Michael Michalsky: Let’s talk about style – the book

Michael Michalsky has become one of the German fashion designers. Having almost single-handedly conjured the Adidas brand back to a young, hip brand, Michael Michalsky is now on his own two feet – with a label, TV show, and much more. With so much success that he has been on the side of supermodel Heidi Klum for several seasons as a juror. Now he’s releasing his new book: Let’s talk about style!

For matching promotion, there was a first appearance on Sat 1 breakfast television. This is 1 breakfast television has so far incredibly high ratings, not only on TV but also online the videos are around the moderators … super often retrieved. As well as breakfast television in the US but also in countries like Japan, it has also been extremely popular in Germany for decades and for Michalsky the perfect start to the new writers career.

Michael Michalsky reveals in his new book what style is all about! Let’s talk about style: said, done, from breakfast to V-neck. Stylist more than outfits, yes … according to Michalsky the style is also about food. This morning on the breakfast TV, it was all about a delicious breakfast and the right plate. Good feeling starts in the morning! It continues in the summer: flip flops, sandals? For men an absolute no-go, as well as tank tops in the office and – absolutely out – V-neck shirts, absolutely outdated!

GNTM juror: All-rounder Michalsky on the side of Heidi Klum

The new season of Germany’s next Top Model is nearing the end. Team Black again, with Creative Art Director Thomas Hayo, Team White, Michael Michalsky and his motto “Diversity”! Whoever wins this year’s Germanys Next Top Model season can not be said yet. That’s what the location for the finale is, Cologne! Three years ago, a bomb threat was received and the Germanys Next Topmodel Finale was relocated to Mallorca, the following year then to the Ruhr, it is now back in the media capital of Cologne. Michael Michalsky, Thomas Hayo and, of course, the boss Heidi Klum will be in charge of the new top model. They will have advertising contracts, their first cover shoot but also jobs at the Berlin Fashion Week and Michael Michalsky, the man who published his new book today.

About the book

What is style? What does one of Germany’s most successful designers think? Michael Michalsky has his very own definition of style, which for him consists of different elements. In addition to fashion we are culturally influenced, music and films affect us and how we travel plays just as much a role as our living conditions. What makes us stylish and what Michael’s personal style has shaped, he tells in “Let’s talk about style” interwoven with memories and experiences from all stages of his life.

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Michael knew early on that his fashion taste is a bit more sensitive than that of his neighbors and classmates in the northern German province. Passion became a passion, today he is a significant influence on the German fashion scene. And not only visually he is ticking differently, also in music Michael always has the edge. Anyone who performs on his StyleNite can hope for great success. Michael Michalsky does what nobody expects.

All-rounder: creations by Michalsky

In addition to fashion, TV and new author life, Michalsky also make various beauty products and perfumes, such as Berlin I and Berlin II for Men and Women.

Michalsky Parfums: Berlin I & II

Michalsky Beauty Products