“Flora Fashion” with beautiful fashion illustrations

The illustrated book “Flora Fashion” offers a wonderful insight into the diversity of fashion designs. Renowned designers and up-and-coming talents were inspired by flowers in their designs and present their illustrations.

Botanical journey through the world of fashion

The illustrated book “Flora Fashion” takes the viewer on a botanical journey around the world of fashion. The journey leads through Kenya, Turkey, Russia, Afghanistan, Germany, France and the USA. Cultural differences are taken up in the designs just as much as the diversity of plants.

Inspired by plants

The ten participating designers chose a plant as the source of inspiration for their designs. The designers implemented the colours, shapes and patterns in their drawn ideas.

Botany as a unique source of inspiration

Flowers and clothing have been in harmony since the dawn of fashion. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve wore fig leaves as clothing. With their colors, patterns and natural shapes, flowers serve as a source of inspiration for clothing, bags, jewelry, shoes and other accessories. The illustrated book “Flora Fashion” creates a unique link between the world of fashion and nature. More than 500,000 species of flowers and plants, which provide a perfect source of inspiration, are currently known. The variety of facets of each individual plant inspires to
numerous designs. Nature has long been a model of beauty and aesthetics, because nothing is as unique and diverse as botany.

Flowers as inspiration for the designers

Aloe Africana

Aloe Africana is a medicinal plant with large, thick-fleshed leaves that resemble cacti. The yellow to reddish flowers give the plant a special appearance.

Fragrance Tip!

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Carnations convince with a wide variety of colors from yellow to red to purple and notched, round or fringed shapes. They are a great inspiration for many beautiful garments.


With its elegant, graceful shape and bright red flowers, the poppy is a wonderful source of inspiration for numerous design variations. It is said to have magical powers.


The sunflower is oriented to the position of the sun and is therefore in constant motion. Its large, yellow flowers convey positive energy and radiate liveliness.

Alpine Gentian

The blue gentian is associated with the Alps, even though it blooms in a wide range of colours. The gentian is a symbol of love and loyalty. The funnel-shaped flowers exude a special charm.


The noble, elegant looking iris presents itself with colourful flowers in purple, blue, white, yellow or orange. The flower was also used as a symbol of the French monarchy.


With their beguiling fragrance and subtle colors, vetches spread good cheer and provide excellent inspiration for playful designs. California wildflowers American wildflowers attract a lot of attention with their blaze of colour, delicate petals and natural look. They inspire garments and fashion accessories.

Imperial Crown

With its unique shape and intense colors, the eye-catching imperial crown is a perfect source of fashion inspiration.


The fresh colours, the filigree shapes and the bell-shaped blossoms make the tulip a perfect model for opulent fashion. The illustrated book “Flora Fashion” is available for free download at https://www.klingel.de/flower-fashion/. Embark on a botanical journey through the world of fashion.