Successful blogger and boutique owner Lenaterlutter

We met the trendsetters in Cologne for an interview: Lena Terlutter. Lena combines three jobs under one hat: she owns four fashion stores, is a mother and also blogger lenaterlutter with 198,000 subscribers. We talked to her about the fashion world, her own collection and much more.

Lenaterlutter: boutique owner, mother, fashion blogger

FIV: Lena, what do you like most about your job as a blogger?

The best thing about blogging is, I think, to be free. I can decide on my own what I would like to report about and what not. It’s a wonderful new way to network, the opportunity to work with so many great companies, to network and travel – there are basically only positives to this job if you’re willing to work 24/7.

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FIV: Was fashion/beauty already an issue in your childhood? In what way?

Yes, ever since I can remember I wanted to work in fashion and often drove my parents crazy with my fashion craze.

I knew very early what I wanted to wear and of course I took part in every bad fashion movement, in the 90s for example. When I see the photos today, I can understand that my parents were not thrilled. But what they liked in the end was my strong will and the assertiveness that came with it. Since my parents didn’t want to buy me certain clothes, I started tutoring very early and went babysitting, just to be able to go shopping.

FIV: How do you balance being a blogger, a store owner, and a mom?

Since I am self-employed, I can, thank God, freely decide and schedule when I do what. It really has everything to do with the right time management. There are days when the blog and the associated collaborations, styling and shopping have my full attention. Other days I have to take care of shopping, decorating, marketing my business.

I rarely plan it in advance, often deciding on the same day what’s next. My husband and business partner Leonard takes care of the accounting, taxes, personnel and finances. This is a very big advantage that I am free to do my creative work. Our daughter is in kindergarten normally and if we have to work late we have our parents who are very supportive. It often sounds cliché, but it all just works out flawlessly. Of course I know that we are very lucky: I think when you are employed it is more difficult to balance child and career.

Lena Terlutter: “I love my work”.

FIV: What is your recipe against listlessness? What motivates you?

I don’t know any lack of drive. I also don’t know boredom or anything like that for the very simple reason: I love my work. It fulfills me, confirms me and enriches me.

I always find it amazing when on Fridays the whole social web is full of ” Finally Friday” quotes or on Mondays the “Monday you Bitch” sayings are overflowing on Instagram. For me, it doesn’t matter if it’s the weekend or not, I always work the same amount and like it – the motivation is automatically there when you do what you love.

FIV: What could you personally never do without in your everyday life?

Spending time with my girlfriends. Next to my family, this is the most important thing for me!

Lena about her job: “Learn to say no”.

FIV: Are you always learning something new in your job? If so, what for example?

Of course! I get into situations almost daily where you have to get out of your “comfort zone”, where you have to adjust to different people with different characters.

You have to learn to say no. You have to learn not to want to please everyone. You have to learn to make decisions, to deal with pressure, to motivate your employees and not to lose your ground under your feet in all the circus, but to concentrate and to be and stay with yourself.

FIV: From your point of view, has the modeling and fashion business changed in the last few years? Do you find this change positive/negative? Why?

Of course it has changed, it always will, and that’s a good thing. Standing still would be fatal for our industry. To be creative, new impulses and stimuli are always needed.

I would never presume to criticize or try to improve the fashion business. There are – as in every industry – pros and cons, clichés and truths. The only important thing is up to each individual. You have to listen to yourself to see if you are a type for this professional world. It always sounds great to want to do “something with fashion”. In reality, however, many are not up to the pressure and speed that this business entails. So I would advise everyone to dive into some jobs in the fashion field first to get an idea.

From the outside it has a very different appearance, the “real” job has little to do with cocktail parties and fashion shows.

FIV: In your opinion, what is more important to get started professionally: luck or discipline? Why?

Of course, both: without discipline you will not reach your goal, but a little luck is also part of it. But above all things there is gratitude. You should always be grateful – even for the small things, whether it is professional or private nature, and also sometimes enjoy his happiness and do not let himself rush and push.

FIV: What has been your greatest success so far? What are you most proud of?

I am particularly proud to have built up the companies together with my husband. When we met, it wasn’t necessarily our goal and I think that’s also the secret of our success. We didn’t go for it “come hell or high water”, but started with super fun and ease because we had a common dream. The success we have today confirms us of course. But what really counts is that we can share the joy. We decide everything together and are incredibly good and fair partners – privately and professionally. I am very proud of that.

Lena’s own collection

FIV: What are your plans/goals for your professional future? Is there anything special coming up in the near future?

Next comes my first own collection in cooperation with the label Edited. The “Edited x Lena Terlutter ” Capsule Collection will be available from 19.1.2016 in my stores and on online. I am really looking forward to it.


FIV: Thank you Lena, for the interview!


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