann: Simple fashion and neutral colors – Berlin Fashion Week

Brachmann – presents its new spring / summer collection at the Berlin Fashion Week on Tuesday, in the Schüco Showroom Berlin. The new collection is created in collaboration with the Association of Architects and reflects this again. Brachmann: Summer collection fashion inspired by architecture – Berlin Fashion Week 2022 Their new collection is timeless in […]

Damur: colorful unisex looks- Berlin Fashion Week

Damur / Berlin Fashion Week – Inspired by everyday things, the designer Shih-Shun of Damur presents the new collection with the theme “Impact Zone” not only the collection is special but also the place where the runway took place. In Wellenwerk Berlin which is located on the outskirts of Berlin was presented a special kind […]

Lascana: pink underwear and a gorgeous evening dress – Berlin Fashion Week

Lascana / Berlin Fashion Week – 20 years there is the brand Laskana now already and this anniversary is celebrated perfectly. On a boat on the Spree, the new and limited summer collection of Lascana is presented. In front of 500 guests present on the catwalk the new parts were released and thus brought the […]

Bobkova: Oversized suits – Berlin Fashion Week

Bobkova / Berlin Fashion Week – The Ukrainian brand Bobkova presents at the Berlin Fashion Week in the still unopened hotel “Telegraphenamt” which is located in Berlin Mitte, their new spring / summer collection 2023. Bobkova: Suits and long dresses for summer – Berlin Fashion Week With suits in oversized look and glittery makeup the […]

SF10G: New Summer Collection – Berlin Fashion Week

SF1OG / Berlin Fashion Week – SF1OG presented on September 8 in Berlin in a telecommunications bunker their new summer / Frühjar collection 2023. White, brown and black are the colors that run through the collection of the designer. SF1OG Summer Collection 2023 at Berlin Fashion Week The collection under the name “Untitled” Modern monochrome […]

Marcel Ostertag: colorful threads in the summer collection – Berlin Fashion Week

Marcel Ostertag / Berlin Fashion Week – Marcel Ostertag does not let himself be guided by trends, he remains in his own style so also with his new summer collection 2023. In the E work of Berlin his new collection under the name “Salt” is presented. Marcel Ostertag summer collection is quite classic and timeless […]

Kilian Kerner! Summer fashion 2023 inspired by his icons – Berlin Fashion Week

Kilian Kerner / Berlin Fashion Week – The new collection of Kilian Kerner is presented under the motto “Icons”, iconic is also the location of the fashion show, with more than 300 guests in the Hotel Telegraphenamt in Berlin Mitte the colorful and interesting collection is presented. More on: Berlin Fashion Week 2022. Kilian Kerner […]

Trend Piece Ruffles – How To Combine It Right

Hello my love! Today it’s all about ruffles. Of course not blouses, but the currently very trendy ruffled blouses. This spring it has been very feminine so far. Colorful colors, such as a bright pink, flowing fabrics and sweet cuts. Even in summer, this trend seems to continue. Almost everywhere you can see one right […]

NA-KD Haul !! Summer Special with dresses and It-pieces

Hello my love! The summer feeling has now finally arrived with me and I just equip my wardrobe with new great parts for the warm temperatures! One of my current favorite online stores is