Zhiyun Crane 2 Gimbal Review: Perfect Video Production for Bloggers and Shootings

Gimbal dramatically improves video quality. Honestly? So many times I asked how I actually get perfect videos. Especially when it comes to exercise. Whether young models or young professionals, who have been working as a model for some time, camera shots from the movement always look, because the picture blurred – do you know? I recently told one of my friends about Gimbal. In principle, the system is quite simple, man has different anchor points are free, through the various anchor points the camera despite movement always in the perfect angle.

Swivel Stabilizer buy on the Internet: My Review

If you have booked models and have only one or two hours for a customer, or for a shoot, then it depends on the absolute perfection. Frequently, a test is already taken for photo shoots or video productions in advance to see that the quality on production day will be right. This is not just about testing the light, it’s also about angles, technology but also the locations. For a World Cup shoot, we had even booked 13 test models, just for the light test. For it is not just the individual protagonist that plays a role in group pictures, but various people who perform different movements, have different facial expressions and cast individual shadows. Sprint then many people go, the picture must sit, because a lot of time do not have stars, just like customers!

Review! Zhiyun Crane 2 Gimbal

Not only I am convinced, here you can see another recommendation on Youtube:

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Video Shooting: Why Image Stabilization? Why Zhiyun Crane 2?

In the current case, we had the challenge of creating sports videos for YouTube for a fitness fashion brand called PRGear. Of course there are a lot of running scenes in sports videos and of course the cameraman has to race a few meters. The whole thing can be realized with a camera in hand, but then will not achieve a 100% qualitative picture. If you want to reach this 100%, you need additional technology. Let’s go, the classic search for recommendations and reviews on the Internet.

Three days ago, I was on the road for the first time and read a little bit about the latest models and methods on the Internet for stabilizing cameras. We currently use Sony and sometimes (for social media productions) sometimes Canon. Important: The system must be compatible with both cameras manufacturers. Sometimes even an iPhone is used! At first I found a model that will soon be available, especially for mobile devices, also a pretty exciting trend! With the mini gimbal you can then easily put on the iPhone and connect the good video quality of the iPhone with a straight and quiet tracking shot. This is especially handy because you save the “heavy” camera. In many cases you do not need a big camera or camera technology, especially when it comes to social media shootings or film productions for Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and so on. Unfortunately, this model will not be available until March 2018, that’s another three months and our next production is already next week.

Then finally I found a suitable model on Amazon, which is also supplied with Prime! Very advantageous, because we do not have that much time. Only two and a half stars, but recommended by a friend who works for FILA, SNIPES & Co. among others.

Ordered delivered, my new gimbal Zhiyun Crane 2!

Fresh from the box and still with the typical “new smell”, my gimbal finally arrives. And already the first production or the first test, a complete success! Soon I will show you the finished videos of our production here, so you can see how the gimbal is used. From experience, I can only recommend the gimbal, as it provides various benefits!

  1. Follow Focus (track people in motion)
  2. OLED display (good visibility day and night)
  3. Quick Control Design
  4. With motor (compared to “cheap” models the ultimate advantage!)

Combine the gimbal with various camera models from Sony to Canon

The gimbal is multifunctional and can be adapted to different camera systems like various tripods as well as Canon but also Sony. Both are extremely popular with photographers! Most of the photographers I know now use a Sony camera. We also did our test directly with a Sony and were absolutely thrilled. The cameras set up quickly and the system is really super fast understood. Actually, you can go straight out, memory card into the camera and you’re ready to go.

How does a gimbal system work?

The explanation would be in writing very long and only a little vivid, so I have here a great video (English) for you, that in just ten minutes, everything important considered and illustrates. Here you can see the Zhiyun Crane 2 in action!

How much is a gimbal?

For a professional stabilization you have to invest about 800 €, as a self-employed person you can ask the VAT back at the end. Thus, about 650 € remain net investments, which, however, are extremely worthwhile. Already in the first video production, the investment costs have been recorded again and the customer is much more satisfied (promised), because the quality of the camera is significantly increased in moving images.

If you have any questions about the gimbal system, feel free to write the comments! Here you can buy your Gimbal on Amazon.