Joop! key ring – The birthday present


What to give your father in law for his 60th birthday? This question is not easy to answer. As a daughter-in-law, I want to make a good impression, show that I care about my father-in-law and know him. Still, I don’t want to get too personal. A quality keychain for men is a good choice for this. How I found the right gift for my father-in-law:

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What gift for the father in law?

A Joop! key ring as a gift for my father-in-law

Next week Saturday is the day, my boyfriend’s parents are having a huge birthday party. My father-in-law is 60 years old. A birthday he wants to celebrate with the whole family and the whole circle of friends together. My father-in-law is a classy, older gentleman who looks very good for his age. I have a good rapport with my father-in-law, we always enjoy talking when my boyfriend and I are invited to my in-laws for dinner on the weekend. I know he likes me too and is happy with me as his son’s daughter-in-law and girlfriend. My boyfriend is one of three children in the house and as the oldest son, he too has a very special relationship with his father. My friend and his brothers give my father-in-law a camping trip together, the kind they used to take together in childhood days. In the summer, they go camping in France. With fishing, campfires, barbecues and whatever boys like to do together. Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time participating in this gift and now the question comes up for me: What should I give my father-in-law? Not so easy! I was in various men’s fashion stores and perfumeries. Unfortunately, the success was missing, without a plan it brings nothing to be inspired in shops. Especially with the lack of time after work regarding the opening hours of the shops. At home I surfed the internet and looked for suitable gifts for my in-laws. My friend gave me a tip to look for something stylish & chic after all, which his father can make good use of in his daily life. I came across the category of keychain men, a good gift for father-in-law. Especially since my friend’s dad has a large key collection and his leather pencil case for keys has seen better days. There was a great selection on the internet: Many different brands that sell men’s keychains. Since I am a big fan of Wolfgang Joop, I focused on the brand Joop!

A contemplative choice: The perfect key ring

Generally, there is a large selection of keychains. But if you take into account various criteria to narrow down the selection in the category keychain men, this becomes manageable. For my father-in-law it should be a stylish and simple keychain. Preferably in the color silver and solid! Also in this category there are different keychains: square, round, big, small, light or even heavy. I chose a silver & square keychain from Joop! which fits perfectly to my father-in-law and his style. This way my father-in-law can never misplace his keychain again, as the pendant is very heavy and he would notice it.

The Joop keychain in detail

The key ring from Joop! is strikingly geometric, yet stylish and very simple. It is made of shiny stainless steel, the housing is rectangular below emblazoned not ostentatiously, but also simply the engraving of the Joop! logo. The ring of the keychain is very massive and large. It offers a lot of space for different keys and keeps them bundled together. With a width of about 2.5 centimeters and a length of about four centimeters, the keychain has the perfect size and fits in any pocket. Still, it’s big enough that my father-in-law can find it easily and quickly. This Joop! keychain is silver in color and fits perfectly with any outfit in style. It is easy to care for, and may be treated with water even if it gets very dirty. The brand Joop! is known for jewellery and watches for the self-confident man. They impress with the finest materials and the best workmanship. The key rings are valuable fashion accessories for everyday use.

The Joop keychain is a symbol of style

I chose the Joop! keychain because my boyfriend’s father is a confident man who values fashionable accessories. A key ring is a personal gift that allows me to show how well I know my father-in-law. A simple and elegant keychain is a sign of good style. My father-in-law attaches great importance to small accessories, he does not like to flaunt. In his opinion, the little things prove whether a person has the right sense of style or is just chasing a brand. He can’t stand it when people want to show off and brag about a designer brand. Due to the simplicity of the Joop! keyring, I am sure that my father-in-law will be very happy with the gift. It suits his taste perfectly and is a good gift for in-laws. I will give the key ring to my father-in-law after the birthday party, because I know that he likes to take his time unwrapping a gift so that he can enjoy it in peace. I am already curious how my gift will be received by my father-in-law, but I have a good feeling.

A successful purchase: my conclusion

I have decided among a manageable selection for the silver keychain of Joop! Decided, because he not only exactly corresponds to the taste of my father-in-law, but also has a very high quality. On the Internet it was well rated by customers. At a price of 59 euros, I can not complain. For such a fashion accessory from a good brand, the keychain is an inexpensive gift for my father-in-law. Compared to other keychains, the price is not exactly low, but sometimes a few euros in quality makes a big difference. I think the ratio between quality and price is optimal with the Joop! keychain.