Lisa and Lena leave Tik Tok! What is Tik Tok? Questions to our social experts

Tik Tok inspires more and more users! Many questions arise, what is the next step? Will Tik Tok be the new instagram? Today we met with Social Media Expert Stephan M. Czaja to answer some of the most important questions about the development and use of Tik Tok.

Lisa and Lena

FIV: Lisa and Lena have decided to delete their Tik Tok account! Is Tik Tok just a stepping stone?

Stephan: On Lisa and Lena I would say so much, they have generally withdrawn. At their peak times, when they were only 15 years old, they had 23 million followers, alone on Tik Tok. That’s an incredibly high number and I think they’ve experienced a lot already. Tik Tok is again a constant pressure to produce new content, to be funny, to be creative, to be different from all the others! Both of them put so much effort into their young years that they deserved a break.

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Germany - Spain - USA

Tik Tok’s production is very elaborate, unlike Instagram it’s not enough to post a nice photo. The users want entertainment, pure entertainment! To constantly have new ideas, to dance, to sing, to be funny, to be emotional is a really big challenge. At Instagram you can post beautiful photos, on YouTube you have a week to post a new video. With Tik Tok it has to be something new all the time. That causes stress.

Tik Tok – what to know?

FIV: Hey Stephan, you deal with social media and campaigns every day. Tik Tok has been around a bit longer now – maybe it’s even mainstream like Instagram and Youtube? We wanted to know from you what phase Tik Tok is currently in and what will happen next? More importantly, who uses Tik Tok, how old are the users?

Stephan: For Tik Tok it’s important to know that it’s not a new social network, but was completely rebranded a few months ago.

In former times the social network was known under the name The network developed since then strongly. Wobei already the basic idea was very ingenious. The founders concluded at that time contracts with the large music companies around Songs to use, so that users can sing own Playbacks on it.

About one year ago the platform hit a new way to reach new users. Until now, Tik Tok users were mainly between the ages of 11 and 14. They also tend to be a little younger or older.

In Germany, but also elsewhere, users are slowly getting older, up to 18 years old. Accordingly, Tik Tok is what Instagram was five years ago.

As far as the perspective for the future is concerned, Tik Tok will certainly join the portfolio of different social networks. Why? As with the other social networks, the youngest target group is represented here. But this target group is also getting older and the social network is thus becoming increasingly established.

What makes Tik Tok different? Help for influencers

FIV: What makes Tik Tok so different when it comes to the contributors? What distinguishes the Tik Tok marketing strategy from the others?

Stephan: How do social networks earn their money? Especially with the accounts that users make available to you. The more specifically you can train your own users to use trends and create good content, or even make it available on your own social platform, the better. So the more Tik Tok takes care of his creators’ interests, the more interesting content will be published on the social network. The more exclusive Tik Tok is to his influencers, the more potential you can estimate.

But don’t underestimate the fact that social platforms like YouTube, for example, take just as good care of their up-and-coming artists. Youtube even provides its own YouTube studios in many large cities, such as Berlin, for its creators. Here young talents can test high-end technology from green screen studios to 4K cameras for free.

Over the years, individuals have crystallized who create content that others like very much. Today we call you Influencer. The stars of social networks. Of course, you take good care of your producers.

What distinguishes Tik Tok, however, in a small, yet very interesting detail, is that the Likes are not only rated on individual postings, but collected on all releases. Also the total number of the Likes plays a role, so that even smaller users, who cannot call themselves otherwise influencers, come sometime on 10.000 or 100.000 Likes. That raises the self-esteem of each user enormously.

And that’s why Tik Tok cares more about his users. You focus on making users understand what content you need to produce and you have also found a simple and nice way to give smaller users added value through the total number ofikes on all media.

Future: Where is Tik Tok?

FIV: What’s next for Tik Tok? Are the user numbers increasing?

Stephan: The development in online trading, it has been rising consistently and consistently for 20 years. But the number of users in social networks is finite. The network should definitely tend to create 600 million users in the world, whether it reaches the billion users such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram is currently still very difficult to predict, as the user numbers as said are finite. However, growth is still possible and probable, because many threads are also spun in the background.

Of course, in an interview I can’t go too deeply into the matter, but in the background I make sure that the content on the social networks becomes more diverse. So that at some point it’s no longer just about music and comedy, but about beauty, tutorials, vlogs, any form of video content that also works on other social networks.

FIV: Many thanks for the answers Stephan!